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Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad: Which Will be Your Favorite?

Difference Between Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad

Lenovo has many laptops with unique designs and performances. All of its series are popular since buyers get them at a low price with high quality. Lenovo Flex or the Ideapad is not different from this consideration; they appear from the classic Thinkpad line and Yoga line generations.

It is a too challenging task to choose a good one between two compatible products. In comparing the Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad, probably immobilize you, which will be your best company. With the modern AMD Ryzen processor that delivers potential CPU, the Ideapad becomes an ideal laptop with more auxiliary storage. In contrast, the Flex series also provide a dual-mode display that can change for getting different looks.

This article will gather detail informational resources to decide which will win the battle. Let’s start.

A Comparison Between Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad

In terms of reliability and practicality, Lenovo has been manufacturing affordable laptops for business or creative professionals and knows how to maximize products efficiently. Consequently, we find the Ideapad from a line of the consumer-oriented notebook. Further, the Flex series comes from the old Ideapad version with differing purposes. Let’s find out their difference.

Comparison Table Between Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad

Lenovo FlexLenovo Ideapad
Processor Brand
Intel, AMDIntel
Operating system
Window 8.1,10Window 7,8.1.10
16 GB to 1 TB6GB to 16 GB
Display Type
Multi-touchNo multi-touch display
Graphics Processor
Intel HD, Nvidia or AMDIntel HD or AMD
Stereo speakers Audio certificationTwo speakers
ExpensiveLess expensive

Check Out Our Recommended Top 5 Models of Lenovo Flex and Ideapad with prices

note: price may vary with time.

Lenovo FlexLenovo Ideapad

Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 convertible laptop – best pick for creative work  

Price: $449.00

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Lenovo legion Y540 15.6″ –Best pick for gaming

Price: $1,008.00

Check on Amazon

Lenovo Flex IdeaPad Flex 5  14’’ Convertible Laptop – Best pick for video steaming  

List Price: $729.99

Discount Price: $679.94

Check on Amazon

2019 Lenovo Ideapad s340 15.6″ – Best pick for business work

Price: $619.00

Check on Amazon

2019 Lenovo Flex 15  15.6″ – Best Pick with Fingerprint Reader  

Price: $879.63

Check on Amazon

2019 Lenovo Ideapad 330 15.6″ – Best budget performance pick  for students

Price: $798.99

Check on Amazon

Lenovo Flex 6 2-in-1 – Best pick for low budget in maximum performance  

Price: $329.00 

Check on Amazon

Lenovo Ideapad s740 15.6″ – Best pick for video editing

Price: $1,249.99

Check on Amazon

2018 Lenovo Flex 5 15 2-in-1 – Best pick for better color facility  

Price: $1,169.00

Check on Amazon

Lenovo Ideapad s940 – Best pick for traveling

Price: $888.00

Check on Amazon

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Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad: Processor

The processor is the most important accessory to consider while comparing computers or laptops. Typically, it is known as the central processing unit ( CPU), which generates the logical instructions and processing power the computer needs to perform its activity. The more powerful your processor, the faster it will work your PC; perhaps this is why you see upgrading processors from time to time for the complex running website to programs.

You might get several Lenovo flex versions in the market, mostly powered by Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors. Besides, they come with 5 to 7 core performance so that you can complete more tasks by getting high speed every second. AMD processors are super-fast newly made in recent years, but Intel always obtains its average quality from the past. So, Lenovo wisely applies both of them in the flex series to satisfy consumers.

When comparing Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad, it is also essential to know about the processor’s generation position. It will ensure users the running speed to support playing games, video editing, or application software. Notably, Intel gives you 8th & 10th generation processors from the following core activity. On the contrary, AMD CPU helps you to fewer prices with 3rd generation.

Since 2008, the Ideapad features the first three models towards a more consumer-oriented feel. Lenovo offers the Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 for the well-wishers to create an as good performance as the other renowned series. They are also built the same excellent workload against the traditional laptop to win the market.

Among all the models of Flex generation, we take 2-in-1 Laptop, a marvelous creation from Lenovo with a quad-core CPU i5, thus this laptop becomes faster, more powerful when it performs the high intensive task.

Lenovo Flex 5 2-in-1 Laptop Check on Amazon

Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad: Display

Display or monitor an output device to show the PC’s total beautification by showing images, videos, or information. Users can’t get the flexibility or freedom to assist the computer with the function. Lenovo flex appears with dual-mode within the combination of little laptop and tablet; thus, the display modifies remarkably to entertain the users.

It brings a touch screen display with useful features, especially for people who hate the touchpad. The Flex takes a dramatic variation in display sizes; you can find 11, 13, 14, 15, or even 17 inches HD screens for the visual presentation of data. Moreover, the oldest generation shows 11, 13, 14 volume displays, but in the last two or three years, the latest versions are coming with mostly 14 or 15 sizes.

The flex display allows such a unique design so that the screen can flip around nearly 360 degrees. Hence, you will be able to select a laptop, stand, tent, or tablet mode based on what you need. Not only had that but around the display used a narrow bezel to give you more viewing area. Thus, these series provide IPS panel technology combined display to play as well as enjoy more.

Ideapad laptops remark different features than Flex; after all, it doesn’t carry multi-touch displays. Lenovo repeats a deviation from the Thinkpad laptop towards this series, alongside you see some significant changes such as the glossy screen. Then again, most of the models come with 14 inches, 15 inches size displays that give you the best screen benefits. They also have 11 inches, 13 inches, 17 inches designed generations respectively from the Ideapad 100, 300, and 700 lines of laptops.

In fine, we recommend the 2019 Lenovo Flex 15 for its beautiful display for playing games or professional works; this one brings a wide display adapter to show processed information in a lean frame.

2019 Lenovo Flex 15 Check on Amazon

Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad: Battery Life

The fact is that the battery is the component that allows you to work without power can’t even open your PC. This energy storage device convert stored chemical energy to electrical power; thus, you need a battery with a long-lasting advantage.

Flex includes a battery system for the power source like the other brand. But here significantly, you find Lithium Polymer batteries, which are generally robust, flexible, and healthy as well. Besides, all the models gain removable batteries since they serve you an extended life warranty of 12 to 18 months in time and usage.

On a single charge, most of the Flex models can perform 9 to 10 hours with watching videos, playing games. Even running less demanding applications, you can expect at nearly 12 hours. If you think about Flex 6, this probably makes distress you since it lasted only 6 hours and 41 minutes that is notably less than the premium laptop average.

The Ideapad laptop also keeps up a good category battery, however not all the genre does not have a removable battery. The Ideapad 300 series battery accomplishes the direct replacement advantage. The average working hour is much less through those models. You will notice the top laptops enable only 5 to 6 hours of battery life, which is disappointing, considering we usually look for at least 7to 8 hours from any computer.

If you want a laptop with the best battery score, the Lenovo Flex 14 is just for you. It achieves 10 hours of battery life with recharge, where you can do a long shift task without anxiety.

Lenovo Flex 14 Check on Amazon

Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad: Storage SDD

The Solid State Drive (SDD) is a well-known, well-tested technology for modern computer storage; it delivers superior performance through flash memory. Further, this is lighter, uses less energy, allowing computers to run cooler, especially load faster for the games, applications, or movies.

For the last 50 years, HDD carries the market to maintain computer secondary storage devices, but SDD is exercising overall computer brands as the newer term. To gain the buyer’s feelings towards the Lenovo brand, we watch a diplomatic transformation of the original leaped and flex models’ storage system. This hardware offers a different performance level with its storage area over the two series.

The Flex laptop produces 64 GB to 512 GB storage SSD that allows you to keep data or program in the long term retention. Therefore, this auxiliary storage enables you to permanently save many photos, videos, and even more documents. Your essential computer applications, tools, or games will get faster speed because of the hardware quality.

In contrast with the above, the Lenovo Ideapad series also appears with high range SDD storage, alongside it get more upgraded version effectively. On average, maximum Ideapad generation achieves 500 GB to 1 TB based operational performance. In comparison, Lenovo Flex vs. Ideapad. You can gain more storage security from Ideapad for massive-loaded information.

We choose Ideapad s940 for its 512 GB secondary memory from the Ideapad modes so that you store reliable data to get more speed. Thus you will be benefited by keeping track of storage location.

Ideapad s940  Check on Amazon

Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad: Operating System

The operating system is the heart of any computer, allowing a person to communicate with a PC without knowing how to talk the programming language. It manages all of the software or hardware on your PC, particularly the processor, memory, storage, and can’t get working power without it.

Lenovo provides the most common Microsoft windows operating system for its all area of laptop or notebook computers. With the help of windows service, the Flex and user will usually take advanced multilayer security, hyper-convergence capabilities, and even the support of a hybrid environment. Above all, it is straightforward to work along with backward compatibility.

The Flex models take place in the latest version of the window, but the first two generations enter with an 8 .1 version. Again, we find the other successors allow the windows ten since it is the top latest category. So, you can command any action easily and the output time decrease to enhance productivity. This way, Lenovo Flex makes better your experiences while keeping you up to date on advanced security features.

On the other hand, the Ideapad series enable different editions from the window. Though this type of Lenovo laptop doesn’t have a hybrid device touch screen, we see the practice of windows 7, 8.1, and 10 through all generations. The Ideapad nearly holds the upgraded Windows 10 for all models, ensuring more digital action than an old traditional computer.

Lenovo Flex 14 2-in -1 convertible laptop   Check on Amazon

Though both Flex and Ideapad use windows 10, we find the best. Lenovo Flex 14 2-in -1 convertible laptop among the flex models, besides the Ideapad S340 goes from the top list of Lenovo Ideapad series.

Ideapad S340 Check on Amazon

Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad: Ram (Random Access Memory)

The primary memory or the Ram is the most crucial component for any PC that provides super-fast storage to hold data in the short term. It usually works for storing information and retrieved on a computer. Therefore, it consumes less power than the secondary memory while also increasing battery power as far as having faster RAM ensures more effective gaming goals.

Both Flex and Ideapad series carry high-speed memory since speed control the data transformation process. Perhaps. The CPU can’t complete a task if the computer processor wants to read data from the RAM. So, Lenovo focuses on giving its product the latest advantage towards all active running programs.

However, you will find the top popular Flex modes with 16 GB to 1 TB RAM capacity for the consumers. This is a fair amount to keep everything nice and smooth, especially for multi-tasking or intensive memory actions like video editing, 3D rendering, Photoshop, and even big files.

In contrast, the Ideapad models will help you with 6 GB to 16 GB, especially the Lenovo Ideapad 700 is mentionable for 12 GB DDR4 memory. Whether you don’t have any significant PC requirements, the rest of the Ideapad series can usually give maximum storage.

By and large, we love the Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 convertible Laptop for its range quality; it will perform with 12 GB DDR4 RAM to run big –sized document at low voltage.

Lenovo Flex 14 2-in-1 convertible Laptop Check on Amazon


Well, That’s finding out what wins in comparing Lenovo Flex vs Ideapad, both the of the series get popularity among the consumer. They are the same while also show some significant differences. The idea is mainly consumer-oriented laptops that follow the Thinkpad laptop’s footsteps, take high-range processors, and use secondary storage devices but no multi-task display.

The other Lenovo Flex models also appear important features with more expansion rate. They were solely capable of ensuring long battery life, beautiful HD touch screen. Above all, with the Flex, anyone will archive portable multi-mode laptops with next-generation performance, built-in versatility, and. So, if you have a high budget to enjoy dual-mode with quick confidence, then take the Flex. Otherwise, you can accept the Lenovo Ideapad with average quality for consumer looks.

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