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3 Easy Steps About How to Remove Google Chrome Extensions, You Must Know!

Google Chrome extensions are the programs that can change the functionality of browsers. We can install it into chrome. These extensions offer you a wide range of facilities to have secured information and perform tasks smoothly.

But unfortunately, some of these modify the changes negatively as there will be no security, and it’s a kind of hijacking of your home page. In that way, it is necessary to remove it entirely. 

If you are unaware of it, don’t worry! You can quickly learn from this article about how to remove google chrome extensions. Just give it a read.

What Is A Google Chrome Extension?

It is a program installed in chrome as it provides various facilities to make it more convenient to the users. All users can add extensions from their google account.

Google first developed chrome extensions on 09 September 2009. After that, it launched about 1500 more extensions along with google chrome 4.0. 

Some of the best google chrome extensions are Extensity, Lastpass, HTTPS everywhere, Authy, Adblock Plus, Lazarus. The facilities google chrome provides- 

  • You can easily copy texts from different sites whenever you need them.
  • Management of passwords and data.
  • You can block the advertisements from being displayed.
  • It can optimize the memory usage of chrome.
  • You can have a safe and secure browsing platform.

Particular extensions allow the user as per their quality. Again some other extensions perform tasks automatically in the background.

But you need to choose the right one for the best feedback as all the extensions won’t be able to maintain the security of your databases, so firstly, you need to have a great idea about them.

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How to Remove Google Chrome Extensions

Method 01: Long Term Process 

First of all, check the extension following these procedures.

  • Go to the right corner of your chrome screen.
  • Click the bar icon.
  • Choose tools first and extensions second.

In case you have unwanted entries on the chrome extensions list, that’s why you must check your browser’s extension. So, Repeat the removal instructions.

Step 01: Initiation Of Deleting Extensions

You need to mark the unwanted extension so that you can identify it in the removal step.

  • Click the bar icons situated in the right corner of chrome.
  • Choose tools.
  • Then Choose the extensions.
  • Click on developer mode.
  • Then close the google chrome to remove it.

Step 02: Removal Of Google Chrome Extensions From Two Different Windows.

Now remove the registry of the extensions after closing google chrome.

Let’s know how to remove extensions through two operating systems.

Windows XP:
  • Click on the start.
  • Type ‘regedit’ on the opened window.
  • Then click the run button.
Windows 7: 
  • Press the start button or windows logo.
  • Go to the place of ‘search, programs, and files.’
  • Type ‘regedit’.
  • Then hit the enter key.
  • Go to the window of the register editor.
  • Click edit and then find.
  • Now paste the ID of the extension you want to remove in the opened window. 
  • Then click on the Find button.
  • Press the yes button to remove the registry entry.

Step 03: Removal Of The Associated Files

  • Open My computer.
  • And directly the drive to “C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\data\Default\Extensions.”
  • Now delete the same directory which matches with the chrome extension.
  • You can have access to Appdata by entering “%USERPROFILE%,” which is applicable in the case of Windows XP, and “%localappdata%” in Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Run the dialogue box.
  • Now-Again directs the path drive to this folder “C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine. (C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\User)”.
  • Remove the file name.
  • Then check google chrome and check if the list of extensions is empty or not.

Method 02: Short Term Process 

You can remove the google chrome extensions easily in this method too :

First of all, open google chrome. Then click on the customize and control google chrome, which is iconized as three dots vertically on the upper right side. In that menu, select more tools and extensions from the side menu. There will appear a series of cards in the middle. To remove it, locate its card and select the remove button. And you can remove it entirely.

Pros And Cons Of The Google Chrome Extensions:


  • Accelerates the speed of access.
  • Can quickly fulfill the demands of the users.
  • More convenient.
  • You can insert your functionality into any third-party product without having any access to the core.
  • Is non-integrable.
  • Has the ability, to sum up, your system and cloud services to a complex corporate systems landscape.
  • Enhances your online experience overall.


  • Isn’t charming to update the extensions periodically after the browser updates.
  • Every extension is unique for every browser.
  • Can act as a keylogger to capture your password, banking details, websites that you visit.
  • Can update your data automatically without your knowledge.
  • There is always a danger working with extensions as your data might not be secured.

Sometimes you have to install these extensions of google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and many other webpages to block ads, keep information safe, and copy texts or other purposes. 

But some of the low-quality extensions can put you in danger as they know all your personal information.In that case, you should protect yourself by installing only the extensions you know that work. 

Use the least amount of extensions if you are a beginner. Pay attention to what the extensions are wanting from you. If you think you are just getting fooled, walk away. 

A General Tip:

Always keep your essential files and data backed up. So you don’t have to be worried if something goes wrong.

Final Verdict:

It is quite simple to remove google chrome extensions. But if you are new to this world, you may not know how to remove the google chrome extensions. This article will help you to do it.

I have explained two methods of deleting it. I prefer the second method as it is less time-consuming. You may feel the first one completely useless, and it’s a method worth knowing to develop your web skills. You can try the first one while the second one is not responding.

Don’t forget to remove such extensions from which you can smell that something is fishy. As they know all your passwords and contacts, they can easily hack your account.  

So I am not going to stretch my article anymore. Good luck with your attempts.

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