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Tech Trends in 2023: What We Expect to See?

After the panic over the Covid-19 throughout the year 2020, 2021 brings hope to many people. But we must say technology went a long way in one leap, which was supposed to happen after many years.

Though tech helps much from working from home to increased online shopping, the competition became more challenging among the world’s top tech firms. So it can be assumed that the tech industry will be a battleground for next year.

Let’s find the aspects we hope to see for tech trends in 2023.

Tech Trends in 2023

Let’s check out what we can expect for the tech trends in 2023.

Challenges for Big Tech 

Big tech firms such as Google, Facebook, or Amazon seem to be under pressure in 2023. 

In recent times, Twitter is much used for news searching rather than Google and Facebook. That will be a threat for Google for upcoming 2023. 

In October, Google was charged by the US Government for breaking competition law to control its monopoly in online advertising and searching platforms. 

Besides, Facebook is also going through a challenging time to hold its place as the young generation tend to spend more time on TikTok. 

In December, due to taking some illegal actions to stifle competition and buying rival companies, Facebook was sued by US federal regulators. 

In addition, NETFLIX is the threatable competitor for HBO Max and Disney Plus at the streaming battlefield. 

Electric & Autonomous Cars

Autonomous and Electric cars are the old but new way to become a potential tech field. Many companies started to test autonomous vehicles limited during the pandemic of 2020. But it is expected that for the tech trend in 2023, electric and autonomous cars will lead a quite big area. 

Waymo One service started its autonomous cars without human drivers in October of 2020. Its Arizona, Phoenix cars collect and drop off passengers by themselves. 

Meanwhile, the car manufacturers who make battery-powered vehicles are also leading the tech trend in 2023. Especially “Tesla” rapidly grew its sales for affordable Electric cars.  

Tech in Working from Home

The whole year of 2020, we saw many big companies around the world conduct their business virtually. And we hope to see them working from home continue at least half the first of 2023. 

Microsoft and Facebook already permitted their significant amount of staff to work from home permanently. The other world’s famous tech firm Twitter also supported this idea and did the same thing. 

Vice president of  CCS Insight, Marina Koytcheva, said,  ” Security is definitely part of our predictions when it comes to working from home activity, and that could be a package. Not just an extra line, but maybe a separate router, maybe a router with security, maybe some other services on top, even things like IT support because a smaller company might not have a remote IT support person.”

On top, the software are incredibly contributed to working at home is Mural and Miro. Surprisingly, Mural achieved over a million active users throughout the year of 2020.

This technology will help the employees a visual representation while doing remote work on a project.

Artificial Intelligence & RPA Uses Increasing Swiftly

Another hot tech that is likely to be a significant trend in 2023 is AI. Image & speech recognition,  smartphone personal assistant, ride-sharing apps, or navigation apps are some of the high tech examples of AI. 

From government agencies to the world’s top business and consumers are eager to get benefit from AI effectively. But the thing should be consider how they will be used in ethical formation. 

Another notable thing like AI we can talk about is Robotic Process Automation or RPA. Basically, RPA indicates automated business processing software like dealing with data,  transaction processing, email reply, or interpreting applications. And this tech will also spread its uses worldwide in 2023.

Tech for Retail

No doubt, Covid-19 changed a lot of people’s lifestyles, and it also affected Retailers. During Lockdown, people get much dependable on online shopping. So 2023 will introduce the Retailers with new technology. 

Amazon gave the good news to its customers about expanding the Go store chain. So people don’t have to check out in the shop.

Go store chain shops use automated technology to make it relatively easier to purchase. Amazon Go app enables users to enter the store and manage the payment system or manage Amazon accounts.

On the other hand, Walmart is now a worthy foe for Amazon. It launched Walmart Plus, which is a paid subscription service for purchasing Walmart products. Walmart Plus on top saves time and money for users. 


The year 2020 makes us more dependent on tech for sure. And this dependency will take rapid growth in every small aspect of our life. So probably we’re going to see a significant rise in tech trends in 2023. So wait to watch the broad expansion of the tech world in this new year.

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