Discover How To Charge Airpods Without Case Effortlessly

Is your tension of losing the expensive AirPods upsetting you? And that too just because you don’t know the way of charging it without the case. Let us help you with this problem by letting you teach you how to charge AirPods without case.

Airpods are pricey products, but unfortunately, we lose or forget to carry their charger or get spoiled after a few months. However, only for the charger, we can’t let go of the AirPods so quickly. We find out some of the best ways to charge the AirPods handily. Without

To know these things, you need to follow the instructions or steps which are below. Start it and get the solution. 

Know-How To Charge Airpods Without Case

Airpods are the companion of our journey and work too. So for using it for a long time and getting rid of the wired headphones, you can learn the system of how to charge AirPods without case. 

By Installing An App

With an app, we can charge the AirPods to make it work without a charger case. Just follow the steps. 

Step 1: Open Up A Browser And Give It An Instruction 

First of all, open up a browser on your phone and type on the search bar. 

Step 2: Find “Airpods Charger” app

When the searching process finishes, you need to find an app called “AirPods charger.” If you can’t find it at first glance on the screen, scroll down and search it. 

Step 3: Press “Inject” Button And Let Load The Blue Line Full 

After clicking on the app, just press the “inject” button, and the process of downloading will start. Then let the blue line load fully. It will take some minutes to wait to finish. 

Step 4: Fulfill The Requirements 

The app will ask for two requirements for downloading two apps and staying in that app for 30 seconds.

Step 5: Install Any 2 Apps

Download and install any two apps from the list. It will unlock the AirPods charger app instantly. 

Step 6: Open Each Application For Around 30 Seconds 

After downloading both the apps, open each app for at least 30 seconds one by one. 

Step 7: Interact with the app

Don’t leave the apps just open; you have to interact with these apps. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a pro to interact. Just be active on both the apps. 

Step 8: Get The Application And Charge The Airpods On The Go

When you fulfill the requirements, you will get the application you want. Then charge your AirPods wherever you need to. 

By A Narrow Pin Charger

If you want to charge your AirPods without any app, we have one more solution. And that is a narrow pin charger which will help you to charge your AirPods without a case. 

In our research, we found that a Nokia model 1110 has a narrow pin charger. Don’t need to worry if you don’t have that model mobile; you can get a narrow pin converter. That converter will convert your android charger to a narrow pin charger.

Besides that, you can try with some other narrow pin charger as well to charge your AirPods. Just take a chance to work with your AirPods. 

Wrap Up

We know how irritating or problematic to notice that the charger is missing when you are in the middle of the journey. Before without a charger or case, it is quite impossible to charge the AirPods. But to make it possible, we are here with a solution to how to charge AirPods without case. 

As long as you are able to observe the instructions accurately as presented, then you are good to go. We hope these ways will help you to use your AirPods for a long time and that too without a charging case. 

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