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How To Charge Airpods Without Case | is it Possible or Alternative Solutions?

how to Charge Wireless Earbuds without Case?

Is your tension of losing the expensive AirPods upsetting you? And that too just because you don’t know the way of charging it without the case. Let us help you with this problem by letting you teach you how to charge AirPods without case.

Airpods are pricey products, but unfortunately, we lose the charging cases, or it gets spoiled after a few months. However, only for the charger, we can’t let go of the AirPods so quickly. Let’s get a look at some solutions to this costly problem.

To know these aspects, you need to follow the instructions or steps which are below. Start it and get the solution.

How To Charge Airpods Without Case? Discover All the Possible Solutions

Airpods are the companion of our journey and work too. So for using it for a long time and getting rid of the wired headphones, you can learn the system of how to charge AirPods without case/Charge AirPods Pro without case/how to charge wireless earbuds without case.

Pay for a Wireless Charging Case

If you have your AirPods but don’t have your AirPods case, whether it’s first-generation or second-generation AirPods, Apple shows us the solution of using them. They introduced wireless charging cases for this problem. You can buy this case separately for your AirPods. But let’s know how this case works while charging the AirPods. 

  • Put your AirPods in the wireless case and place it on any Qi-compatible charging stand or mat. 
  • Check the status light, which will turn on for a few seconds, and after that, it will turn off. 

If the charging procedure is going fine, the light will turn off but if it doesn’t take charge, then reposition the case. However, check the charging cable connection on both sides of the connections. 

Recommendation of Airpods Charging Case

Apple wireless charging cases are not the only option to buy for your lost case. There are other options to look for. 

Apple Wireless Charging Case for AirPods

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BIEZIAYA Wireless Charging Case

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NeotrixQI Qi Wireless Charging Case

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Hvshax Wireless Charging Case

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Check Your Airpods Battery life

However, to get confirmation, there is one more way to verify it. You can see the battery status on your iPhone device by opening the lid of the case. Hold it near the iPhone, and you will get the charging status. But if you want to see the different earpiece battery status, then take out one airport from the case.

Apple’s Support When You Lost the Charging Case:

Apple provides a 1-year limited warranty for its AirPods. But for lost or stolen charging cases or AirPods, the replacement process will cost you because it does not cover the Apple warranty for their AirPods. 

Visit Apple Store

Methods to Try to Charge AirPods without Case

we have found two other methods as well in our time of research. But we are not 100% sure whether these two techniques will work or not, but you can try it in an emergency.

charge airpods without case

#1 By Installing An App

With an app, we can charge the AirPods to make it work without a charger case. Just follow the steps. 

Step 1: Open Up A Browser And Give It An Instruction 

First of all, open up a browser on your phone and type on the search bar. 

Step 2: Find “Airpods Charger” app

When the searching process finishes, you need to find an app called “AirPods charger.” If you can’t find it at first glance on the screen, scroll down and search it. 

Step 3: Press “Inject” Button And Let Load The Blue Line Full 

After clicking on the app, just press the “inject” button, and the process of downloading will start. Then let the blue line load fully. It will take some minutes to wait to finish. 

Step 4: Fulfill The Requirements 

The app will ask for two requirements for downloading two apps and staying in that app for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Install Any 2 Apps

Download and install any two apps from the list. It will unlock the AirPods charger app instantly. 

Step 6: Open Each Application For Around 30 Seconds 

After downloading both the apps, open each app for at least 30 seconds one by one. 

Step 7: Interact with the app

Don’t leave the apps just open; you have to interact with these apps. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a pro to interact. Just be active on both the apps. 

Step 8: Get The Application And Charge The Airpods On The Go

When you fulfill the requirements, you will get the application you want. Then charge your AirPods wherever you need to. 

#2 By A Narrow Pin Charger

charge airpods with narrow pin charger

If you want to charge your AirPods without any app, we have one more solution. And that is a narrow pin charger which will help you to charge your AirPods without a case. 




In our research, we found that a Nokia model 1110 has a narrow pin charger. Don’t need to worry if you don’t have that model mobile; you can get a narrow pin converter. That converter will convert your android charger to a narrow pin charger.

Besides that, you can try with some other narrow pin charger as well to charge your AirPods. Just take a chance to work with your AirPods.

Find the lost AirPods through iCloud or Find My app

To make your busy life easy, Apple saves your time by not letting you find the AirPods on your own, and this work will do some apps easily for you. 

Follow the steps to know how we are going to find the AirPods with two findings —

  2. Find my app

##On a PC or computer

  • Get on to the “
  • Sign in with your “Apple ID”
  • Unlock “Find iPhone”
  • Click all devices
  • Lastly, click your AirPods

##On iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad

  • Open the “Find My” App
  • Choose the Devices tab
  • Select your AirPods

After selecting the required options, you will get to see the location of your AirPods on the map. If you didn’t connect the AirPods with your Apple ID, it would show the last connected location of your AirPods. 

If both the AirPods are separately missing so you can first find one AirPod, then put it in the case likewise, refresh the map and find another one as well. Both the time, the procedure will be the same. 


1. You can play a sound from both the techniques by tapping the play sound after selecting the AirPods from the records. This sound will play for 2 minutes loudly if your AirPods are connecting with the device via Bluetooth. Otherwise, you won’t be capable of using it.

2. You won’t get the Find My app access if any institute or school assigns your apple ID. 


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Wrap Up

We know how irritating or problematic to notice that the charger is missing when you are in the middle of the journey. Before without a charger or case, it is quite impossible to charge the AirPods. But to make it possible, we are here with a solution to how to charge AirPods without case. 

As long as you are able to observe the instructions accurately as presented, then you are good to go. We hope these ways will help you to use your AirPods for a long time and that too without a charging case. 

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