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Hostinger Review – Is It Good, Bad, or Reliable? (2023)

What Experts & Users Think about Hostinger

Hostinger Reviews

Performance - 10
Reliability - 8.5
Customer Support - 10
Pricing - 10
Features - 10



Hostinger provides superb speed. There is doubt here. Their uptime has been a little bit inconsistent over the past two years. If you are looking for speed you can try out their deals!

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Hostinger Review – European Flavor in Hosting (2023)

Hostinger is one of the cheapest yet fastest shared hosting providers in the hosting industry. was their first entry into the market in 2007. It was a free host provider with no ads. We all loved it. 

Hostinger brand came into market 2011, since then they have grown a lot and now have more than 29M+ user base. They promote their unlimited features in Premium Shared & Business Shared deals. Though In Single Shared they are limited. Let’s have a look their starting packs

Unlimited or free services don’t mean anything if your site can’t stay online. Let’s Dive into details!

Hostinger Review from Our In House Experts 

Before going into details let see which key points, we considered in our Hostinger Review.

1. Performance: Your Website Needs to Load Fast. What They Can Do for the Loading Speed?

Single Shared HostingPremium Shared HostingBusiness Shared Hosting
1 WebsiteUnlimited Number of WebsitesUnlimited Number of Websites
1 EmailUnlimited Email AccountsUnlimited Email Accounts
Limited Bandwidth (100 GB)Unlimited BandwidthUnlimited Bandwidth
$2.15/mo when you renew$3.49/mo when you renew$7.95/mo when you renew

2. Reliability: Will your site be available to surf 24×7 throughout the year without facing any Downtime?

3. Customer Support: Not all of Us are Tech Geeks. So when you face a problem can you rely on their Support Team?

4. Pricing: How much will the deal cost you? Is it worth the money?

5. Features: What they offer? Can you find a better deal at the same price Range?


Pros and Cons of Hostinger

Every hosting company has its pros and cons. Some you deal with and others you ignore.

Pros of Using Hostinger

Hostinger Is Fast
If you targeting European markets, Hostinger would be one of the fastest web hosts for you. Approx 50~55 ms from London. Impressive Result. Hostinger Europe is equally speedy like their Singapore and American Servers.

Free Website Builder and Domain Name
Hostinger includes a free website builder with their deals. They Own The Zyro Website Builder. Zyro is for real beginners among users and takes simplicity to a whole new level. They also include a free domain with their premium & business shared hosting. For new startups, a free domain is a big thing. It will save you some bucks which you can re-invest in the host or in any premium service for your website.

Multilingual Customer Support
Customer support is one of the facts that keep users renewing the deals. It can make a name or break your reputation. Hostinger doesn’t disappoint here. They offer a multilingual customer support team with live chat.

Hostinger Around the World

Cons of Using Hostinger

No Traditional cPanel
This may not be a big deal for beginners. Bit for the Gig lovers cPanel is what meets their demand. Hostinger uses its own panel. But you need to keep in mind that due to the Price of cPanel and no of users they have, hosts want to provide their own panel to save money. But the key factor is how friendly and optimized their own panel is. Often it’s loved by the users, often it’s buggy.

A bit Drop-in Uptime (99.95%)
Hostinger performs quite well in this area but does have drops in uptime every few months or so. Overall they perform well keeping their websites up and running.

Summary: Is Hostinger the Right Choice for You?

Hostinger provides superb speed. There is no doubt here. Their uptime has been a little bit inconsistent over the past two years. If you are looking for speed you can try out their deals!

Have you used Hostinger Before? Leave your Comment for others, no matter it’s positive or negative. Also did you like our Hostinger Review? Check out another awesome review here Siteground Review

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