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How To Charge Fossil Smartwatch Without Charger: Warranty, Set up With Phone, Cleaning Techniques, And Maintenance Tips

Smart Bracelet How To Charge

We are all not unaware that Fossil is a reputed brand in the smartwatch world. Apart from that, the smartwatch carries the ability to identify our identity for us. The new technologies and the fantastic features of fossil watches make us crazy. 

The point of the topic is that there will be problems because of the lack of a charger for smartwatch or a charger for a smart bracelet? Indeed it will, but we can find a clue of how to charge Fossil smartwatch without charger. Let’s get the easy solution for fossil smartwatch chargers and some vital information about fossil smartwatches.

How To Charge Fossil Smartwatch Without Charger

Eventually, you can charge the fossil smartwatch by any third-party chargers, but as usual, just like other brands, they also suggest not to do that. So let’s get to know how to charge Fossil smartwatch without charger in many other ways. 

Smartwatch Charging Stand/ Magnetic Charger/ Wireless Charger/ USB Charger Cable Cord 

To charge your fossil smartwatch, you can buy any charger like a charging stand or wireless charger, or USB charger cable cord. Then let’s get to know some queries about-

  1. How to charge my smartwatch without a charger?
  2. How to charge smart watch with magnetic charger?
  3. How to charge smart watch with USB?
  4. How to charge a smart bracelet without a charger?
  5. How to charge fossil smartwatch?

Step 1: Plug The Charging Device Into Any Power Outlet

First, plug your charging device into the wall outlet or power outlet where you can handily charge your smartwatch. 

Step 2: Place The Smartwatch On The Stand 

Then whenever you want to charge your device, place the fossil smartwatch on that charging device platform. Make sure that you have plugged the USB port or cable right. 

Step 3: Check Out The Device If It’s Charging Or Not

As the device is new, then for a particular time, you can check out whether the watch is charging or not. If not, then try to place the device correctly. 

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How Do You Charge Your Smartwatch With Charger

Fossils have their charging technique to say. They have suggested charging their watches through their given chargers. Let’s learn how to charge fossil smartwatch or how to charge smart watch with charger. 

You need to have a well-ventilated room to place the charger on a flat-surfaced and avoid direct sunlight. The two-pins magnetic charger or 2 pin smart watch charger has to align with circular holes, so put the watch literally on the charger.

Then check the charge condition by the lightning bolt, which will be visible next to the percentage of the battery or top of the watch face. 

Fossil Smartwatch AccessoryReason To Buy

Rapid Charger (Model: FTW0004)

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  • Convenient for traveling
  • Lightweight design

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Austuo Magnetic Fast Charging Dock

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  • Compatible with Fossil Gen 5/4 Smartwatch Charger
  • Voltage and over-current protection
  • Dual thimble magnetic USB fast charger

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Fossil Smartwatch Warranty 

To claim the warranty service, you have to validate that this defect is the fault of material or workmanship even after using the watch typically. Fossil usually gives two years warranty for their watches, so if the time covers then, you can give them to repair the watch here

And let us remind you that this warranty will be applicable only in terms of hands & dial, watch movement, manufacturing, or material defects. If none of the reasons are responsible for the replacement claim, then your request will be void. Fortunately, when your watch’s model isn’t available, they will provide you with the same style and value watch. 

Fossil Smartwatch Repair or Replacement Solution 

When you feel like repairing your watch, at that time, you can request it from the FG service of Germany, France, the UK, Canada, and the US. For this, you need to follow some steps in this link. But understandably, we will describe those steps below. 

Step 1: Product Selection

At first, have to select the fossil smartwatch’s product style number, type of watch, etc. For example, whether your watch is touchscreen or hybrid or some other type. 

Have a look at whether your product has a warranty period or not; if you have, then be given a copy of that receipt for proof. 

Step 2: Types Of Repair

Secondly, confirm your watch’s repair services, and fortunately, you can even share your thoughts with the repair technicians when you send the email. 

Although giving your shipping details to the service provider will give you updates about your smartwatch. Before sending the request, make sure you validate the facts. 

Step 3: Transport The Watch To The Service And Repairing Cost 

For sending the watch, you need to get a copy of the form for shipment. When FG receives the watch, if you are not under warranty, they will estimate the cost and notify you as soon as possible. 

After the smartwatch repair process, they will ship your watch back to the address you provided.  

Note: If you are not locating in the above countries, you can contact your nearest international watch service center.

How To Set Up Fossil Smartwatch With Phone 

For connecting your fossil smartwatch with the Android phone device, you guys need to follow some instructions. Those instructions are now going to give below. 

Step 1: Download An App

By Google™ app, you need to install the Wear OS. 

Step 2: Permit To Connect Both The Devices

On-screen, there will be some instructions to follow and provide permission by tapping the allow option. 

Step 3: Language And Watch Model or Name Selection 

Then select the name of the fossil smartwatch and the language you want. 

Step 4: Pair Via Bluetooth 

Tap the pair option from the phone to connect the devices. 

Step 5: Sync To Get Notifications And To See On The Watch Display

Lastly, it would be best to sync the apps and other things like calendar & contacts, etc. To get notifications on the watch display, tap the allow option on the mobile device—all set to flaunt your smartwatch. 

How To Change Watch Battery Or How To Install Or Replace The Battery

To change or replace the fossil smartwatch on your own, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Grip the watch carefully on your palm to prevent any accident. Then use a coin to open the back part of the watch by placing it on the right slot. 

Step 2: Give gentle pressure to the back and rotate the coin carefully; remove the back part when done.

Step 3: Replace the old battery with the new one by facing the proper way of the battery. Close the case by giving light pressure with the spin again.

Make sure there is no gap visible after all the works have finished.

How To Clean Fossil Smartwatch

Have a great-looking watch for many years by taking care of it through cleaning it most frequently. Just follow the cleaning techniques below. 


Step 1: You can use cartridge paper to clean the straps for this type of fossil smartwatch. 

Step 2: Then, you can also clean the chain’s curve area by using this paper. It will clean the dust and moisture at the same time. 

##Jewelry Strap & Leather Strap

Step 1: De-assemble the strap from the watch.

Step 2: By using soapy water and brushing, rub the strap carefully. For avoiding, scratches avoid using a rough brush.

Step 3: With a soft wet cloth, clean the display and dial carefully. 

Step 4: Dry the watch or remove the watermarks by using pieces of cotton or tissue paper. 

Step 5: For leather and jewelry strap above steps are the same. The dissimilarity is in one thing between leather and jewelry straps, and that is that you have to leave the leather strap for 15 minutes in the open air. But for a jewelry strap, you don’t need to do anything after step 4. 

Cleaning MaterialsReason To Buy

Cotton Swabs Organic by Sky Organics

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  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Ideal for gently cleaning

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Smartwatch Maintenance 

To maintain the smartwatch for many years, you guys have to be careful and care about your watch enough. So that your watch doesn’t look dull in front of anyone and that doesn’t ruin your prestige. 

  1. Wipe the watch after sweating.
  2. For wiping, use a damp cloth.
  3. Make sure the watch has thoroughly dried before charging.
  4. Clean your smartwatch frequently because it will protect your skin too.
  5. Save the papers of warranty, repair, replacement, or return care. 
  6. Be assured before using any chemical or watery thing to clean your watch.
  7. Don’t be lazy if you know that the watch is skin-friendly. Do take care of it more frequently by cleaning it.

Check Some Fossil Watch Accessories On Amazon

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Wrap Up

Fossil is a reliable smartwatch brand, so as per the principles, they always recommend their provided charger for fossil smartwatches. But if you want other solutions, then you can use third-party chargers at your own risk. 

We have tried to give you a solution about how to charge Fossil smartwatch without charger or how to charge smart watch. Hopefully, you will choose a fantastic combination charger for your fossil smartwatch through 

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