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7 Best AirPods Accessories In 2023

Airpods Accessories Kit

Are you looking for the best AirPods accessories? Then you are in the right place. We will give you all the solid information which will help you to find out which one is going to be your choice.

Nowadays, AirPods are trending more than earpods. So for AirPods, we need some accessories to protect them. But in markets, there are so many different AirPods accessories that we get confused.

No need to worry guys, we are going to help you with this article where all your confusion will go away. So let’s start and end your turmoil.

Why not see some disinfected kit for AirPods and its accessories like these ones below-


Reason to Buy

Safe+Mate x Case-Mate – Airpods Cleaning Kit helps to clean the AirPods easily

Key Features:

  • Provides detailed instructions to safely clean your AirPods
  • Extend the life of your AirPods
  • Experience improved sound quality 

Available Price: $13.73 on Amazon

CaseSack Travel Protection and Storage Case helps you to carry the AirPods case without harm

Key Features:

  • Strong compact lightweight case
  • Pressure or hit absorbing and water-resistant
  • Good for home storage and travel carrying

Available Price: $11.89 on Amazon

Best AirPods Accessories In Detail With Renowned Brands

If you want to get the best AirPods accessories for yourself then here are some of the best accessories you have ever known or give attention to. This is the time for you to know and choose the right one for your AirPods.

Let’s know these AirPods accessories with comprehensive discussions where brand names are also there to make your preference as clear as possible.

Quick Overview of Our Selected Best AirPods Accessories  


Notable information on products  



Best for Cost-effective Luxury Package, Easily Washable

Compatible with  Apple AirPods 1&2 Wireless and Wired Charging Case

Weight 1.58 ounces

Color choice 30

Material Silicone

Price: $5.99

Check on Amazon

Keybudz Ear Hooks 


Best for Lightweight, Fitted Naturally

Item Ear Hooks and Covers

AirPods – Compatible with  Apple AirPods 1 & 2 or Earphones/ Earbuds/ EarPods Headphones 

Weight 0.32 ounces

Color choice 4

Material Ultra-Premium silicone

List Price: $19.95

Price: $10.95

Check on Amazon

Rumfo Magnetic Lanyard For AirPods Strap

Best for Skin-friendly, Anti-lost

Item Airpods Strap

AirPods – Compatible with  AirPods Pro, AirPods 2 and 1 

Weight 4.8 ounces

Color choice 9

Material Plastic

Price: $7.99

Check on Amazon

APSkins Airpod Skins Protective Wraps

Best for Easy To Travel Because Of Its Detachable Structure

Item AirPod Skins Protective Wraps

AirPods – Compatible with  Airpods 1, Airpods 2, and all Airpods accessories- Airbuds, earpods

Weight 0.81 ounces

Color choice 5

Material Vinyl

Price: $8.99

Check on Amazon

Mankiw Wireless Charging Stand

Best for Easy To Carry, Fast Charging

Item Wireless Charging Station

Power Source Corded Electric

AirPods – Compatible with  iPhone AirPods 2, AirPods Pro

Weight 14.9 ounces

Color choice 2

Material Not defined

Price: $33.99

Check on Amazon

Elago AirPods Dust Guard

Best for Dustproof, Luxurious Looks

Item AirPods Dust Guard

AirPods – Compatible with the Only Fit for AirPods 1 Previous version

Weight 0.021 ounces

Color choice 5

Material Iron, Metal

Price: $12.99

Check on Amazon

Comply SoftCONNECT AirPods Ear Tips

Best for Reduces Ear Fatigue, Offers A Pouch

Item Ear tips

AirPods – Compatible with  Apple AirPods (Gen. 1 & 2), Apple Earpods, and Most Generic Models of Comparable Size

Weight 0.704 ounces

Color choice 1 (Standard)

Material Soft Foam

Price: $17.99

Check on Amazon

1. SATLITOG AirPods Case – Cost-effective Luxury Package, Easily Washable

In Satlitog AirPods case, food-grade silicone material is not like ordinary silicone. This case design has the latest one-piece molding process and micro-matte technology on the body. They are providing customers 28 color choices.

It contains the best quality of products and they are giving the return option within 12months and also you will get your money back.

Its fitting technology is a masterpiece because you can use it in traveling and sports. No matter where you keep it, it will not be damaged. It will offer you a carabiner as well as be easy to carry.


  • Longer use and still comfortable
  • No fingerprints, anti-fall
  • 100% dustproof
  • Washable
  • Cost-effective luxury package
  • Wireless and wired charging case


  • Sticks to stuff

Check Price on Amazon

2. Keybudz Ear Hooks – Lightweight, Fitted Naturally

Keybudz ear hooks are designed with ultra-soft and premium silicone. It will help to take apart the noise and give you a good quality sound adventure. Remove the ear hooks before charging. 4 color choices are available for customers.

It will not remove no matter how much you move in your traveling or playing sports. Still, if you are not able to satisfy then they are giving you a 100% money-back guarantee.

This is the best airpod ear hooks and so easy to install and hassle-free and most impressive is its 3 pairs of medium-size earbuddyz. Incredible improvement in sound quality and ear stability.


  • Fast installation
  • Fitted naturally in ears
  • Comfortable listening
  • Rarely feel it’s even there
  • Lightweight


  • Needs to take off for charging

Check Price on Amazon

3. Rumfo Magnetic Lanyard For AirPods Strap – Skin-friendly, Anti-lost

High tensile silicone stuff is used for AirPods straps which are also skin-friendly in any terms like wet, sweaty, and dry conditions. It has built-in magnets that are ultra-strong. You can get it in 3 colors. Other than that it can be known as airpod pro accessories for running or airpod accessories for running as well. 

It is lightweight and seems like nothing exists. In AirPods pro straps, it’s natural to get entangled but in this product, you don’t have to face this problem. Comfortable product to use in any position.

It can be placed around the neck, wrist, in the airpod case, etc. You can stay active with your works and it will not fall. Its ultra-easy magnetic formula will help you to put it on and apart easily.


  • Anti-lost product
  • Easy to wear
  • Magnetic AirPods grip
  • Skin-friendly materials
  • Soft and lightweight


  • The magnetic effect is not so good

Check Price on Amazon

4. APSkins Airpod Skins Protective Wraps – Fast Service, Backup Wrap

APSkins is providing buyers a protective wrap skin for AirPods which has premium resistant adhesive vinyl. These wraps will not create any problem with charging. Although it’s giving you 7 choices of color.

They are also giving you one extra wrap for safety. This product can replace at any time and guarantee lifetime money-back offers without asking any questions.

Your AirPods design will be in a new pattern with these wraps. No need to tolerate that white loud color anymore. You can check the procedure on how to install it easily.


  • Friendly and fast service is guaranteed
  • Easy to install
  • 1 backup wrap with each order
  • No interference and ultra-thin
  • Variety of colors


  • Not very sticky

Check Price on Amazon

5. Mankiw Wireless Charging Stand – Easy To Carry, Fast Charging

The design of a wireless charging stand with unique magnetic connections is the main attraction for the customers. It’s a great technology where many devices can charge with just one cable and can be used separately too.

Although this product is bringing multiple protection like short circuit and over-voltage protection. This product has a 3 months money-back guarantee.

Within just 3 hours you can charge your device with its features of Qi technology. ATB technology and creative chips provide temperature control, over-charge, keeping you, and your devices safe.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Fast wireless charger
  • Multiple protection
  • Easy to carry
  • Faster and stable charging


  • The light stays on always

Check Price on Amazon

6. Elago AirPods Dust Guard – Dustproof, Luxurious Looks

Elago’s AirPods dust guard the thinnest plate made of metal. Its chrome plating gives a luxurious effect to the dust guard. Dust guards cutout is as precise as you can’t even think. They are providing 5 colors for the buyers.

They have a 30 days money-back offer and a 1-year warranty for the replacement. This product keeps your AirPods clean and protects them from water. It will give your AirPods a beautiful look.

Just check the youtube video or product image last video. You will get an idea of how to install the dust guard easily. It will not disturb your AirPods case to close.


  • Luxurious looking
  • Thinnest plating design
  • Various color option
  • Dustproof
  • Perfectly closed the lid


  • Installation issues

Check Price on Amazon

7. Comply SoftCONNECT AirPods Ear Tips – Reduces Ear Fatigue, Offers A Pouch

Comply is offering their customers AirPods ear tips that are made of silicone sleeves. It has a secure fit design with soft foam so no need to adjust the AirPods repeatedly.

It’s giving us comfortable and secure use. It will remain in your ears without any fixing so that you can be in your moving zone and be able to stay focused.

With its ear tips pairs, they are also offering you a silicone storage pouch so that you can’t lose or damage your AirPods while charging. It helps to reduce external chaos for better sound quality and clarity of calls.


  • Replaceable if you order the wrong size
  • Standard color ear tips with a pouch
  • Reduces ear fatigue
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for all-day use


  • Remove tips before charging

Check Price on Amazon

Do You Need an Ear Pain Solution?

At some position in time, due to the overuse of Airpods, our ears start paining. Several reasons make us face this problem. Let’s know the issues and solutions on the same page. 

  • Using the AirPods for an excessively long time

When you use AirPods for more than 90 minutes, your ears will start aching because it can’t hold anything for too long. Moreover, long-term use can harm the ears, and that damage can not be repaired. 


Don’t use AirPods for too long. Take a break every 60 minutes. After 10 to 15 minutes, you can carry on with your plans. But if the pain is increasing, then stop a few hours before using AirPods or try to use one airpod at a time. 

  • Wrong size AirPods tips

The ear pain can occur because of the wrong size AirPods tips. These tips might not be able to sit in your ear comfortably. 


Change your AirPod’s wrong size tips to your ear size tips. Apple also provides Ear Tip Fit Test in their wireless products tool. 

image: Comply Foam Apple AirPods Pro Tips

  • Unable to find out how deep your AirPods should sit

If you are not sure about where AirPods should place in your ear, it can also be the reason for ear pain. Disposition of AirPods can increase the pain most.


AirPods doesn’t mean to sit deep inside the ears. Try to keep some space from the ear canal. 


If none of the solutions work, it may be time to switch from AirPods to other AirPods alternatives. Our 7 Best AirPods Alternatives: A Comprehensive Product Analysis review content can help you find out the best variety in this situation. 

How to not Lose Airpods?

As we know, AirPods are small, little wireless gadgets that can be misplaced by anyone. Because of our careless behavior towards it, we lay them in any place. But this won’t be a solution for years. That’s why you need to pursue some mastery.

  • Need to be a little more careful 
  • If you are not taking advantage of the AirPods, then aim to save it in the case.
  • Utilize AirPods accessories kit like ear hooks, anti-lost cases, straps or silicone connectors, etc. 
  • Use athletic tape
  • Prepare a particular place to keep them.
  • If you are that careless, then make the AirPods wired. 
  • Get the “Find My Phone” app so that it can show your AirPod’s last location and give a loud alert.

Finally, if you lose or can’t find your AirPods, then go for a replacement or buy a new one. 

How to Clean Your AirPods?

Airpods can be clean effortlessly, and Apple itself suggests the cleaning process. Let’s start with the best way to clean AirPods; then we go for the AirPods case.

AirPods Cleaning Tips

  • Using a soft cloth, soaked it in water, wiped it, and dried it with a lint-free dry cloth. 
  • For speaker meshes and microphones, try to clean them with a dry cotton swab. 
  • Remove the ear tips of each AirPods and rinse them with only water. At last, wipe them with a dry cloth and wait until they’re thoroughly dried before use. 

Cleaning tips for Airpods case

  • Take a dry cloth and soak a little bit into the isopropyl alcohol and wipe the case slowly. Be careful not to push liquids in charging ports. 
  • To wipe out debris from the lightning connector, use a soft-bristled, cleaned, and dry brush. 


  1. Avoid any watery or chemical or any sharp objects for both AirPods and AirPods case. 
  2. You can use q-tips and microfiber cloth as well. But it would help if you were more careful to use q-tips so that when you try to remove the debris, it doesn’t go more in-depth into the AirPods.

What Things Need To Be Considered Before Buying Airpods Accessories?

●   Price

The price will be the main concern for every customer. You won’t buy anything which doesn’t worth the money.

●   Sound Quality

Airpods accessories are good to use but they should not damage the sound quality. Check out the difference with and without the accessories.

●   Protectivity

We buy AirPods accessories to protect the AirPods but if it’s not giving you the protection then what’s the point.

●   Charging The Battery

AirPods accessories can’t overlap the LED light and to be sure about its charging or not it needs to show. Choose precisely the accessories in this matter.

●   Installation

Make sure the installation process is easy and precise. It can’t lose sight of any accessories position and size should not be small or big. Be sure which device is acceptable for the use of accessories.


How do You Identify What Size to Order?

The brand does have a guarantee so if you order the wrong size they will replace them.

How do You Claim a Warranty?

You need to contact them through your Amazon account with a photo of the broken item and the order ID.

Are These Fit with Non-Apple Products?

The soft silicone AirPods cases are best used with the apple’s style AirPods with the connected wire or not. I likewise have the older style/round AirPods (non-apple product) and the soft silicone will match and stays connected. However, you miss some volume since the majority of silicon is closing the speaker grid so depending on your current listening level this may or may not run for you. Either you can keep in mind these AirPods covers are reasonably rated to give it a try.

Best AirPods Pro Accessories 


Reason to Buy

Key Features:

  • Easy to Use with Satisfaction
  • Save your time and workspace
  • 100% safe when charging

Available Price: $16.99 on Amazon

Senyoo Airpods Case Cover

Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality genuine leather that makes it the best airpod case cover
  • Protects from scratching, shocking and daily damages
  • Fits perfectly with AirPods Pro (2019) case and and Air pods 3 (2020)

Available Price: $16.99 on Amazon

Wrap Up

Humans’ ears are different from each other and also in many sizes and shapes. So it will not be bad if we buy some of the AirPods accessories to keep the pods in place and with safety.

We buy so many expensive devices so it’s necessary for us to keep them protected as well. So choose the best AirPods accessories for your AirPods and safeguard them from dust, scratches, and many other problems.

I hope these products will fulfill all your desire for glamorous AirPods which will not be like a boring white color AirPods anymore. There are so many varieties available for you guys. Then enjoy the accessories for your AirPods.

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