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Top Android 11 Beta New Features: Unleash Your Most Recent Android OS

The international Android developing society is contributing to the renovation of Android specs with persistent shots. After the sensational era of Android 10, the official launching of Android 11 Beta Operating System from Google has started finally. However, the Android 11 Beta new features are the real storehouse of twists and tweaks.

Moreover, this original community beta version of Android has already generated quite a craze among the public. The focus of our today’s article is to introduce you with some of the significant improvement of this Android 11 Beta Program.

Android 11 Beta New Features: Prologue to Twentieth-Century Technology

About Android 11 Beta

Android 11 Beta OS had represented a straightforward approach to explore the pre-launched developer versions at first. Thus, it enabled users to go through the experience of feature trials. To date, the Android 11 Beta has been refined through four test editions. Nevertheless, the official corporation of Android 11 Beta has finally initialized its opening community version this June 2020.

This awaited Android system is compatible with most of the latest Google Pixel models. However, along with these models, people will get access to this Beta OS on popular Smartphone brands like Xiaomi, OPPO, or OnePlus.

The original themes behind this Android development have centralized three basics,

1. People,

2. Controls, and

3. Privacy

Android 11 Beta New Features

Android developing programs have become more communicative in scheduling the top priorities of people’s lives. Further, the Android 11 Beta new features will overcome the drawbacks of the device controlling issues and privacy settings by managing the above fundamental concerns.

So, let us now travel around to delve into some Android 11 Beta new features.

Newly modified menu bar icons

Unlike the single-colored Android 10 menu bar icons, the latest Beta 11 provides an impressive and lavish appearance to the icons under Dark Mode. Therefore, the icons on the phone settings now present multiple color variations. Nevertheless, this option on the User Interface of Android 11 Beta may alter according to the Smartphone brands.

Improved Keyboard Layouts

Your beta version of Android 11 has got more improvement in the typing and emoji settings. Consequently, the built-in Android app for keyboard, the Gboard, is now featured with artificial intelligence or AI technology. Thus, the users will receive auto-typing ideas, a large variety of emoji collection, and auto-filling service for the passwords.

Screen Recording Facility

Google had aimed to set up the demanding Screen Recorder into its Android system to balance the overall features. Here is the good news for Google Pixel holders.  In the Android 11 Beta 2 theme, Google has inserted the phone’s audio recording facility with a pre-installed Screen Recorder.

However, the non-Pixel Android Beta 10 users are already enjoying the steady version of the system screen recorder. Therefore, it is a new addition just for the Pixel users. 

5G- network availability

Android developers from Google were also trying to capture the full convenience of the high-speed wireless network along with feature advancements. As a result, the fifth generation API has allowed the consumers to adjust their phone apps with the connection bandwidth.

Moreover, the Android 11 Beta new features have enabled Smartphone applications to identify the 5G- network type. Thus, the system’s overall performance can be boosted accordingly, which can trim down the frequent network discontinuation. 

More Secured Privacy options

A newly added feature of Android 11 Beta is the One-time Access by which the Phones’ user is now able to provide this permission to the device gallery, location finder, microphone, etc.

Moreover, the limited storage permission does not allow the apps to access the device file unreservedly. In addition, by the default mechanism, the apps only have permission to read the file data from the individual index only. To clarify, apps like media players that possess the read-only External Storage Access can go through specific media documents via the API of overall MediaStore.

Convenient Device Control

Trouble-free access over your Smartphone’s control panel has become more comfortable than ever. With the latest Beta, you will now get an instant hold of the device control altogether, just with a long tap of the power button. Moreover, Android Beta has expanded the management of the other linked devices through this facility. Now, your phone applications can bring a novel API in the control section.

Miscellaneous: Android 11 Beta New features

Last but not least, this Beta version of Android has embraced a lot more built-in amazing specs. Let us have a glance into it.

Chat Bubbles

Along with the Messenger for Facebook, now all the IM applications such as – Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. will display an embedded chat bubble. 

Improved Screenshot Shortcuts

Pixel users can enlarge their screenshots with scrolling feature now. Moreover, the new add-on enables footnote insertion, editing, and instant sharing options.

Notification History Panel

New version Android 11 introduces a separate Notification History checking segment. Thus, you do not need to have a manual app check every time you miss a notification.

Updated Google Share Sheet

The previous Android’s Share Sheet versions do not have the highest level of contextual display. However, this Beta 11 allocates the pinned form of repeatedly used programs and contacts through the improved Google anticipation.

Wrap Up

Business with the Android world is a creative framework of worldwide programmers. Subsequently, the public opening of the Android 11 Beta new features is the supportive extension for the active background community of the system developers.

 However, you can now reveal a diverse form of their Android 11 operating system with more simplicity. Nevertheless, it goes beyond saying that the popular Smartphone OS is efficiently trying to stand out with the contemporary iOS platform. So, we hope that the most up-to-date Android Beta 11 with enhanced security and device control can meet the users’ expectations.

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