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5 Best ATX Case in 2023 with Cool Look and Quality Air Flow Facility | Get the Satisfied Performance.

We all think that PC cases are not essential for everyday use because it is possible to run the computer without any PC case. When you are okay without the PC case, you have to take care of all the hardware and motherboard from the air that fans are blowing. 

So to give the hardware and motherboard a decent amount of relief, you do need a case. These cases vary for the motherboard specifications like standard ATX, micro ATX, and many other varieties. 

Then let’s prepare to know which will be the best ATX case for your PC’s performance. I wish to see the best product!!

Quick Overview of Our Selected Best ATX Case


Notable Product Info





Phanteks Eclipse P400A

· Best for Merged Digital-RGB Controller

· Motherboard support ATX, micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, E-ATX

· Weight 18.66 pounds

· Item Dimensions 18.5 x 8.3 x 18.3 inches

· Manufacturer Phanteks

Discount Price: $89.99

List Price:


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· Best for Midi Gaming Tower Case

· Motherboard support E-ATX/ATX/M-ATX/ITX

· Weight 27.8 pounds

· Item Dimensions 18.1 x 9.02 x 19.45 inches

· Manufacturer Lian Li

Discount Price: $80.03



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NZXT H510 

· Best for Modern Design With Cable Routing Kit

· Motherboard support Mini-ITX, MicroATX, and ATX

· Weight 17.47 pounds

· Item Dimensions 16.85 x 8.27 x 18.11 inches

· Manufacturer NZXT


Discount Price: $69.99

List Price:


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Corsair iCUE 465x RGB 

· Best for Removable And Accessible Dust Filters With The Direct Airflow Path

· Motherboard support ATX

· Weight 17.64 pounds

· Item Dimensions 18.39 x 8.5 x 17.91 inches

· Manufacturer Corsair

Discount Price: $114.99 

List Price:


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Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L 

· Best for Horizontal And Vertical Position With Movable I/O Panel

· Motherboard support standard ATX, mini ITX or micro ATX

· Weight 8.44 lbs

· Item Dimensions 15.20 x 9.10 x 15.00 inches

· Manufacturer Coolermaster


Discount Price: $49.99 

List Price:


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Best ATX Case of 2023

We all crave fast execution, whatever the work or whatever the device is. PC is not the same thing; we do all of our personal and professional work on this device. That’s why we need to search for the best ATX case

#1 Phanteks Eclipse P400A Merged Digital-RGB Controller 

The Eclipse P400A case of Phanteks mainly has an integrated Digital-RGB regulator. The 3x D-RGB pre-introduced fans with this controller will sync with its agreeable motherboard. When it starts the syncing process, that process will establish an incredible lighting impact.

Users now can make the best use of the entire front panel of the metal mesh after engineering modifications of this case. This improvement will lead to ultra-fine mesh performance and keep the dust away from the system. 

The fitted fans optimize the system by providing high airflow without making any noise. You can even expand the controller of Digital-RGB with any product of Digital-RGB. You then synced them with any friendly motherboard. 

They are promoting the new upgrades of their case, and that is. Indeed, this case is eligible for robust housing procedures even after being the compact case. Additionally, it has a spacious accessible interior. 


  • Great customer service
  • Plenty of room
  • Easy cable management 
  • Simple drive bays


  • Less detail manual

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#2 LIAN LI LANCOOL 2 Midi Gaming Tower Case

Lian Li Lancool 2 is a combination of the mid and mini tower. It is a more massive case than a mini-tower but smaller than the mid tower cases. For those who can’t decide between mini and mid-tower, this case is a simple solution. 

In this ATX case, Lian Li has terminated the extra baggage of unnecessary screws. They have prepared the case with two panels of the metal shroud and glass panels of hinged tempered. They palace them all around the case.

Users can access the installation process of the hard drive easily. At both angles, it has a flip shrouds power supply, and that’s why it provides a quick installing facility. You guys can even manage the cable with the wire management bar.

In cooling and fan optimization, this case is eligible for supporting the two radiators at the top and front along with multiple fans. Moreover, on the main panel, through the M and C controllers, you will be able to approach the RGB light management effortlessly. 


  • Reasonable and fair price
  • Incredible flexibility
  • Clean looking
  • High-quality materials
  • Strong magnets


  • Confusing material for beginners

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#3 NZXT H510 Modern Design With Cable Routing Kit

NZXT provides its patented cable routing tools in their H510 that is part of an H series. Their pre-installed straps and channels make users work efficiently from challenging wiring situations. Spontaneous wiring experience with modern design will be the best combination of NZXT cases. 

The side panel of the case will install handily because of the single screw system on the tempered glass and type-C port of the front I/O USB. This screw system will take less time and give an elegant look at the case with the other components. 

This case will support the motherboard like ATX, Micro ATX, and Mini-ITX. Users can use it if it comes to their requirements. Though, in this case, they have repeated many features from the actual H series, many other upgraded features are way better than the original one. 

For optimal innermost airflow, they incorporated two fans of Aer F120mm. A removable radiator fixing bracket simplifies the custom-loop liquid cooling installation. This removable radiator and removable filter are part of the PSU intakes and front panel.


  • Sturdy
  • Lots of storage
  • Incredible looking 
  • Easy build 


  • Little bit old fashioned hard drive tray

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#4 Corsair iCUE 465x RGB Removable And Accessible Dust Filters With The Direct Airflow Path

Corsair Icue PC case has three easily accessible dust filters that will protect your system from unwanted dust. These three filters are available on the floor, roof, and front side of the case. Moreover, to cool your PC’s heated elements, it has obstacle-free layout channels. 

There is a thick tempered glass of 4-millimeter with a reliable and robust steel chassis on the front panel. This glass showcases all the other components as well as RGB fans to give you the best way to get a view of the case. 

The corsair iCUE software and node core of iCUE lighting included enabling synchronization and completely controllable the RGB lighting. The drive trays of the case accommodate up to two SSD’s, HDD’s and two additional mounts too. 

This particular case offers three significant airflow cooling fans of LL120 RGB that provide up to 1500 RPM airflow. It has 16 RGB LEDs for each fan with a preset of seven iCUE lighting shapes. Moreover, these profiles give a fascinating look at the case. 


  • Perfect impression
  • Plenty of room
  • Well built
  • Lighter weight 


  • Poor in cable management

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#5 Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L Horizontal And Vertical Positions With Movable I/O Panel

For a better substitute for your PC case, the cooler master comes up with the masterbox Q500L to make the positioning of the case and components easy. Users can place it horizontally or vertically as per the movable I/O panel. This movable panel can move to six different areas. 

This case favors a standard ATX motherboard with minimized dimensions. Alternatively, users can use the case for micro ATX and mini ITX as per their conditions of the case situations. 

The magnetic don’t filters avoid all the dust that can make it noticeably awful. Behind the motherboard tray, they give a 27–30 mm cable management facility to prepare it more comfortable for installation. 

You can manage the internal space by arranging the PSU in the front of the frame. By depending on the form characteristic and your preferences, you will be able to relocate the bracket so that other components have direction selections.


  • Well built
  • Amazing quality 
  • Easy wiring
  • Nice looking case


  • Bit of airflow issues

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Which Points Buyers Should Know to Get the Best ATX Case?

Users should research some necessary facts to have the best ATX case for the best performance. These points will guide you in the right way. 

Fan and Radiator support 

For getting the best PC case service, you must see the fan number. It should have at least two fans. However, fans and radiators that cool the liquid use the same support. They will push the air out of the case and keep the liquid cool. 


There are available cases that are not good in airflow, but most of us don’t consider that. So before getting an ATX PC case, do confirm the radiators and fans as much as possible. This support will give you a smooth performance. 

Dust Filters

When we suggest you get a case with multiple fans, let us inform you that fans have some unusual facts. When those fans work, they will consume much dust inside, unfortunately. So that case must have dust filters as well to avoid those dust effortlessly. 

Case Build Quality

The building quality of the case is also an important part to check. The steel and aluminum case material will be the right choice in terms of other materials. This material will make your cases more durable.


People who want to expand their PC’s performance should check the expandability quality of the case. If you have enough space to add some more components and increase the performance, then what will be the best in that case.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are expensive ATX cases worth the money?

It is not compulsory that you have to buy expensive ATX or any PC cases. When you are happy with the cheap cases, if they fulfill your requirements, then it’s ok. However, costly cases have so many benefits, but not all of the users need that. 

Do we need a case fan on the case?

It would help if you had a case fan to your CPU cooler. It will discourage overheating issues when you use the PC all day long.

Are two fans alright when we will buy the ATX cases?

When we usually buy a PC case, there is always a recommendation of buying at least three fans in each case because the cooling aspect is essential to increase the gaming or working performance of the ATX case.

Wrap Up

Though we consider the PC cases unwanted or unimportant components, it does carry a significant amount of importance. It allows you to save the motherboard and other hardware. 

Moreover, to enjoy your computer experience, the look of the cases is also a turning point. We bring the top best ATX case for users, and all of them are good choices. Hopefully, this list will help you and don’t forget to check the buying guide. 

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