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iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12: Which One Will Meet Your Demands?

While the hotly discussed iPhone 12 has become the latest version of Apple, iPhone 11 is still holding its place and continues to sell. Whether you think it’s just an annual upgrade over iPhone 11, but no. The iPhone 12 is coming with a new fusion of features to make you excited and different from the iPhone 11.

No wonder the iPhone 12 could enhance your pleasure in using better than iPhone 11. But on the other side, these two phones also have quite the same features that may make you think whether you should take an upgraded one or the older one that saves you money!

Let’s help you compare iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 and decide which one you should choose.

The In-depth Comparison Between iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12

Where iPhone 12 is coming with some new upgrades, but iPhone 11 is also not beatable for the significant aspects. Both have great functions for your multi-purpose uses. Before getting into the details analysis about iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12, let’s break down the noticeable dissimilarities between these phones. 

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12: Head to Head Comparison Table

iPhone 11iPhone 12

Models & Sizes

Three variants of models and size

Four variants of models and size

Six colors – Black, White, Green, Purple, Yellow, Red

Five colors-  Black, White, Blue, Green, Product Red

LCD Liquid Retina HD display

OLED Super Retina XDR display


Next-generation Smart HDR 

Smart HDR 3 

Apple A13 Bionic ChipApple A14 Bionic Chip

Start from $ 599

Starts from $ 799

4G LTE cellular

5G cellular connectivity 
Build Material
Gorilla glass front and rear part Ceramic crystal shield front 
Operating System
iOS v 13iOS v 14

Check Our Recommended Models of iPhone 11 and 12

iPhone 11iPhone 12
iPhone 11best pick for your budget buckiPhone 12 mini –  best pick for upgrades in minimum cost  
iPhone 11 Pro – best pick for great featuresiPhone 12 – best pick for extra camera tricks
iPhone 11 Pro Maxbest pick for the big phone iPhone 12 Pro – best pick for great screens

Let’s check out the detailed analysis of the iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12 side by side and see which one shines in the comparative run.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12: Design and Colors

Design and colors are essential features of any phone to describe how durable the phone is in the long run.  A good design Smartphone allows for water and dust resistance and gives a stylish look. 

The iPhone 11 provides an aluminum frame wrap around the outside of the phone with a rounded corner design.  On top, Apple claims it makes the most durable glass compared to any other smartphone.  So it will hold up better to accidental drops and bumps. Also, the iPhone 11 appears with six fabulous color options.

On the other hand, the iPhone 12 comes with an aluminum frame but a squared-off design.  So, the edge looks flat instead of rounded like other iPhones. The rear of this phone is made of polish glass, but it’s front combined with a new ceramic crystal shield technology. That makes it more challenging and more durable to improve four times drop performance.  iPhone 12 is coming to accomplish you with five color choices. 

iPhone 11iPhone 12
Aerospace-grade aluminum 
Gorilla Glass Back
iPhone 11iPhone 12
Special color
Yellow and Purple Blue
Water Resistance
Up to 30 minutes in a 2-meter depth Up to 30 minutes in a 6-meter depth

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12: Display

That much your phone’s display is better, the much you will be loving to enjoy it. To provide a great watching experience, iPhone upgraded its phone’s display that adds more quality in watching pictures, videos and better-reading facilities. 

The iPhone 11 starts with a 6.1-inch display size that is made by Liquid Retina LCD screen displays. It gives a resolution of about 1792 x 828 pixels to offer a pixel density of 326 PPI. So the iPhone 11 can deliver the most realistic colors with ample brightness by its great display comparatively OLED screen.

Otherwise, the iPhone 12 bought a significant upgrade of the OLED super Retina XDR in the display. You will get maximum brightness for its HDR version and its higher resolution. HDR makes the display vibrant and sharp visually.  Its accurate tone technology maintains the true black levels and improves the contrast making the display much attractive.

iPhone 11iPhone 12
Refresh Rate
60 frames per second 60 frames per second 
Bezel-less Display
Yes ( with notch)Yes
iPhone 11iPhone 12
Max Brightness
625 nits 1200 nits
HDR Display

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12: Camera

The camera is another most crucial consideration for phone buyers.  Especially for smartphone photographers, a good quality camera is most wanted rather than any other features.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro so far known as the best camera in the market. Because of its dual-sensor 12 MP ultra-wide rear camera to shoot extraordinary photos and great videos. They also have night mode and next-generation smart HDR for photos.  For iPhone 11 pro, a telephoto zoom also added to the camera. 

On the contrary, the iPhone 12, followed almost the footprint of the iPhone 11 in camera. But it also upgraded over in some aspects to make major improvements in photography by adding larger image sensors. Even the fourth telephoto camera creates an excellent picture quality for the most distant subjects. The smart HDR 3 features will make you happy for the challenging clicks with dark and bright things. 

iPhone 11 iPhone 12
Night Mode
Deep Fusion
iPhone 11iPhone 12
Night Mode in Front Camera
Dolby Vision HDR Video Recording

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12: Price

Price is the most crucial thing we keep in mind when going to get any product. No matter how much you love upgraded phones, but thought about the price. 

The iPhone 11 started their base sale from $ 699, which is now redeemed after the iPhone 12 arrival announcement. From now, It will be available for $599. So this is an excellent opportunity for you if you are not interested in getting an upgraded phone.

Besides, the iPhone 12 is surprisingly launching at such a low cost. The iPhone 12 mini costs $699, and the regular iPhone 12 will be available at $799. So it does not take much charge for an upgraded display.

This iPhone 11 and 12 do not belong to a significant price difference that is a plus point for you in purchasing. By adding a few more bucks, you can get the new one.

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12: Performance

The performance level of your smartphone is necessary to enjoy a smooth and faster user experience.  The different core chipsets and the higher the number of cores make your smartphone ready for better performance. 

Apple launched the iPhone 11 with an A13 Bionic chip that provides a 20% faster performance than A12.  So it would not disappoint you in comparing A14 chips.  Still, the iPhone 11 with an A13 chip is efficient enough to complete all your task throughout the day without any interruption.  It also includes a third-generation neural engine capable of doing 1 trillion operations in each second for advanced machine learning. 

Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 is coming with a 50% faster GPU and CPU performance than A13.  The A14 chips can reduce the 30% energy use but gives 15% faster performance than A13. This is a significant upgrade to get a speedier smartphone to introduce the new user experience era. Moreover, the iPhone 12 added a next-generation neural engine that increased the performance level more. 

iPhone 11iPhone 12
Apple GPU
Hexa Core Processor
iPhone 11iPhone 12
4 GB4 GB
Neural Engine
Third generation Next-generation

iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12: Battery and Charging

What’s the point of using a smartphone being afraid of running out of battery power? So you must want a battery that gives you service for a long time and can be quickly charged. Here the iPhones are serving you the extra benefit with its high-performance battery.

The iPhone 11 provides 17 hours for video playback so that this phone can be your all-day companion.  It can charge up to 50% with a 20W power adapter in only 30 minutes. Besides, it enables Qi wireless charging to access any public space at any time.

Otherside, The iPhone 12 provides similar video playback hours as iPhone 11, but the charging facility is different than other iPhones. It also enables Qi wireless charging along with MagSafe chargers. The stronger and circular magnet on the rear makes it easier for you to attach faster chargers and accessories like peripherals, cases. 

iPhone 11iPhone 12
Wireless Charging
iPhone 11iPhone 12
Video Playback (Streamed)
Up to 10 hoursUp to 11 hours
Battery Capacity
3110 mAh3450 mAh

Which One Should You Select Between iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12? 

So this is the final stage to make your decision to pick one that will satisfy your heart among the two iPhone series, iPhone 11 vs iPhone 12.

Though iPhone 12 is an upgraded version over iPhone 11, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 come with some superior features for high-end performance. 

If we consider overall, then the iPhone 12 is better in features and performance.  While the iPhone 11 still favors folks as the best phone for those who don’t want to spend extra money on some new aspects. 

As the lifestyle, purpose, and works vary in people’s, depending on these criteria,  there will be different choices to find a suitable one. Then, it’s up to you to find your best pick, measuring both the two models’ good and bad aspects. 

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