OnePlus Nord || Good Buy, Tough Sell

Prologue For years OnePlus has basically stuck to making killer flagships rather than reinventing the good old flagship killers. But, after all these times they...

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iPhone XR Review|| A Solid Choice !!!

The iPhone XR was a very highly anticipated release for Apple as it has created a new generation of iPhone line-up for those who...

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iPhone 11 || Close to Perfection !!!

With the introduction of the iPhone X back in 2017, which was one of the most anticipated phones among the iPhone lovers, Apple paved...

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OnePlus 8 || Flagship Killer to Killer Flagship

OnePlus has always been well-known for delivering flagship killer devices within budget. But suddenly they are moving away from that direction and getting all...

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Motorola Edge Review & User Opinions (2023)

After months of leaks and talks, Motorola has officially announced their latest flagships, the Motorola Edge and Edge Plus. Motorola has been struggling to...

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