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Surface Pro vs Laptop: What will be the Best for You?

Microsoft Surface family is the most popular laptop brand globally, perhaps the Windows operating system increase this popularity even more with these personal computers. As technology advanced, you see touchscreen-based hybrid PC in the line of Microsoft creation.

The Surface Pro or Surface Laptop becomes more mentionable among the users with their features. Though both of them require Intel processors together with Windows 10, you probably find some unique differences. So we generate this article on Surface Pro vs Laptop to decide what will be the best option for you.

A Comparison between Surface Pro vs Laptop

To find out the better one for you, we will go on a detailed discussion but take a glance over the table, increasing your satisfaction more.

Surface ProSurface Laptop
Microsoft SurfaceMicrosoft Surface
Storage SSD
128 GB to 1 TB128 GB to 1 TB
Intel Core i3,i5 & i7 Microsoft SQ1 or SQ2 for Pro XIntel Core i3,i5 & i7 Ryzen Core i5 or i7 for Laptop 3
Processor Performance
Dual – CoreDual – Core
4 GB to 16 GB8 GB to 32 GB
Operating System
Windows 8, 8.1 & 10Windows 10
Removable Storage
MicroSD slotNo
10.6 inch,12 inch,12.3 inch & 13 inch13.5 inch & 15 inch

The Top Recommendations for You Between Surface Pro vs Laptop

Surface ProSurface Laptop

#1.Surface Pro 4 – Best Pick for long lifespan




List Price: $728.00  

Check on Amazon

#1. Surface Laptop – Best Pick for Individual Use




List Price: $784.99 

Discount Price: $649.00 | Save: $135.99

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#2.Surface Pro 6 – Best Pick for Faster Speed





List Price: $780.00

Check on Amazon

#2.Surface Laptop 2 – best Pick for Multitasking





List price: $1,299.00 

Discount Price: $949.00 | Save: $350.00

Check on Amazon

#3. Surface Pro (2017) – best Pick for Business Purpose





List Price: $619.99

Check on Amazon

#3.Surface Laptop 3 – Best Pick for gaming





List Price: $1,925.00

Discount Price: $1,825.00 | Save: $100

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#4.Surface Pro 7 – Best pick for the College or High School students

NEW Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – 12.3" Touch-Screen - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 128GB Solid State Drive (Latest Model) – Platinum (Renewed)





List Price: $795.00

Discount Price: $679.99 | Save: $115.01

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#5.Surface Pro X – Best Pick for video Steaming





List Price: $1,799.00 

Discount Price: $1,637.22 | Save: $161.78

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Surface Pro VS Laptop: Processor

The Processor is generally known as the CPU (Central Processing Unit) that carries all the program instructions to process information. It is the most crucial hardware to allow computer when you open an application; the most computer has multiple processor cores that enable computer more than one task at a time.

The Surface Pro is a beautiful convertible or detachable laptop series from the Microsoft surface family with all the modern technological requirements, therefore to satisfy the consumers, Microsoft takes exceptional care of the processors. Nearly you can find seven generations over the pro laptops, which appears with Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors, especially these have come with low-voltage dual-core. So, quickly anyone feels simultaneous speed within the models; perhaps multimedia tasks like video transcoding or photo editing get faster working efficiency.

Generally speaking, the Surface Pro allows outstanding support to access software smoother, swift-moving. Hence, the latest eight-generation Surface Pro X becomes more upgrading with Microsoft SQ1 & SQ2 processors. It is exclusively designed for this model that gets similar processors performance Intel Core i5, even has more turbo frequency than Core i7.

In comparing Surface Pro vs. Laptop, the Surface Laptops models also bring high range quality. This series appears in the same Core Category of Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 so that you can execute faster with your PC. The Surface Laptop 3 deserves additional process or function; it unveiled the same features of Surface Pro and Pro X. alongside the Intel Processors, Microsoft applies the AMD Ryzen Core i5 or Core i7 processors with this model as an extra option.

For the best processor service, we recommend two laptop models, the Surface Pro X or the Surface Laptop 3, since the two require top quality Processors.

Surface Pro X Check on Amazon

Surface Pro VS Laptop: Operating System

The operating system mainly works to engage the hardware and user together to generate the output. Every desktop, computer, or tablet includes an OS to provide basic functionality for the device; basically, it acts as an intermediary through all management process from the system. Maybe, Your Pc turn out a blind person with this software.

Microsoft Window is the most common Operating system for personal computer consumers. However, it updates from time to time. Still, all the versions always gain accessible applications towards users as far as Microsoft also executes this OS within the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop. If you look at the first three-generation from the Pro, Windows 8 or 8.1 can provide pretty good compatible features for hardware or apps. Again, unfortunately, this OS version is well worth for gaming.

The rest of the Pro models are released with Windows 10, where you have two editions: Home, Pro. This one is a significant update in the past few years, along with more powerful productivity. You will feel high speed to command any order; output comes faster as well. Likewise, it is also possible to install the latest version through the previous generation to get gaming support or a better browsing facility.

On the other hand, the Surface Laptop series is more new in the market; thus, they get the latest version of Windows 10, including new videos, photos, and music, maps, Mail, and calendar characteristics. You can take great advantage of doing various complex tasks with no sang, even also the generations help to show a new virtual PC.

Both of them capable of allowing the newest editions of the window operating system. But we insist you look at the Surface Pro 7 because you can receive all the modern features of Microsoft PC together.

Surface Pro 7 Check on Amazon

Surface Pro VS Laptop: Price

Price is a part of business whereby the producers set the cost to sell their services. Following this fact, we usually see the right product to take a high price rate. Microsoft also a world-famous brand with its beautiful, long-lasting, and durable creations. Above all, their laptop series achieves much popularity, though their demand has a large amount of money.

The surface is a remarkable brand similar to Apple Laptop; probably, if you’re looking MacBook that runs Windows, you will love this Microsoft Surface family because of its portability, performance, and design. So, with a high volume of product quality, you have to face more expansion. These types of PC distinctively made for business or professional utilization, which can justify price vs. time. The more you spend money, then you will get a more time-saving laptop.

The Surface Pro series show more sense than a traditional laptop as it works with an optional detachable keyboard, stylus pen. You can take any of them from $799 to $2699, but the latest Surface Pro X decreases its cost that will require $999 to $1700.Though the price is so high that it is worth buying for tablet features and a laptop function, Microsoft offers 1 to 8 years of life support.

On the contrary, notebook design or looks come with the Surface Laptop models with non –detachable touchscreen. These devices also demand a hefty amount price. You will get high-end level processors, a stylus pen, and a built-in- kickstand to work or watch the video without keyboard support. With all of those facilities, this series appears a price rate from $999 to $ 1399. Besides, a Lifetime guarantee will give one year to three years.

Whether you want to spend average money to get the best design along with performance, we love in Surface Laptop 2. This fact will not make you dissatisfy certainly.

Surface Laptop 2 Check on Amazon

Better laptops usually have sharper screens with better pixel resolution. The display also seizes essential, whereas this issue affects the overall size of the computer. Microsoft has been the best PC maker that genuinely takes care of display quality than any other producer.

The Surface Pro laptops display features unique multi-touch or touchscreen advantages with higher resolutions. The screens also allow crack-resistant gorilla glass so that you can protect the laptop from deep scratches and scrapes. Moreover, there is a stylus pen in computing to draw or make selections by tapping while creating more accurate input through the display.

Monitors of the Pro come with full HD type; instead, you will get them exactly. The display size also becomes so pretty where they appear, on average, 10.6 inches, 12 inches, 12.3 inches, and 13-inches figure. So, all of the

hybrid tablets display feel you better by creating instant feedback to show text, videos, and graphic images.

Again, the laptop series takes the same advantages as the Surface Pro, but they gain differences in some areas. These models have a more prominent, brighter, more beautiful, and pixel-dense touchscreen than the Pro. The notebook laptops produce a 13.5 inch to 15 inches non-detachable monitor with high dimensions. You might find a couple of options with the Surface Pen or even write in hand through the screens.

When you want a wide area, display the Surface Laptop 3 to win this criterion with a high regulation touchscreen. Perhaps, you will enjoy video steaming or gaming excessively.

Surface Laptop 3 Check on Amazon

SSD is the non- volatile memory to stock information permanently on the chip; users can change this easily. You can see this type of secondary memory work through flash memory, also over and above include super-fast speed to make faster the device due to low read – access time.

In the line of modern laptops, the Surface Pro gets the best secondary storage type from SSD. Its use for storing personal data such as pictures, videos, or other documents shows that the Pro will help this way. The PC benefits from keeping the operating system code, framework, and drive to operate the system more comfortably.

On average, most of the models appear with 128 GB to 1 TB storage for the users to enable permanent storage of programs or data. Further, the SSD volume usually assists the gamer in downloading a bigger gaming file without sang. The 1st to 7th generation of Pro doesn’t require removable SSD service, but the latest Surface Pro X provides this practice since there will be no MicroSD function.

In comparison to Surface Pro vs. laptop, you will see the same storage facility through the Surface laptop generation. You also find a 128 GB to 1 TB storage area to carry data over a high–bandwidth channel so that you can save information for a long time amassment. All of the models from the Laptop series don’t have to remove the facility and no MicroSD. This means you won’t be able to get bonus storage space.

To save more permanent data, we offer you the Surface Pro 7. You can enjoy the PC performance more as this model capable of creating adequate motions through the processor.

Surface Pro 7 Check on Amazon

Ram Known for Random Access Memory, which serves as short term memory for the PC to hold data; it collects the information to access applications quickly. However, the processor working speed might have the edge over the Ram, while you Ram will faster, then CPU operates more swiftly.

The Ram of both Surface Pro and Laptop come to do more speed up the hybrid computers but, in some consideration, definitely show differences. The Pro has all most eight generations, which enable high-quality Ram performance. You see, though the first Surface Pro has only 4 GB storage, with the upgrading models, the storage area reaches 16 GB for providing short term storage space to collect data or program code.

The CPU processing speed depends on the RAM speed, so quickly, the Pro series has faster system performance. The primary memories carry DDR3 technology to allow gaming, video editing, and even the big –sized files at low voltage. Again, the latest Surface Pro X get more development as it produces with DDR4. This new pragmatic update enables a lower voltage than the previous.

In contrast, the Laptop models have 8GB to 32 GB Ram storage for storing information to manage computer actions to be accessed quickly. Perhaps, when you will play a game from a hard drive or steam a movie from the internet, generations show more advantages than the Pro since all of the data will go to Ram to execute the system performance more rapidly. And, here you find only DDR3 based Ram.

We suggest the Surface Pro X for the best Ram service; with this one, you will get 8 GB storage with all other technological benefits to use your PC, particularly gaming.

Surface Pro X Check on Amazon

#Surface Pro 6 vs Laptop 2

Surface Pro 6

Check on Amazon

Surface Laptop 2

Check on Amazon

2-in-1 detachableLaptop
UHD Graphics 620UHD Graphics 620
5 MP Front camera 8 MP Rear cameraFront – facing 720p HD camera
2736 x 18242256 x 1504
Battery Life
Up to 9 HoursUp to 14Hours

#Surface Pro 7 vs Laptop 3

Surface Pro 7

Check on Amazon

Surface Laptop 3

Check on Amazon

2-in-1 detachableLaptop
i3: Intel UHD i5: Intel Iris Plus i7: Intel Iris Plus15 inch : Radeon Vega 9 13 inch : Radeon RX Vega 11
Front & RearFront
2736 x 18242496 x 1664 for 15 inch 2256 x 1504 for 13 inch
Battery Life
Up to 8 HoursUp to 11 Hours

# Surface Pro x VS Surface Laptop 3

Surface Pro X





Check on Amazon

Surface Laptop 3





Check on Amazon

2-in-1 detachableLaptop
SQ1 : Adreno 685 GPU SQ2 : Adreno 690 GPU15 inch : Radeon Vega 9 13 inch : Radeon RX Vega 11
2880 x 19202496 x 1664 for 15 inch 2256 x 1504 for 13 inch
Front & RearFront
Up to 13 HoursUp to 11 Hours


Microsoft creates both Surface Pro and Surface Laptop with the same Pasion. For that reason, we find many similarities between them where a user may have become a little confused about what is the best option for him. We explain nearly all of the detailed information to bring the solution. In comparison, Surface Pro vs Laptop, you take any of them according to your requirement.

The Surface family always demands a high price rate; though equally, the two series maintain an immense amount of money, the Pro will take less than Laptop. You will get the same storage, processors, or memory from them. But the Surface Laptop can enable a larger display. So, we suggest the Pro if you have a reasonable budget; otherwise, you can also take the Pro with the best quality

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