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Managed WHM/cPanel Master Reseller Hosting $159.9 a Year by HostSeo

Server management is a pain even for the pro server admins. Many Webhosting companies stopped their journey after some time because of this. You want to start a hosting but don’t have server management knowledge or in a Tight Budget, you can check this cPanel Master Reseller Hosting Offer from HostSeo. As usual, tell your wife to prepare a cup of coffee, we will go into a details shortly. If your wife is mad or you are still not a man then pause the reading and go make your own cup!

WHM/cPanel Master Reseller Hosting

WHM offers a lot of features if you are into Reseller Hosting. But the main challenge is the Control Panel for your users. Ofter support becomes a pain due to non-geek customers. cPanel is the most widely used and popular hosting control panel for the mass. Though due to pricing many hosts are looking for an alternative or have moved into developing their own panel.

What amazes us, in this offer from HostSeo that is how they have tweaked the price. In all of their Managed Master Reseller deals you will find WHM & cPanel. And the price is within the grasp.

HostSeo – Origin Story

Though this origin story wont be as interesting as Batman Origin , but before spending you should know about the Company. They started their journey in 2004 and is a US registered company. Their main datacenters are mainly based on US & Germany. For more details check here HostSeo

cPanel Master Reseller Hosting from HostSeo

The Deal – Dissected

Okay enough chit-chat. Your coffee is almost half now. Let’s get into our deal dissection.

Deal Name: WHM Reseller Hosting
Deal For: Best for Small Webhost or Ever personal use if you have a no of sites to manage.
Reseller Panel: WHM (Web Host Manager)
User Panel: cPanel
Money-Back Guarantee: Yes, 30 Days
Key Points: Managed Hosting, Reseller with cPanel

Brief Comparison with Price

Network Speed100 Mbps1 Gbps1 Gbps
Bandwidth (Monthly)UnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
cPanel Accounts150250Unlimited
WHM Accounts2050Unlimited
30 Day Trial Period
cPanel Memory Limit2 GB2.5 GB3 GB
cPanel INODE LimitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
SupportSemi ManagedFully ManagedFully Managed
Billing CycleYearlyHalf YearlyHalf Yearly
Order LinkOrder HereOrder HereOrder Here

Dissection Result

Though the prices are comparatively good compared to others, there are some points that need to be discussed,

  • They claim that these deals are all managed, but the Basic Plan has Semi-Managed Option mentioned. And this is only given in the comparison table. Also actually which services are under Semi-Managed that we don’t know yet.
  • In terms of Price to Product comparison, the Ultra Plan is superior. The only negative point is the billing cycle.
  • They provide free domain with Ultra and Extreme Plan. Just a notable mention

Final Thoughts

Before going into details with their review, I purchased two plans from them for my personal projects. Their support is good and quick. Plus one on that. So if you are planning to start a small hosting service just go for it. It’s a deal killer in terms of price.

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