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Dreamhost Review – Is It Good, Bad, or Reliable? (2023)

Users & Expert Opinion(2023)

Dreamhost Reviews

Performance - 10
Reliability - 9.5
Customer Support - 9.5
Pricing - 10
Features - 9.6



Dreamhost combines low prices and high quality, something that?s very difficult to find these days in the hosting industry. But If your audience doesn?t come from the US especially North America, it?s probably not the best choice.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 1 votes)

Dreamhost Reviews- Users & Expert Opinion(2023)

DreamHost may not be as popular as SiteGround and Bluehost among average internet users, but they remarkably well-known brands among developers, designers, and digital marketers.

WordPress recommends them as well. So DreamHost is on the race. With this another Point raises, WordPress recommends Bluehost & SiteGround as well. Both are the best in terms of WordPress Hosting

Their performance is what keeps them in the big league maintaining above-average uptime (99.94%) and reliability. Their customer support is a bit limited.

Their main shared hosting plan comes with popular apps like WordPress, website builder options including their own and others like Wix or Weebly. For their small price tag, they seem to offer a lot: unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, backups, 24-hour support, and even free SSL certificates. And you get a full 97-day money-back guarantee to test the service out.

Plan NameWordPress StarterWordPress StarterWordPress Starter
Billing CycleMonthlyYearlyTri-annual
Free DomainNot IncludedIncludedIncluded
FeaturesUnlimited Traffic
Free SSD
Free SSL
Unlimited Traffic
Free SSD
Free SSL
Unlimited Traffic
Free SSD
Free SSL

.What Plans and Services Does Dreamhost offer ?

Hosting Plans : Shared, Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated Servers

Bluehost Plans

Other Services : Full Website Design Service, Domains & Email

But How does DreamHost Perform when put into tests? Let’s dive in!

Dreamhost Review from Our In House Experts 

Before going into details let see which key points, we considered in writing the Dreamhost Review

  1. Performance: Your Website Needs to Load Fast. What They Can Do for the Loading Speed?
  2. Reliability: Will your site be available to surf 24×7 throughout the year without facing any Downtime?
  3. Customer Support: Not all of Us are Tech Geeks. So when you face a problem can you rely on their Support Team?
  4. Pricing: How much will the deal cost you? Is it worth the money?
  5. Features: What they offer? Can you find a better deal at the same price Range?

Pros and Cons of Dreamhost

Every hosting company has its pros and cons. Some you deal with and others you ignore. Let’s dive in our Dreamhost Review

Pros of Using Dreamhost Hosting


DreamHost is one of the cheapest shared hosting providers around. Their Wordpress starter starts at $2.59/mo if billed Tri-Annually. For annual billing, it raises to $3.95/mo2.

2. Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

All of their accounts come with truly unlimited storage and bandwidth. Mo inodes limitation as well. They don’t track bandwidth or traffic, so you never have to worry about pesky overage fees.

3. 97-days Money-Back Guarantee

The vast majority of web hosts will give you a 30-day refund period. That gives you a full month to test out their services before risking your prepaid amount. Some will give you 45 days.

But Dreamhost, Their money-back guarantee is good for up to 97 days. DreamHost doesn’t have any hidden terms or hoops to jump through that might jeopardize your refund

4. Rich Knowledgebase

Dreamhost Provides a rich knowledge base for the customers and to the mass as well. It’s full of articles that will help you in your journey.

Cons of Using Dreamhost

  1. Only US-location

They don’t have servers outside the US. So it may not be ideal for users from other regions Also if your website traffic is mainly outside of the US (e.g. Europe or Asia).

2. No email account in the starter plan:

Email accounts have to be paid separately for the Shared Starter plan. Price for Email as low as $1.67/mo.

Summary: Is Dreamhost the Right Choice for You?

Dreamhost combines low prices and high quality, something that’s very difficult to find these days in the hosting industry. If you have Small projects (e.g. Small eCommerce Store) and looking for the best value for money you can consider Dreamhost. If your audience doesn’t come from the US especially North America, it’s probably not the best choice.

Have you used Dreamhost Before? Leave your Comment for others, no matter it’s positive or negative. Read another awesome review here Siteground Review


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