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LGA 1150 Best CPU at Chipper Rate

What's the Best LGA 1150 CPU

Installing a faster CPU enables faster transfer speed on the hard drive; most likely, the drive maintains the whole performance volume. Thus, it’s easy to perform all simple tasks through an old rig but the problems for gaming, video editing, or content creation.

Now, it is high time to upgrade the processor to an intel lga 1150 processor. The exact investment will be if you choose the best LGA 1150 CPU that can help process your PC operations fluently yet ensure to have the same socket-based motherboard.

Well, look no further. This post reviews a few LGA 1150 best CPUs and an investigative buying guide for you.

Take LGA 1150 Best CPU and Make Your PC Faster 

What’s the best LGA 1150 CPU? As far as this is a common question towards Intel LGA 1150 motherboard users. It is built on Haswell microarchitecture with some notable features where the socket is the best. Now, read the whole article to select your best choice from the best Haswell CPUs.

Features of LGA 1150 CPU 

LGA (Land Grid Array) is a kind of surface-mount packaging for integrated circuits (ICs). This is famous for having a pin on the socket rather than the integrated circuits and then allowing electrical connection to a printed circuit board with the help of a socket or soldering directly to the board. The first advantage of this technology is more durability so that you save processors from mishandling and drops.

CPU performs the computer’s primary function like the human brain; perhaps you know that it is composed of thin layers of transistors to ensure successful input or output. Consequently, the following are the major features of an LGA 1150 CPU.

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Arithmetic Logic Unit:

The Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) is the most crucial part of the CPU that carries out arithmetic and logic operations on the operands in computer instruction words. In particular, there is a tradition to use more than one ALU for faster computing activity. 

Control Unit:

The control unit (CU) is an important component that directs the processor’s operation. This function manages the computer’s memory, arithmetic logic unit, and input/output devices how to respond to the instructions that will be sent to the CPU. Actually, it controls the overall operation of your PC through signals.

Registers (Internal Memory):

They hold essential data and instructions for the execution of the processor but work as temporary storage areas. Moreover, you will find that they are not part of memory. Instead, they become a special additional storage location to supply the advantage of speed. And, the registers perform under the direction of a control unit.

Best LGA 1150 CPU List with Price

If you are in hurry then see the lga 1150 processor list in this section. But if you have enough time then check out each LGA 1150 CPU comparison review with full discussion. 

1. Intel Core i7–4790k at Price $229.98

2. Intel Core i7- 4790 processor at Price $149.98

3. Intel Core i5-4690K at Price $99.02

4. Intel Core i5 – 4570 at Price $297.88

5. Intel Core i5 4590 Processor at Price $292.42

6. Intel Core i7 4770 processor at Price $165.00

7. Intel Core i3- 4150 processor at Price $53.79

Review of LGA 1150 Best CPU

The 1150 CPUs provide the latest Haswell processors, which offer 4th Generation- Intel Core and also accomplish several 5th Generation Core desktop chip as well with LGA sockets. So, if anyone demands ultimate performance experience, then these are the leading CPUs. Therefore, we recommend seven recommendations within a reasonable price for you.

1. Intel Core i7–4790k: Find New Taste for Gaming 

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Intel Core i7 4790 quad-core CPU (predecessor of 4770k) famous for its several characteristics, it provides a reliable dedicated graphic card to attract PC game lovers. Maybe you will be astonished because of its fourth-generation core performance and also become more energy efficient. Since comparing with predecessors, probably gets more modernization along with 1.4 billion Tri-Gate 3D transistors. 

Flowing Intel’s incomparable features, it receives four cores running on eight threads; this results from Hyper-Threading Technology. A PC can process more information in a short duration. Besides, sophisticated algorithms belong to 8 MB cache Memory to store data for all the cores.

Its design to run the best lga 1150 motherboard, but the chip runs hotter and uses more energy than 4770k. So, there will need proper cooling function. 

Clock speed goes to on average 4.0 GHz to 4.40 GHz and uses the same Intel HD Graphic 4600 with 20 unite core. 


  • 32 GB Physical memory
  • Faster socket speed than 4770k
  • High- end performances
  • Better power consumption


  • The graphic doesn’t be improved

2. Intel Core i7- 4790 processor: Get the Best Content Creation Support

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We recommend this product because of its some exceptional features. At first, it gives identity protection technology so that users can save their own credentials. And, you will see the use of thermal monitoring technology, Intel turbo boost as well, which means that the chip might enhance high clocking speed within a short time. Probably the execution of the LGA 1150 socket makes it notable in the market. 

If you are a gamer, you will need a decent GPU for high graphics; then this CPU comes with Intel HD Graphic 4600 as predecessors to manage gaming order smoothly. Since it has a clock speed stay between 3.6 GHz – 4.00 GHz, that’s an increase of 15 percent compared with i7- 4770k requires 3.4 GHz to 3.9 GHz. 

You definitely feel a flawless experience with this processor significantly where it allows 4 Core, eight-thread 22nm architecture. Alongside, note that it has the same 8 MB of cache as lga 1150 i7-4790k, which goes a long way for boosting multitasking. 


  • Have Intel Virtualization service 
  • Create less operation temperature 
  • Ensure 32 GB physical memory 
  • 3.0 PCI express Revision 


  • Higher Clock maybe increase the temperature 

3. Intel Core i5-4690K: Get New Gaming Performance

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The Intel Core i5- 4690k is perfect for the best budget lga 1150 CPU for gaming lovers as it has four software threads to improve throughput and computational speed-up. Therefore, you will lose yourself while the PC handles texturing, shading to a moderate performance level. Besides, Intel offers turbo boost technology 2.0 with the highest achievable clock speed for peak loads to run faster than the rated frequency. 

In particular, this processor supports dual-channel 32 GB DDR3 controller that plays an important role; thus, the potential performance bottleneck reduces which stay between the CPU and the Memory Controller. The 4690 sockets enable several capacities to polish up power delivery. 

It also comes with a 6MB Intel Smart cache, 5 GT/s bus speed together with 22 nm lithography. So, it has become a nifty product for heavy users who want to multitask at a time effectively.


  • Give Smart way to work. 
  • With dynamic acceleration 
  • Four cores and four threads
  • Good for content creation 


  • Need cooling competent for stressful application 

4. Intel Core i5 – 4570: Get Adequate Professional Advantage

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If you are willing to buy an energy-efficient processor from Core i5, then this is the perfect option as well as it was capable of giving most of the features of Core i7 in a delightful way. Thus, you can select this CPU for gaming or photo editing work at a reasonable price. The integrated graphic looks great what tends to run more relaxed, and users can get good enough performance.

The clock speed appears between the 3.2 GHz and 3.6 GHz range; therefore, it seems that there is no unlocked for overclocking. Not only that, but it comes with a 22nm 3-D Tri-Gate transistor to operate in low voltage and leakage with advanced execution. 

Having said all of these, it offers a straightforward installment process. You can gain the eight series chipset to support high–speed ports (USB 3.0 ports and SATA 3 ports), becoming a rather powerful chip. 


  • HD Graphic 4600 
  • 84 watts thermal design 
  • No overclocking issues 
  • Give the same opportunity as i7 4770k 


  • The stock cooler isn’t good 

5. Intel Core i5 4590 Processor: Get Fast Video Editing Performance

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This is probably the best Intel processor that gives honestly high-end performance than any other, especially for gaming and actual computation. With stunning visuals, it doesn’t allow hyper- threading features were equipped with four threads and four cores. The clock speed remains between 3.3 – 3.7, so you can compute calculation faster, as well as applications that will run smoother. 

Furthermore, it comes with a good design integrated Intel HD graphics card 4600; this way, the integrated memory controller assist as much as 32 GB. This CPU has a 22nm production node. The CPU provides a fan to attach with the motherboard to cool, perhaps also has a TDP of 84 watts. 

Mostly, this product ensures DDR3 memory with a dual-channel interface. Then, you might find a PCI- express gen three connection for better communication other components. There is actual turbo boost technology to run processor core than noted frequency. 


  • Rapid Storage technology 
  • Quick video steaming advantage 
  • With multi-threaded performance 
  • Good physical fitting 


  • Require more power 

6. Intel Core i7 4770 processor: Play All Modern Game With This

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This is another high-quality CPU that supports Haswell’s architecture. As it features a 4th generation processor, it comes with four cores and eight threads. Besides, more importantly, there is no overclocked possibility. The turbo boost technology 2.0 frequency appears to 3.90Hz, to provide a decent gaming opportunity. All of these affairs, it charges less cost considerably than another from the same series. 

Gaming mainly depends on graphic cards, so it gains the Intel HD Graphic 4600 integrated graphic. Then, the memory type based on DDR3 with a dual-channel interface, alongside it supports plenty storage with 32 GB Ram so that a heavy gamer can perform well. PCI Express 3.0 is used here to communicate external components. 

It offers an upgraded 8 MB of shared L3 smart Cache to reduce the average cost to access data from the main memory. But need worthy cooling system since core i7 -4770 tend to consume a good deal of power with a TDP of 84 W. 


  • Have Intel socket 1150
  • Processor seizes 22nm.
  • Clock range 3.4 to 3.9
  • Give high-end performance 


  • Produce substantial temperature under a huge load 

7. Intel Core i3- 4150 processor: Get Faster and Low Power Option

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If you are searching for a unique LGA 1150 CPU with all modern advancements, this recommendation hopefully makes you happy. While Intel offers a turbo boost and rapid storage technology with a clock speed of about 3.5 GHz. Desktop computers might get the best compatibility since it is made for Z97 and Z87 motherboards. But note that the Z87 users have to ensure BIOS upgrade. 

What we like most about it is its overall performance, which comes with integrated video. This dual-processor core also includes a CPU fan with the package. In consideration of i5 or i7, you will get a faster processor at a low price. Tough now we are in 2023, but still it capable to full your requirements.

It has a total of two core and four threads together with the Intel Graphic 4400 so that quick sync video can create faster conversation for videos. In fact, there is GPU support to focus on the Intel insider feature or also 3.0 PCI Express Revision to communicate outside.


  • Energy efficient 
  • Clear Video HD technology
  • 32 GB Memory 
  • Avoid overclocking 


  • Less base frequency 

Things You Should Know Before Choosing an LGA 1150 Best CPU 

We have focused on certain factors that can influence to find of a perfect LGA 1150 CPU. As you have to invest some amount of money, it is vital that you need such a product with long-term benefit. Here, we list some of the specifications to help you most. 

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The socket is a significant factor to determine a better processor. Maybe you know that it is the physical connection between the motherboard and CPU. Before purchase, you need to be aware of what type socket based CPU fits with the motherboard. For example, you can’t apply LGA 1150 socket for a motherboard of the LGA 1150 socket.

Clock Speed:

You can’t deny this issue at any cost; while Clock speed or frequency refers to how much clock cycle CPU will make per second, it counts by Giga Hertz. Your computer will load the application quickly with having high clock speed and less core. Slower clock speed along with more processor core means the computer can perform more applications at a time but at a sluggish rate. 

Cache Memory:

Cache hardware builds like a sort of bridge between CPU and RAM to access data from the main memory. It is used to reduce time or energy; perhaps it’s a smaller memory that stays near to the processor core—the cache assists in decreasing the speed gap during the implementation of the program. Therefore, Most of the CPUs require multiple Levels (L1, L2, L3 and rarely can be found L3). 

Thermal Design Power (TDP):

TDP means the maximum amount of heat produced by the CPU. That’s why a proper cooling system is designed to dissipate under any workload. But remember that there is no service that can be efficient enough to carry away 100 of the heat. Thus, the consumed power is a bit upper than thermal design power spare often than not. 

Number of Cores:

Cores are the fundamental thread initiators functioned with the responsibility of managing roles settled to the CPU. The more core you have, the more threads have become more. Note that core numbers don’t increase performance or multitasking; rather, threads control these options.


No matter you want a new CPU for gaming, graphic design, content creation, or some other heavy work. You have to ensure reliability since the processor is a vital component where LGA 1150 based CPU can help most for the motherboard. Thus, we recommend Intel’s CPU with an unmatched qualification in the market, especially because of supreme customer service. 


Our most of the recommendation will give you reasonable price. But you may find various available models and architecture from different brands. Compare to Intel’s competitor AMD. Their CPU comes with quite a cheap rate than the Ryzen series. That’s why Intel catches a lot of attraction from customers. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

## Are LGA 1150 CPUs Useless Now? 

Socket 1150 CPUs enter the market over six years ago in 2014 but still have quite a capability with fantastic performance. With this, they have 4th generation Intel’s Core and offer the same features as a modern Ryzen 3. 

## Which CPU series use socket LGA 1150? 

Intel applies LGA 1150 sockets for its Haswell processors first time. Then, the successors Broadwell also get the same technology. Though this socket had become a successor of LGA 1155 and in 2015 was itself succeed by new 1151 version. 

## What’s the difference between 1150 and 1151? 

They both are featuring the same structures, but in total performance, you must see differences within category and generation. Since the LGA 1151 has become more upgraded. 

## Does an LGA 1150 CPU fit with 1151?

No, this favor isn’t possible. The number Intel provides after LGA is the number of pins into a socket. This is fixed, and that’s the reason you can’t put one CPU socket for another motherboard. 

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## Do LGA 1150 CPUs come with DDR4?

Newer DDR4 Ram holds LGA 1151 motherboard. Keep in mind that available processors in the market with 1150 support only dual-channel DDR3. 

## Is LGA 1150 good for gaming? 

Of course, it is much helpful for gaming and enables a fantastic gaming experience. Moreover, you get incredible power allotment, and nevertheless boasts precision-engineered audio. 

Final Words

In our digital world, a computer has become like a family member, no matter what we want to do with it. But if you see programs or applications are loading, day by day, PC performance worsens. In this situation, a new CPU can solve your headache. Thus we listed some of LGA 1150 best CPU and bought a decent processor to magnify especially gaming performance. 

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