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Lenovo Active Pen 2 for Yoga

Natural Pen and Paper become time-consuming objects in our modern technological world where computing devices perform all our life-related activities. From this concept, Lenovo brings the Active Pen for note-taking, on-screen painting/drawing as accurate object selection, or scrolling.

Though the first generation of Active Pen much persuasive, the second one carries some slight changes. This pen appears to more accurate with its additional Bluetooth service and pressure sensitivity.

This article probably helps out the reason for Lenovo Active 2 for Yoga; let’s start.

Lenovo Active Pen 2 for Yoga for better on-screen writing 

Lenovo Yoga laptops come with touch screen support, also give the facility of exercising Active Pen for making the better drawing, painting, or electronic document annotation. Let’s explore the Active Pen 2 features.

Lenovo Active Pen 2
ButtonTop & side buttons
Battery2000 hour lifespan1x AAAA battery type
Pressure sensitivity4096
Additional tipsThree replacement Pen tips
Compatible  Yoga Lenovo Yoga 720Lenovo Yoga 920 

Design and Purpose

Typically, an active pen’s primary function is it works as an input device to allow users to write or draw directly on the display of a computing device. And Lenovo design this digital pen with touch sensitivity, memory, or input buttons. Further, it also has written data capabilities together with an electronic eraser system.

The body shape is lovely since the pen almost requires full streamlined metal; this is why you will get a long-lasting product through the air, water-resistance performance. Further, it mainly makes you feel good to hold with the matte surface texture.

It appears especially for Black or gray colors while there are two top buttons and two built-in -side buttons for the self-configuration process. So, your Yoga laptop efficiently can execute to provide a natural pen and paper environment when you sketch, paint, even to jot down a note.

Power System

To use an electronic product, the critical fact of how it will provide working power, Active Pen 2 has viewed features just like personal computing devices. Therefore, you will find the facility of a battery-based power system. This pen doesn’t make a capable rechargeable battery system, but the replacement process also nice that hopefully influences you to carry its application again and again.

The battery is powered by 1 x AAAA cells, which occupy a mix of battery technologies. Then, the lifetime arrives with 2000 hours so that your yoga support high –level sensitivity with better performance.

You can stop the battery power through the pen’s top button; unnecessary power usage may decrease pen vitality quickly. Above all, battery proficiency is much active for professional, artistic, and school projects to use it every day for writing or drawing.

Performance Order

This pen well-designed to work great with Yoga series laptops while offer smoother resistance to write on the screen. We discuss all the necessary information about Lenovo Active Pen 2 for Yoga below.


Especially mentionable that it has Bluetooth connectivity, the yoga laptop performs to store data wirelessly. And, the wireless receiver from your PC will go to pick Bluetooth signals to collect what you’ve written.

OS Requirement:

With all type of modern operating system allow Lenovo Active pen 2, usually Yoga laptop support Microsoft Windows, so no matter what is your OS version, you can comfortably apply this digital pen.

Pressure sensitivity:

In actual use, it has a 4096 level of pressure sensitivity. Lenovo, take a considerable amount of improvement within this feature since the first generation requires up from the 2048 levels. This one is much sensitive so that you can brush on subtle variations in lightness or darkness over the yoga screen. Perhaps, providing sensitivity more potent than a mouse can give.


There is more potential tip facility to create higher friction; thus, you will get better drawing or writing quality on the monitor. It becomes easier to control the tip as the slipperiness decreases a significant problem with the previous pen. Alongside, the end protrudes more slightly to help you see the lines appear beneath the pen.

Jitter Problem:

Lenovo try to avoid jitter issue from the Active Pen 2; you definitely don’t feel it when drawing diagonal lines slowly. Hence, a Yoga monitor enables drawing portraits, painting with full illustrations, whether you want these advantages. Not only will those areas, but there is no longer be a problem that can hamper note-taking.

Palm rejection:

Palm rejection is vastly superior to any Active Pen-based note-taking. This allows you to rest palm easily on the laptop screen while using a digital pen; you have to leave stay marks on the display as it works like paper. However, the pen relatively well to the screen for palm rejection to operate flawlessly. 

Wacom Technology:

This is the most important reason why this pen so well, probably it requires Wacom service to install in the Yoga laptops. With the Lenovo Pen Setting app together with the Wacom Pen sensor, you can customize the buttons, pressure, tilt sensitivity, or the other vital issues. So, your adjustment will be more accessible through the laptop screen.


Each mind become curious to know about price while something needs to buy; most of the time, the right product demands a significant range cost. However, this digital pen comes with all modern facilities but certainly provides a reasonable Price. If you want to buy it separately, the retail price is the US $ 50. Notably cheaper compared to the Surface Pen of Microsoft.

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Hopefully, you understand the features of Lenovo Active Pen 2 for Yoga. This pen capable of serving better for drawing or note-taking. It gives a USB pen holder for storage with three replacements pen tips to improve a more satisfying experience. You feel a little miraculous by and large as it is very responsive, easy to use, and doesn’t have any trouble with connectivity.

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