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7 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Bands For Attractive Look

Unhesitant to enhance the look of your Samsung galaxy watch 3 with the best Samsung galaxy watch 3 bands. Compel it to make it more eye-catchy with these selective bands. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has two different models. One is 41mm, and the second one is 45mm; both models will be the first choice for anyone. However, to modify this watch’s look, they allow us to change the bands as per our desire. 

Let’s catch some of the best bands which are compatible with this model smartwatch. Make sure with these bands; your smartwatch looks to intensify your personality. 

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Bands With Changing Process

Samsung Galaxy watches are already a favorable looking watch. But this is not the end of the look; you can change the bands with the best samsung galaxy watch 3 bands available in the market. Reserve some of the trending bands. 

Quick Overview of Recommended Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Bands

ProductsNotable Features 

Surace Sport Band

Best for Replacement and Full Refund Policy
Compatible with Galaxy Watch 3 45mm
Size Fits for Wrist 5.9-8.1inch
Warranty 18months

Price $8.99

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Olytop nylon sport watch band

Best for Need No Tools to Replace
Compatible with Galaxy Watch 3 41mm
Size Fits for Wrist 5.9-8.1inch (150mm-205mm)
Warranty Not Defined

Price $19.99

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Joyozy Watch Band

Best for Eye Catcher and Ideal Choice for Girls
Compatible with Galaxy Watch 3 41mm
Size Fits for Wrist 5.5-8.0inch (140mm-203mm)
Warranty 18months

Price $16.99

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HSWAI Bracelet Sports Strap

Best for Anti-allergic with Swim-ready Water Resistance
Compatible with Galaxy Watch 3 45mm
Size Fits for Wrist 4.1-6.1inch
Warranty Not Defined

Price $7.99

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Loxan Watch Strap

Best for Smooth Hand Knitting Strap
Compatible with Galaxy Watch 3 45mm
Size Fits for Wrist 5.5-7.5 inches (139mm-190mm)
Warranty Not Defined

Price $15.99

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FanTEK Band

Best for High-end Quality Band with The Longer Side
Compatible with Galaxy Watch 3 45mm
Size Fits for Wrist 6.9″-8.7″(176mm-221mm)
Warranty Not Defined

Price $6.99

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NAHAI Sport Bands

Best for Sweat-resistant by Borrowing Healthy Material
Compatible with Galaxy Watch 3 45mm
Size Fits for Wrist 5.9″-9.1″
Warranty 12months

Price $15.99

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##Surace Sport Band Replacement And Full Refund Policy

To give users the maximum confidence, Surace maintains 18 months of warranty in their bands. Fortunately, without any return, they will provide a full refund and replacement facility in their products. 

For Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm) owners, this surace band will be a great choice to make their watch more fashionable and different looking. Moreover, it is skin-friendly to protect your skin from wanted issues. 

The Surace bands prepare from fluoroelastomers with compression-molded holes. That assures tough, reliable, and breathability performance. Even after all of this healthy mix of components, the band is soft enough to give you delight. 

By assuring high performance and providing waterproof technology, it will relax to wear it all-day in sweat or pool or ocean. Moreover, on both ends, it has spring bars to interchange the bands as soon as possible.  


  • Lightweight
  • Convenient for 5.9-8.1inch wrists
  • Easy installation
  • Fits perfectly


  • Not for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm)

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##Olytop Nylon Sport Watch Band Needs No Tool To Replace

Olytop band designed in such a way that it releases so quickly without any tool. Bands jeep design is perfect for Samsung Galaxy watch 3’s 41mm edition. Moreover, it is suitable for any smartwatch that has 22mm frames. 

This band manufactured with nylon with high-quality leather. It is exceptionally durable and comfortable for any person who wants the best for their skin and looks. Both the bands of different colors are wear-resistant and robust shapes. 

You will be able to use it anywhere wherever you want. Even if you are in sweat in the gym, this band will support you in any situation. To get a casual look for any occasion, it will be a perfect accessory. 

As per your preference, you can get a free replacement or refund from this company. Whichever you want, you have the freedom to choose from the Olytop brand. Additionally, they are allowing adjusting the band according to the individual wrist. 


  • Fits perfectly
  • Convenient
  • Incredible looking
  • Bonus fast release pins


  • Little stiff

Check Price on Amazon

##Joyozy Watch Band Eye Catcher And Ideal Choice For Girls

All the girls love the attention, and that’s why Joyozy comes up with the idea of an elegant watch band. The different colors of this band with rhinestones highlight a person’s extraordinary taste and catches everyone’s interest. To motivate girls’ individualities, it will be a superior selection for them.  

The band’s craftsmanship of exceptional design gives an incredibly stylish look. For making the assembly easy, they are providing upgraded adjust equipment. The link of the straps can effortlessly and rapidly remove in a snap. 

This band used the metal zinc alloy, which considers as top quality. Moreover, its bling series is friendly with any piece of jewelry. Girls can use it as an outstanding ornament. 

Joyozy is contributing 18 months of service quality to its users. They support the band with a refund and replacement facility without expecting any return from the band owners. Without any doubt about the product and have the assurance to buy it. 


  • Durable
  • Two extra pins
  • Sleek and slim
  • Harmless for wrists 


  • Not compatible with Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm)

Check Price on Amazon

##HSWAI Bracelet Sports Strap Anti-allergic With Swim-ready Water Resistance

Considering the allergic reaction to the people’s skin HSWAI shows up with an anti-allergic bracelet cum watch band. Whether you wore it the whole day long, it won’t make any odor or allergic reaction to your skin. Users can use the band or strap in the water, and it won’t disappoint you. 

In this band, they used premium silicone-rubber, which can help you determine the satisfactory benefit you want from a product. Analyzing the day and night demand, this band is delivering multiple choices of color. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 owners can change the strap and make the best look for any time. 

To make the changing process as quickly as possible, this band has a premium design in the buckle. This design will let you do the process of installing and removing handily. 

This company is not providing any limited customer service, but at the same time, they are assuring their customer to get the product. By evaluating the product, they will provide a beneficial and convenient explanation. 


  • Suitable for women and men
  • Fashionable choice
  • Easy to clean
  • Flexible 


  • Uneasy clasp 

Check Price on Amazon

##Loxan Watch Strap Smooth Hand Knitting Strap

Loxan prepares the strap smoothly by hand, threading the band with leather and high-quality nylon. Even the band may blend with the hand. Still, they look so delicate. The stitching process unbelievably matches with the leisure style of any person. 

The making process of the band ensures breathability and comfort for the user’s wrist. This quality of the strap propels it to be like an anti scratchable product. This is why we can use the band in any sport by not worrying about the damage. 

However, you don’t need to be dependent on the tools to change the straps. You guys can change it through your hands skillfully without any problem. Black premium metal clasp with quick-release design compels it to do it ASAP. 

Utilizing it for a long cycle, the band made with 316L stainless steel. It even goes through the process of double electroplating, and this process makes it extra wear-resisting. It will provide an adjustable size too for each individual. 


  • Durable
  • Perfect fitting
  • Awesome color combination
  • Tremendous looking 


  • Bit stiff for the initial use

Check Price on Amazon

##FanTEK Band High-end Quality Band With The Longer Side

For high-end smartwatches, you must need a high-end band, and FanTEK is the owner of some of the best high-end bands. From their vast collection, this one is the best because of the longer side. You can adjust the band with your wrist expertly through its 176mm-221mm size. 

To protect the Samsung Galaxy watch 3 from any inconvenient hardships, this band will help you to do the protection easily. Even FanTEK is claiming the best customer experience with their products. 

This band is not carrying any chemical smell though it is a silicone-made band. If you forcefully try to smell the band, you may feel a little bit of scent, but naturally, it doesn’t seem to irritate. 

It will give you guys a sporty look as well as fashionable and stylish too. It won’t harm your skin at all. Moreover, you will be able to clean the band with a dry handkerchief only. 


  • Easy and quick to alter
  • Reasonable price
  • Adjustable loops
  • Color does not disappear 


  • Picks up dust

Check Price on Amazon

##NAHAI Sport Bands Sweat-resistant By Borrowing Healthy Material

NAHAI sport bands adopted healthy materials like soft silicone, adaptable elastomer, and ergonomics, etc. These materials make the band skin-friendly and increase the level of breathability. It won’t provoke any complication to your skin when you sweat because it has sweat resistance quality. 

Whichever sports you are playing, if the band gets wet, it won’t take much time to dry. Even if you are using it in daily life, you can do it, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will adapt the look with the band. 

It assures the safety of your expensive smartwatches with a stable position. Its removing and installing process is easy because of its straightforward and simple design. You will be able to get it done excellently without anyone’s help. 

The NAHAI company provides the band’s users one year of warranty. The customer won’t feel any hassle while refunding or replacing the bands. You don’t need to return anything during the warranty period. 


  • Lightweight
  • Deserves the price
  • Comfortable
  • Vibrant colors


  • Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm

Check Price on Amazon

Which Facts to Reckon Whenever Buy a Band for Your Smartwatch?

Whatever we buy at first, we search for a buying guide indeed. It is not a new or bad idea for a newcomer; they should do this, to not have an awful experience without knowing the facts. They should know in and out before purchasing anything. 


For a smartwatch band, you prefer a durable type of material. There are so many options available for one band. Whether you want metal, silicone, rubber, or leather band, it’s up to your choice. 

Each has its benefits and excellent looking quality as well. Avoid harmful quality materials to save your skin from undesirable experiences.

Size and length 

It would help if you were sure about the size of your wrist before ordering one. Some products show you the process of how to measure the wrist size as well as not to get confused about measurement. 

Moreover, the strap or band length will be accurate enough to adjust to your wrist. The number of loops will decide the stiffness or comfortability. It would help if you had this sense to get a perfect band. 

Compatibility and lug width

Through compatibility, we mean the ability to adjust the smartwatch with the band. You can’t get a band that can’t change with your smartwatch. That will be a waste. 

So it’s necessary to get an idea of the lug’s width to buy a compatible band according to the lug size. 


The band has to be waterproof because, in summer, we are bound to sweat wherever we go. Moreover, if the smartwatch is a waterproof device, then only because of the band or strap can you avoid swimming? 

A waterproof band will be an exciting thing to match up the level of the waterproof smartwatch. Do check the waterproof quality for your expensive watch. 


Last but not least, the comfortability of the band is an essential point to analyze. If you are not comfortable, then there is no point in wasting money on that product. 

Check all the facts which can not hamper your comfort zone. The tight or loose band can be risky to your smartwatch too. 

How to Set Watch Straps or Bands with the Smartwatch

Take a look at the changing process of the bands. After removing the original one, see how the new one will take its place without any effort. 

Step 1: Take off the lever strap 

First of all, to remove the present strap by taking off the lever strap. 

Slide the metal lever found on the inside of the strap, and this will then remove the struts from the watch’s face. 

Step 2: Attach the new strap

Once you remove the previous strap from the watch, you will be able to connect a new one to slot the pin into the watch’s designated hole. 

Step 3: Correct the position of the pin

Now slide the small lever towards the pin that you have just connected and pushed the strap’s end towards the other small hole. 

Step 4: Release the pressure 

From here, disclose the lever’s pressure, and now your watch is completely ready with the new bands. Do the exact movement on the other side of the watch. 

##Note: This is the process of most straps. It may vary according to the model of the smartwatch. 

How to Know the Wrist Size

If you don’t know about your wrist size, you can try this method to know the exact size of your wrist. 

  1. Take a rope and wrap it to your wrist and decide the size as per your wrist comfortability. Then create a mark on the string.
  1. Compute the length of the rope from zero scales to the noticeable direction with a ruler. 
  1. After measuring the rope, you will get to know your wrist size and order with the number’s consent.

Wrap Up

From the above bands, whichever your choice is, it will be going to look amazing. You can flaunt your valuable watch more desirably in front of the people you know. 

By distinguishing the best samsung galaxy watch 3 bands, you can invest in some promising products. Don’t forget to see our buying guide and altering process section before selecting one from the above. 

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