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How To Remove Scratches From Apple Watch Screen: Check Out Our Multiple Easy Solutions

How to Protect Apple Watch Screen from Scratches?

Are you looking for a solution to how to remove scratches from the Apple watch screen? Then you are in the right place. We will teach you the most natural methods of doing it.

As we all know, after some time, all the products or things get harmed. The Apple Watch screen is not different from other products. It also gets damaged after a maximum use of it or by accident. Then, only one question comes to your mind that is can you remove scratches from your apple watch screen?

So we have to be careful enough when using it frequently but unfortunately, if you already damage your watch, follow the instructions we are going to give you. 

Why Does Apple Watch Need A Screen Protector?

Before going to the solution we want to let you know if you are not using a screen protector for your smartwatch then start using from today that can save your favorite watch from any kind of unpleasant scratch and this is how to get scratches out of apple watch.

Though most of the Apple watches are now providing scratch-resistant facilities, there are still many other issues that a watch can confront. Permit yourself to know the significance of a screen protector that can save your watch from those issues. 

Protection from scratch 

Regularly, the Apple Watch may take a scratch or any other type of loss that can be avoidable through the screen protector. All the problems will face the protector, and the Apple Watch will save. 

Unwanted fall or drops

Your valuable and expensive watch may drop or fall from your hand or someone else. At that time, this screen protector can save from any unwanted defects.

Wear and tear

Sometimes we need to keep out the watch in a bag or pocket. It may cause wear and tear problems, but if you use a screen protector on your watch, consequently, it can be saved from this problem. 

More safety

The screen protector will be a savior for the luxurious Apple Watch you have. Any accident you don’t even know, like water, sweat problems, sand, or anything like that, can damage the screen. One protection and your watch are in saving mode. 

Note: To avoid the scratch problem with the Apple Watch, you can take precautions before going into this issue. That’s why users can use the Apple watch case or screen protector for their watches. But first, learn why you need a screen protector.

Recommendation of Apple Watch Screen Protector

[Disclaimer: Price may vary with time]

ProductsBest for PriceCompatible with Apple watch  models
Tranesca Apple Watch case with Screen Protector Cover(4 Pack)
Family package with 12 months warranty$7.95
Check on Amazon
Apple Watch Series 3 (38mm) and Series 2 
pzoz Apple Watch Case with Screen Protector
Frequently cleaned with a glasses fabric$10.99
Check on Amazon
Apple Watch Series (44mm) 4-6/SE 
BRG Protective Cover Case Screen Protector
Block from the scratch collision, gap, and bubbleDiscounted Price: $6.99
You Save: $2.00 (22%)
Check on Amazon
Apple Watch Series SE (38/40/42/44mm) 3-6 
Recoppa Apple Watch case with Screen Protector [3 Pack]
Shield the real touch sensitivity$9.99
Check on Amazon
Apple Watch Series (40mm) 4-6/SE 
AVIDDA Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector (3 Pack)
Thousands of accurate sense points$11.04
Check on Amazon
iwatch Series 1-3 (38mm)
SLYEN Apple Watch Case with Screen Protector (6 Pack)
Effortless installation and specific fit$10.99
Check on Amazon 
Full range case for Apple Watch (40mm), iWatch (44mm)
Deilin Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector [2 Pack] 
Scratch-Resistant, shockproof and anti-fall$8.99
Check on Amazon
Apple Watch Series 4-6/SE (44mm)

How To Remove Scratches From Apple Watch Screen: 2 methods

We are providing two methods for learning how to remove scratches from the Apple watch screen. Pick the one as per your wish, or you can try both approaches. It is all up to you and the result you want. 

Method- 1: Home Remedy

Types Of Equipment We Need

  1. Silky cloth
  2. Fabric cloth

Step 1: Wipe The Screen With Lysol wipes And Fabric Cloth 

Firstly wipe the whole screen with Lysol wipes and slowly rub it with a circular motion for a few minutes. For better results, you can use a nail when rubbing. Dry the screen entirely with a fabric cloth. 

Step 2: Take The Toothpaste On The Q-tip  

Please take a bit of toothpaste on the Q-tip and rub it with a circular motion for 50 seconds. Do the rubbing process until you feel that the toothpaste is getting dry or harder to wipe. 

Step 3: Wet The Silky Cloth With Purified Water 

Grab the silky cloth and wet it with purified water. Then again, wipe the screen and make sure you get all the toothpaste out.

Step 4: Wipe The Screen With Lysol And Dry It With Fabric Cloth

Again, what we have done in step one, we will repeat the process by wiping the screen with Lysol wipes and then dry it with a fabric cloth. 

You can see the result after doing the process. If you don’t get the satisfaction, then you can try the below method as well. 

Method- 2: With A Market Product

Recommendation of Apple Watch Screen Scratch Remover

These scratch removers can be a helping hand for you. But before getting into this problem, we will suggest taking advantage of the watch case. 

[Disclaimer: Price may vary with time]

PolyWatch Glass Scratch Remover
Discounted Price: $19.32
You Save: $4.58 (19%)
Check on Amazon
Polywatch Plastic-Lens Scratch Remover
Discounted Price: $8.30
You Save: $0.50 (6%)
Check on Amazon
Cape Cod Polish Co-Metal Polishing
Check on Amazon
PolyWatch Plastic Watch Scratch Remover 

Discounted Price: $6.34

You Save: $1.16 (15%)

Check on Amazon

DISPLEX EVI All Kinds of Glass Scratch Remover

Check on Amazon
EURO TOOL Scratch Remover
Check on Amazon

Types Of Equipment We Need

With a polyWATCH glass polish, we will do the removal process. You can buy it from Amazon at a reasonable price. 

  • Microfiber strips
  1. White strips
  2. Pinkish strips
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Applicator stick with a rubber band
  • Repair syringe
  • Finish syringe
  • Globes (need to buy it separately)

Step 1: Open The Box And Read The Manual

Open the box and make sure you read the manual carefully. It will help you to learn the process quickly. 

Step 2: Wipe The Screen With Fiber Cloth

Wipe the watch screen with the fiber cloth, and you have to remove all the dust and other crap from the screen. 

Step 3: Take One Of The White Strip And Put It In The Applicator Stick 

Please take one of the white strips from the package and put it in the applicator stick. To hold them, they provide a rubber band. Use it to keep them.

Step 4: Wear The Globes And Take Some Of The Product From Repair Syringe On The Screen 

By wearing the globes, take some of the repaired product on the screen and rub it for 3 minutes. 

Step 5: Apply The Repair Product Four Times

The application process of the repaired product will continue four times. And each time rub for 3 minutes carefully. 

Step 6: Wipe It Fully With The Fiber Cloth

After the rubbing process finishes, wipe the full screen with the fiber cloth again. Be sure that there is no repair product remaining on the screen. 

Step 7: Take Finish Syringe And Apply It With Pinkish Strips 

At last, take the Finish Syringe and drop some of its products then rub it with pinkish strips too. Apply it only once for a few minutes. See the result. 


Do take cautions for this purposes- 

  • When using the second method, it can cause a chemical reaction. To avoid them, wear gloves.
  • Rub in a circular motion, not up and down motion.
  • Avoid paper towels because they can increase scratches.
  • To prevent a chemical reaction, you can wash the watch and dry it.

Check on Some Apple Watch Accessories

[Disclaimer: Price may vary with time]

Watch Accessories Recommendation

Reason to Buy

Magnetic Charger to USB-C Cable

Discounted Price: $26.84

You Save: $2.16 (7%)

Key Features:

  • Charging Apple Watch utterly effortless
  • Snap into place automatically
  • Requiring no precise alignment

Available on Amazon

5W USB Power Adapter

Discounted Price: $16.99

You Save: $2.01 (11%)

Key Features:

  • Fair price
  • Reliable
  • Ultracompact design

Available on Amazon

MagSafe Duo Charger

Price: $129.00

Key Features:

  • A steady, efficient charge
  • Folds together neatly
  • Conveniently charges the device

Available on Amazon

Apple Support For Apple Watch Screen

Apple will not provide any support if your apple watch is damaging due to cosmetic damage. This damage is not covering the limited warranty of Apple products or AppleCare. Moreover, they even do not suggest any scratch remover because it may harm the screen more than before. But for regular cleaning, they offer a non-abrasive cloth-like Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

However, you can take help from AppleCare via chargeable replacement. For further information, you can contact them. Moreover, they say you can take some friendly quality screen guard as per your preference if you are looking for maximum safety, but new additions don’t need that. 

How To Replace or Fix Up a Scratched Apple Watch

Suppose your Apple watch has been damaged because of scratches. In that case, Apple will not take responsibility because its screen quality has highly strengthened in the present and future generations of Apple Watch. But in the past or old generation watch, this problem may occur, and that’s why if you smash your watch screen it can be repaired by changing or replacing the glass. 

But unfortunately, this replacement can make it difficult for other components of the watch. If your watch is genuinely damaged unintentionally, then Apple will replace it. But only because of scratches on the screen they will not. 

There is a solution for this purpose as well. If you take the insurance, then the Apple Watch will be covered in this insurance. But they will give the service for accidental damage only if it’s you who damages the watch, offering to pay some excess money for it.

Apple Watch Band Recommendation

[Disclaimer: Price may vary with time]

Band Recommendation


Sport Band (44mm)

Discounted Price: $46.42

You Save: $2.58 (5%)

Available on Amazon

Sport Loop (44mm)


Available on Amazon

Leather Loop (44mm)


Available on Amazon

Leather Link (40mm)


Available on Amazon

Milanese Loop (40mm)


Available on Amazon

Link Bracelet Kit (42mm)


Available on Amazon

Wrap Up

Apple watches are so attractive and precious as well. But when we see scratches on these valuable products, it just makes us feel awful. So for those who don’t know that scratches can be removed and that too you can do it by yourself; the feeling is fantastic. 

However, there are many ways available on youtube and google, but we find out the most comfortable manner of how to remove scratches from the Apple watch screen. Pursue the instructions and admire a new shiny watch similarly.  

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