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How to Setup Remote Desktop on Ubuntu Server/VPS Using Teamviewer (2023) – Reliable Alternative to Windows RDP

Remote desktop allows you to take control of a remote computer or virtual machine over a network connection. With the help of Teamviewer, you can easily Use Ubuntu Gui & Convert any VPS or Server to Use it as a Remote Desktop Alternative to Windows RDP which is a bit costly compare to Ubuntu VPS. Here is our tutorial on “How to Setup Remote Desktop on Ubuntu Server”

Setup Remote Desktop on Ubuntu Server

To do this, first log in to your Ubuntu server using ssh, if you are using windows you can download putty it’s a lightweight ssh client for windows.

Once logged into the server using your id and password, do the following steps, remember you will need to have root access to set up the whole things

Step: 1 – Update & Upgrade your OS then Reboot

$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
$ reboot

Step: 2 – Install Gnome 3 desktop in your VPS & Enable it

$ sudo apt install ubuntu-gnome-desktop
$ sudo systemctl enable gdm
$ sudo systemctl start gdm

Step: 3 – Install TeamViewer

$ sudo apt-get install wget
$ wget
$ sudo apt-get install ./teamviewer_amd64.deb
$ teamviewer

Step: 4 – Set TeamViewer Password & Restart

$ teamviewer --passwd [yourpassword]
$ teamviewer daemon restart

Step: 5 – Get TeamViewer ID

$ teamviewer -info

Step : 6- Now login and Setup Ubuntu ID & Password

Click Next and Complete The Profile Setup, Upon Completion the Screen Will Freeze Cause You will need to Accept TeamViewer Eula , Now Reboot the System

$ reboot

Step: 7 Again Login to Team Viewer

Again Login Using Team Viewer ID and Password and Then login into your Ubuntu and run the following command in SSH (Putty), Remember this time you will need to log in using the account you just created from the Teamviewer screen and accept their Eula

$ teamviewer license accept

Finally you can save the login(ID & Pass) in Teamviewer, So that you can easily access without typing password every time.

Save your login in Teamviewer for Easy Access

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