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13 Chrome Extensions For Students With Disabilities| Remarkable Extensions

Technologies make our life more manageable than you would ever think. When it comes to helping a disabled student, this technology has a solution as well. With the immense number of web extensions, chrome got our attention.  

Google chrome extensions have paved the way for disabling students to make their way easy in terms of learning. So let’s get a quick look at the chrome extensions for students with disabilities who can obtain benefit from these 13 extensions we have researched. 

Chrome Extensions For Students With Disabilities 

Google chrome has served us as a director for learning new but easy things by their extensions features. They have many great extensions for students who are suffering from disabilities like-

  • Focusing issues
  • Mental health cases
  • Hearing impairment 
  • Colorblind or vision problems
  • Physical disability or many more disabilities 

We can’t solve all these disabilities but get some easy solutions for those students to help them in their studies by way of extensions, and their qualities will be like-

  • Readability
  • Navigation
  • Focus
  • Text to Speech or Speech to Text
  • Reading Comprehension

Underneath all the chrome extensions for students with disabilities have the above qualities, let’s know them completely. 

1. Mercury Reader

Customizable themes, the clutter-free reading experience, and Send to Kindle features are the best readability characteristics of mercury reader extensions for disable students. This extension wipes out all the distractions and ads, leaves only images and texts, which will provide a consistent and clean reading impression. It has a dark mode option to give eyes to ease. 

2. Auto Highlight

Auto highlight extension has three grades of highlighting to make it easier to read the article. Some most important and unique portions will highlight, though you can see the whole item as well. It will offer you the essential part quickly, but at the same time, it won’t remove any non-essential part. 

3. TLDR: Summarize Anything

By summarizing the information on the actual page, this extension will help the students who face problems to catch any article’s main point. They divided its summarization level into three categories like long, medium, and short. Students can select their choice. 

4. CraftyZoom

This extension- called CraftyZoom, provides a floating glass that magnifies the text. CraftyZoom is for those students who can’t see the small font sizes correctly. Moreover, the extension is adjustable when it comes to zoom or the circle size. You can move around every corner of the screen, but you need to disable the extension then scroll when you want to see the underneath portion. After scrolling down, you can enable the craftyzoom benefits again. 

5. Color Enhancer

Color enhancer extension will improve the perception of colors. Those students who are color blind can customize any webpage’s color filter in a second. It will help to get the idea of the topic by observing the point effortlessly. 

6. Read&Write for Google Chrome

For acquiring confidence in research, studying, writing, and reading Read&Write for Google Chrome extension has many features to offer to the disabled students. It will read aloud each word and its text along with picture dictionaries delivers you simple word explanations. Summarization is a great way to make things easy for students. Although, they can turn audio files from documents for listening to offline. Removes all the ads and distractions; even quick sentence formation suggestions are also a plus point. 

7. Google Dictionary (by Google)

By just a simple double click on a word, google dictionary will show up a tiny popup bubble where you get a definition of that word as well as spoken pronunciation. Moreover, whichever words you looked for, this extension will make a list of those words so that students can practice them later. They can even download these words as a CSV and don’t need to worry about languages because it will pronounce the words in your desired languages.

8. Simple Blocker

To focus on one particular thing, when disable students are studying, this extension will block all the disturbance from other websites by just clicking on a button. Students who have a concentration problem can easily block subdomains or pages or the entire website for a level of time. 

9. Caret Browsing

With caret browsing, which is a navigation extension, will provide you a movable cursor. This cursor will move throughout the web page wherever you want. It is a fortune for those who can’t use a mouse properly or face difficulties for their disabilities. Arrow keys on the keyboard will support all the way to reduce your struggle. 

10. Readline

The readline extension is designing to use as a speed tool for reading. It allows disabled students who have focussing issues to concentrate on one word as per their wish. They can control as well as slow down the rate of WPM (word per minute). That means they can customize it from 10 to 1000 WPM.

11. Visor

Visual Stress, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, and Dyslexia, all visual perceptual disorders students face this extension, will help them focus on their studies. The visor will point on the horizontal band where the cursor moves, and the rest of the page becomes dark. When reading, students will feel comprehension, concentration, eye-strain, and fluency. 

12. Google Keep

Google keep extension gives its users the freedom to save their desired handwriting, pictures, speech, links, text, and many other things you want to borrow or save for later use. For the students who can’t keep remembering all the things at once, they can use it for further details for some other time. 

13. CraftyCursor

This extension- called CraftyCursor, offers its users a highlighted version of the cursor. That means disabled students can easily see the cursor wherever it moves. Moreover, which keys press on the keyboard will also show like alt, enter, etc. There are many color options available for the cursor to choose from as per your choice.

Wrap Up

A long time ago, it was not a manageable task to learn anything for a disabled person, but fortunately, we can do that because of the technology. There are many extensions available in chrome for giving a helping hand to disabled students. 

That’s the reason we research those extensions by our team and bring you the best 13 chrome extensions for students with disabilities. We hope you will be able to get some relief through these tools. 

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