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How to Setup Nameservers & Hostname in Centos Web Panel (CWP)

One of the most important things after Installing Centos Web Panel is properly setting the Hostname and Custom NameServers. Custom name servers allow you to point other domains to your host. Also by setting up custom NameServers you can provide users Nameserver with your branding. If you need more details on CWP check here.

Hostname in Centos Web Panel(CWP)

For setting up Hostname, Login to your Centos Web Panel and navigate to Server Settings > Change Hostname

Server Settings > Change Hostname

From this Page, you can also check your current hostname. The error showing because the Domain is not pointed to the IP. Which we explain more in the next step of Setup DNS Server

Hostname Setup in CWP

In order to change the hostname, put the desired hostname in the New Hostname Field. The key size should be 2048 which is set by default. Also for SSL Generation all boxes should be ticked. Then click Change Hostname and if everything is ok you will see the success message.

Setup Nameservers in Centos Web Panel (CWP)

From your CWP panel navigate to DNS Functions > Edit Nameservers IPS for setting for Nameservers.

DNS Functions > Edit Nameservers IP

From this page, you can see which Nameservers are currently setup and which IPs they resolve to.

Nameservers IPs

In Name Server 1 and Name Server 2 field put the custom nameservers that you want. For example if your main domain is and hostname is, you can use & as your custom nameservers. In the IP field put your VPS or Dedicated Server IP.

In order for this Custom Nameservers to work you need to point the records (e.g & to the VPS or Dedicated Server IP. It can be done from your Domain Panel. After all done just click on save changes and you will see a success message.

After the changes, navigate to DNS Functions > Free DNS Manager to see if the changes are reflected are not.

Free DNS Manager

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