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Read up How To Fix Android Charging Problems

Don’t you know what to do with the device if it’s not charging? Then don’t worry, there are many solutions to this problem. 

We can’t wait to use the phone, even for a second. So how will we accept the problems it causes. If it’s not charging appropriately, then how will you use it for a long time? Immense anxieties we need to face for this. But we came with a remedy of how to fix android charging problems. Try them to solve the problem.  

How To Fix Android Charging Problems 

Get all the solutions in one content of how to fix android charging problems. Let’s get started on the right track. But first of all, know the reasons for this problem. 

There are so many different reasons not to get sufficient power to charge the device. Please take a look at that shortage of attention from us, which creates these crises. 

  1. Fitting problem or loose from both the sides of the cables
  2. Defected charging adapter or cable 
  3. Corrupted device cache
  4. Software crash
  5. Battery draining 
  6. Wall outlet problems
  7. Cracking inner wire 
  8. Dirty or damaged charging port etc.

Where there are so many issues, we have many cures as well. Try one after another if none of them works for your device. 

# Restart the device and use the original charger

Before doing anything else, you can try to fix it by restarting the device. Doing this will prevent your device from software glitches, and background applications can’t stop charging your phone. 

Moreover, it would help if you used the original charger of your Android device because it may not accept other device chargers. 

# Try different adapter/wall outlet/cable or change all of them 

Maybe it is the fault of your accessories like the adapter, cable, or the socket you used. You can try with some different adapters if you see that your phone is usually charging with the other adapter. 

You can even change the cable, might be its loose wire disconnecting the charging process. The wall outlet you always charge your phone may not be able to pass along the current suitably. So for these, you can change all of them to assess your Android device properly. 

# Clean the charging port 

The android device may not charge because your charging port is dirty. So it would help if you cleaned it. You can use a cotton swab or toothpick or a new smooth bristle brush or a blunt pin for cleaning it. We highly advise you not to use any metal materials or paperclip, also not defect the sensors.

# Clear device cache

Clearing the device caches can also help to recognize the current. You will find a “Clear Cache Data” option in the settings of storage. This process will clean your gadget from unwanted records of files. If you don’t even do it frequently, it may create glitches in your phone’s software. So you are required to do it otherwise. 

# Check software updates

Software is the only one and plays a crucial part in charging devices. It will receive the charge and appoint the gadget to set from the sensor of the charging port. That’s why you prefer to check software updates in the settings and use the latest android version, which will not stop your device from charging. 

# For checking software bug, download the Ampere app 

Sometimes we give our phone to charge, but it may not show the charging symbol on the screen. It happens because of the software bugs. So for checking it, you can download the “Ampere” app. This app will help you to discover whether your android device is charging or discharging. 

Additionally, if it shows green light, then it is charging correctly, or if it’s showing the orange light, you need to be cautious. This app will help you to get much other information about your device as well. 

# Dry the device 

If your phone is not charging because of the water damage, you must wait one day before charging it. That single day, you need to dry your phone by a hairdryer, or you can dump it in the bowl full of rice. There are many other ways to dry the device; you can try them too. 

# Safe mode 

You can try to charge your Android device in a safe mode. This mode will stop all the third-party apps functions, and if the safe mode permits you to charge your phone, you know the problems yourself. Just uninstall all the third-party apps and those apps you don’t use or don’t trust. 

# Factory reset

After trying all the tricks, we suggest that if none of the above works, you need to factory reset your device. It will be an efficient method to fix the problems of not charging. But before embracing this method, do backup your files and other things. 

# Replace the battery and communicate with the service center

The last option you have is to replace the battery or communicate directly with the servicing center. The removable battery can replace by anyone, but you need a professional person to replace the in-built battery. 

Wrap Up

Mobile devices are known as everyone’s partner in crime. We can’t afford to see our partner in problems. So we need some remedies to figure them out. 

I hope our research on how to fix android charging problems will help you to get your device back to work. These are all trying methods from various peoples.

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