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Follow the Simple Tricks: How to Track Airpods Case

If you’re a forgetful person, you can lose the tiny Airpods or the Airpods case quite quickly. But beyond this negative stress, Apple wireless Bluetooth earphones are having decent battery life and easy charging. Since the case comes with a built-in battery system, so without it, you can’t get a power source.

Luckily, there are even accessible features to recover lost small devices through Bluetooth connectivity and a unique app. Moreover, when you fail after all allowable attempts, then focus on the Apple replacement offer. Read on full instructions on how to track Airpods case. 

How to Track Airpods Case 

Apple starts a new feature, Find my Airpods, to find out the lost headphones easily; most mentionable, it’s an app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, which is still helpful. No one wants to lose their costly device that why vital to learn how to use this app as it offers a map, even plays a sound to locate the earbuds. Moreover, iCloud Find My Service also give the same advantage and these methods are the only way to identify missing Airpods case. Let’s discuss–

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How to Find Out Lost Airpods Case (of Course Airpods) 

If you set up the Find My app with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod touch for Airpods or Airpods Pro, it can work automatically. No matter what updated and old version iOS or iPadOS you are using that will work without difficulty, perhaps also for iCloud service.

So when you don’t find Airpods, you might locate when they are in Bluetooth range of any iDevice signed with Apple ID, Specially the area will be within 10 to 30 meters. That means the app possibly helps you in home, car, or narrow space. But this can confirm the last location where Airpods used if you’re out of Bluetooth range, in fact out of battery charge.

This is difficult to detect a lost Airpods case since maybe you know that it has no speaker system to create sound. Thus, the case helpless to assist you in locating when missing. And further possibly can find them easily if the earbuds remain inside. 

Learn to Track Airpods 

  1. The Find My app stays in a folder on your Home screen. Open it ( Find iPhone app)
  2. Sign in by your Apple ID and password, if demand 
  3. Choose the Device tab and tap Airpod’s name 
  4. A map will appear with Airpods current location with play a sound option or last location with getting directions 

Here is the whole process for missing case: 

Step One:

Locate the ‘Find my iPhone’ app on your iPhone and open it.

Step Two:

Choose Airpods from paired devices 

Step Three:

Airpods have led light on the side portion belong to a green or grey color. Check those, and if you see green, that means the case is nearby, but grey will display it is far away, or the battery has run out.

Step Four:

When the led- light is green, tap on the ‘play’ icon. You will listen to sound from Airpods, whether this is clearly audible. 

Step Five:

Finally, discover where the case according to the sound. 

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How to Get the Case with Dead Airpods 

Airpods will indicate offline when someone doesn’t ever use the ‘Find my iPhone’ app since trying it for the first time. On the other hand, the same issue also sees if you left the case somewhere and the battery has no power. But don’t need to worry, there is a smart scheme. You might navigate to the last location where you were online.

Step One:

Open the ‘Find my iPhone’ app, then tap Airpods to pair. 

Step Two:

Maybe you see grey light and understand that your Airpods are out of the area. So go to the car button to navigate the last known location. 

Step Three:

Once you trace the location, therefore, you will find the case hopefully. 

Step Four:

If you don’t have iPhone, then will work significantly. Browse the site and try to log in with your specific Account; after that, go to the Device section to find Airpods. 

Possible Challenges to Track Missing Airpods or Charging Case 

The above information capable of finding out your exact devices but solely has some complexity along with limitations. So, here is the possible challenges can come across: 

  1. The Find My app won’t work when the case lid remains close; perhaps it can’t create sound.
  2. Notably, the theft Airpods won’t appear in the last location, possibly since it’s hard for the app to display a correct location.
  3. If no place is found in-app, you may not be able to play sound.
  4. Once the battery drains, Airpods can no longer make sound or generate updated information of the last location.

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Apple Replacement Offer 

Suppose you won’t produce help from the Find My app or can’t locate Airpods at all. There is a piece of good news for you. Apple gives a replacement program for both individual Airpods and charging case. This service with no charge under the company’s One- Year limited warranty. Though price depends on location in present time, you hopefully get Airpods or case for a fee of USD 59-99, so whether all of the three losses, it’s cheaper to buy a new set. 

The replacement warranty starts with a purchase date of one year; moreover, it will acquire new performance and reliability. If you live near an Apple store, call to know if they offer case replacements, otherwise don’t have them, and try to contact online service or phone support. 

Final Words 

Apple wireless earbuds are in immense popularity. If you go to amazon, you probably can see what’s going on that everyone wants to cash in on Airpods success as soon as how to track Airpods case has become formal investigation on the internet. Thus we narrate the possible recovery methods to find missing, lost, or even stolen Charging cases. 

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