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Lenovo Active Pen Setup For 1 and 2: Easy Instructions

Setting and Configuration Procedure for Lenovo Active Pen 1 and 2

Do you find an active pen with your compatible Lenovo laptop but start to struggle with the setup manual that comes with the pen box. The document probably seems complicated to you; thus, we write this article to help you with more straightforward instructions of Lenovo Active Pen Setup For 1 and 2.

The Lenovo Active pen already performs quite well, where the second one improves to reveal an even more satisfying realization. Installing both of them require the same basic approach, while the Lenovo Active Pen 2 has some differences.

Setting and Configuration Procedure for Lenovo Active Pen

Lenovo Active Pens achieve the latest technological support for drawing, painting, or note-taking comfort. Still, to get those advantages, the proper installment is a must demand, so come on with us.

Lenovo Active Pen 1 Setup:

The Lenovo Active Pen 1 mainly produce to create a natural pen and paper feeling on the screen. It boasts pin-point accuracy, palm rejection, and Wacom technology to feel you better more with your touch screen Yoga laptops. Hence, it has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity with no Bluetooth facility.

Step 1: Fix the Pen

Lenovo provides the box separately with a battery, so before activate, you bring life by putting the battery. You will find an opener side from the up part of the pen easy to fix it. Later, take the USB port to engage with your PC as it keeps the pen close to the system and probably will help you attach your Yoga laptop to a USB port.

Step 2: Install the Lenovo Pen settings App (or Wacom Pen App)

App installment is a crucial part of the whole process; you can’t customize pen features without it. Go to the search bar and type store to access the Microsoft Store to find the app. You can easily download, then launch it once installed.

On the other hand, another option Wacom pen App, available for your touch screen device in Lenovo support, where you will get the latest Win Tab, driver.

Step 3: Default Barrel Buttons

This Active Pen features two built side buttons for maintaining the application in your Pc; these are called barrel buttons.

  • Top barrel button: For executing the top barrel button, hold it and tap the screen: Right-click
  • Bottom barrel button: To erase objects from supported applications: Erase

Both of them work in different ways, so we need to customize them with their applicable functions. According to your demanding, you find all the app setting facilities as you can have these be whatever you would like.

Moreover, it also possible to adjust your pen pressure if you want more or less pressure, tile sensitivity, and alongside, there are options to show battery status in the taskbar, enabling presentation mode.

Step 4: Battery and Tip replacement

Following the Above mentioning step, you might successfully activate Active Pen 1. But what about the Lenovo active pen 1 battery or tip? Lenovo provides extra replacement tips inside the box so that you can use them in the future. On the contrary, the LED indicator will flash to show the battery is low. Then, you have to buy or collect a new one for the pen.

Lenovo Active Pen 2 Setup:

This is the latest modification of the first generation with Bluetooth service and more pressure sensitivity; the pressure volume comes towards 4096. Instead, have the previous advantages, and there is no jitter problems, a significant toxic issue in Active Pen 1.

Like the first generation, you also find an easier systematic approach for the Lenovo Active Pen 2 since this pen requires a little bit extra modification to provide better service.

Step 1: Fix the Pen

When you unbox the pen, you see a USB holder, a pencil battery, with two coin batteries. So, you have to give a power facility before connecting with a laptop. From the top of the pen, unclose the opener to put the battery. Again, there is another like the opener with a tiny spring for the coins. You have to put the back end towards the spring along with the front end to adjust them through the pen opener.

Now, Attach the USB pen holder with your PC, which is actually to fit your pen, perhaps with its USB interface, you can insert and install a USB port within this component.

Step 2: App installing

Check your PC whether the Lenovo setting is preinstalled; it is not, try to collect it from the Microsoft store or take the Wacom pen application. Both are best, but you will be more familiar with the Microsoft Pen Setting app for the Windows Operating system.

Step 3: Default the Bottoms

It has solely one top barrel button and another bottom barrel button similar to the previous one. Still, it requires maximum control, which only can work after pairing with the PC since this one uses to generate Bluetooth function.

Step 4: Pair the Pen with a PC or Laptop

This is the additional issue about Lenovo Active Pen 2 as the first generation don’t have. So you can try these steps to solve the issue. 

How to connect Lenovo active pen to laptop?

You could start pairing on the pen by pressing it, therefore hold the pen top button for more than three minutes until you see the LED indicator flash like the white color.

First, make sure that your laptop has the Bluetooth module; if it has, then you in the Window search bar type Bluetooth. From the list of what will show, directly tap, or click the Bluetooth Settings. Ensure that the Bluetooth is working and from the list, click on the Lenovo Active Pen 2.

Step 5: Replacement of Battery and Tip

Battery or the tips take the same characteristics that have the Lenovo Active Pen 2, battery status requires in the App setting, which will confirm the battery is replacing exact time. There will get three extra replacement tips for you.


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Final Words of Lenovo Active Pen Setup For 1 and 2:

Hopefully, you get the solution to your problems from our providing steps on Lenovo Active pen setup instructions. These pens are beautiful devices for on-screen working so that you can get better note-taking, on-screen drawing/painting as well as accurate document annotation. But before that, you have to set up them successfully.

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