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Apple M1 Chip|| The Big Revolutionary Step for Mac

For the first time, Apple’s Macbooks and Mac mini aren’t coming with Intel chips because last 10 November, 2020, Apple unveiled its new Macs based on their first own processor Apple M1 Chip. Apple claimed M1 chips would deliver 2x CPU and GPU performance with its eight-core design.

If you’re going to order a new Mac for you and want to know more details about the M1 processors available in MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini, let’s help you find the information you need to know.

What is Apple M1 Chip?

M1- the smallest chip is the first personal computer chip built-in cutting – edge technology to be equipped with Macs. You will find the entire system of processor, memory, and I/O security combined on this single chip. Besides, it’s leading the industry in terms of technology with its 5-nanometer width while Intel and AMD processors lag. Smaller width means M1 has more transistors, and that is 16 billion. That is 5 billion more than A14 bionic, which is quite impressive.

The Breakthrough Features You Get in  Apple M1 Chip

Check out the features you can expect on three new Macs.

image curtesy: apple

CPU Performance

image curtesy: apple

The M1 belongs to an 8-core CPU, including four high-efficiency and high-performing cores respectively. These high-performance cores will deliver 2x faster CPU performance. Apple says they are the world’s fastest high-performance CPU in low power silicon they have ever built.

Moreover,  the eight-core CPU will give the world’s best 3x higher performance per watt that incredibly does the most demanding task.

Graphic Performance

image curtesy: apple

Apple says the M1 has the fastests and advanced Integrated graphics processor for a personal computer. But how can Apple claim it is the world’s best? Okay, the answer is, generally, PCs use discrete chips consuming a lot of power for best graphics performance. But here, the M1 uses low power consumption for an enormously better performance in GPU.

You will get up to an eight-core GPU, delivering 2x faster graphics performance Through this chip using just a third of the power.

Unified Memory

Do you want faster image and video processing than ever? Of course, it can be possible with the M1 chip with its Unified Memory Architecture. Due to bringing the low-latency memory and high bandwidth together into a single pool within a custom package,  all SoC technologies can get the same data without copying it and increasing the processor’s speed.

Neural Engine

image curtesy: apple

The M1 features next-generation machine learning with the newest Neural Engine of Apple. The 16-core design of this Neural Engine can execute 11 trillion operations in every second. So you will enjoy faster machine learning that you have never seen before.

Compatible to Run More iOS Apps

macOS Big Sur brings the latest technologies to allow you to run a more excellent range of apps. You can run the universal apps that come with Mac, or the Apples made apps. Also, Rosetta 2, iPhone, and iPad apps.

The practical benefit you can get from M1 is that this processor is the first who will let you run iOS applications on Mac.

Advanced Security

M1 chip features the hardware-verified secure boot. That encrypted all your files automatically with high performance. This chip is architected with new security protection into the code execution.

Battery Life

image curtesy: apple

Apple offers superb battery life for Mac PCs. If you want all-day battery life, you will be impressed to see the new Macbook Air extended its battery life six hours more, which means you can use it 18 hours on end. So you can charge it at night and can use it all day long.

Apple M1 Chip: From when can I order the new Macs?

You can order it from now in Apple’s Store, but the delivery will start from around 17 November. So be fast to place your order for the new three Macs for a fantastic user experience.

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