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The 5 Best Smartwatch For Kids In 2023 | Is it worthwhile to Invest in Kids’ Smartwatches?

In this changing world, kids’ choices also changed. It’s a surprise to see that kids in this generation play with electric toys where when we are at that age, we play with dolls or something else. With constant research, we found that smartwatches are the most popular learning gadget for them. 

To keep them discovering new things, all parents want the best smartwatch for kids for their benefits. They will not only learn the timing facts; but also many other things. Above all, parents can control their movements to guide them and protect them from danger. 

When you are going to get so many benefits, then why chit chat still now. Let’s get a lot more information with the underneath sections. 

Best Smartwatch For Kids 

Smartwatch can be a medium to be with the children whenever they need their parents. That’s why we came up with these five smartwatches which can fulfill parents’ and kids’ desires. Take a look at the list then. 

Quick Check List

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 815bJfHKfOL._AC_SL1500_.jpg
Best for Kid-friendly Features
Battery Life: 2-3 days
Water Resistance: No
Call: No
Camera: Yes

List Price: 59.99

Discount Price: 39.99

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Nidiox Smart Watch
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 61vMa-azAbL._AC_SL1494_.jpg
Best for Ultra-long Battery Life
Battery Life: 30-40 days
Water Resistance: Yes
Call: Yes Camera: No

List Price: 29.98

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SZBXD Smartwatch
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 719VUbGUrcL._AC_SL1500_.jpg
Best for One Click SOS Call
Battery Life: 3-4 days
GPS: Yes
Water Resistance: Yes
Call: Yes
Camera: Yes

List Price: 38.99

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Blackview Smart Watch
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 71q4DNt94jL._AC_SL1500_.jpg
Best for Sedentary Reminder
Battery Life: 30-45 days
GPS: Yes
Water Resistance: Yes
Call: Yes
Camera: No

List Price: 49.99

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FILDANCO Digital Watch
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 71M9rvnQ9dL._AC_SL1000_.jpg
Best for Position Tracking
Battery Life: 3-5 days
GPS: Yes
Water Resistance: Yes
Call: Yes
Camera: Yes

List Price: 17.99 

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#1 VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch Time Limitations And Parental Control over Games For Kid-friendly Features 

VTech KidiZoom smartwatch has kid-friendly features of taking control of games and making time limitations to not keep them on it for long periods. Moreover, you can be sure the watch content is safe because it has no Bluetooth or wifi connection. 

Kids will be able to be mastered in time management with its timer, custom watch faces, etc. There are 55 plus watch faces available in this watch, whether it’s analog or digital. For capturing videos, taking pictures, and selfies, there are two cameras accessible. 

With a motion sensor, kids can play active games on it. Even the pedometer will encourage them to track their steps, which is an unusual attraction for them. Children will learn quickly with the multifunctional button and touch screen. 


  • The internal memory of 256 MB 
  • Built-in rechargeable battery 
  • Creative awesome effects
  • Splash-proof and breathable straps


  • Doesn’t support the third party adapter

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#2 Nidiox Smart Watch Ultra-long Battery Life 

With Nidiox smartwatch, kids and their parents will worry less when outdoors because of its ultra-long 30 to 40 days of standby battery life. However, it will give you guys ten days of working time with just 2.5 hours of charging time. 

Kids can use this smartwatch in swimming without showing any problem. This watch will monitor the sleeping time of your children. From the VeryFitPro app, along with sleep status, you will get to know about sports mileage, calories burning, or step tracking as well. 

They can call their parents whenever they need through its calling feature and messages supported by this watch. It’s lightweight will be a great addition to the kid’s comfortability. When they are busy playing or something else, they can take a glance to check the time. 


  • IP68 water Standard
  • Reliable and cheap
  • Full-color touch screen
  • Always-on Display mode


  •  Only Android supported

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#3 SZBXD Smartwatch one click SOS call with three emergency numbers

For the smartwatch’s emergency use and to make them feel safe, in this watch, you will get straightforward use of the SOS feature. Just by pressing 3 seconds, it will activate and call in 3 emergency numbers back to back until someone picks up the call.

To provide parents with double security of their children, the dual position technology of GPS trackers will have all the information about their experiences from many locations. The smartwatch’s position is located on the LBS/AGPS signaling location. It will track all the real-time locations.

There are many different features available in this smartwatch, whether it’s a calling feature or an alarm clock feature. Each one of the parts will make them learn about the importance of time. Moreover, parents can set 3 times to “Do Not Disturb” mode to prepare them to concentrate on their valuable work. But this feature is not applicable for the SOS emergency.


  • Dustproof
  • IP68 waterproof
  • Two-way calling
  • Games and front camera


  • None

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#4 Blackview Smart Watch Get Sedentary Reminder for forming decent health manners

Blackview smartwatch is providing the ultimate sedentary reminder, which is an extraordinary feature for kids. Through this feature, your kids will get to know that they were in the same position for a long time, and with this reminder, they get to realize that they need to stretch or move from the current place and take a break time. 

This smartwatch’s multifunctional system consists of brightness adjustment, alarm clock, stopwatch, weather report, call with message alerts, and many other functions. These functions will make them learn about the value of time. Moreover, its 14 modes of sports will provoke them to be active most of the time.

Its LCD 1.3 “TFT touch screen delivers Watch faces with a custom-fit choice. However, the GPS will track all the activities kids do when parents are not with them physically. Low power consumption and large capacity invest a maximum of 45 days of stand by time.


  • 5ATM waterproof
  • Eligible for problematic outside environments
  • Supports Android and iPhone both
  • Excellent quality with reasonable value


  • Doesn’t compatible with below the iOS 8.0

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#5 FILDANCO Digital Watch LBS System For Position Tracking 

For tracking every location of your kids, Fildanco has an LBS system in it. The method of Local Base Station will permit you to search for their area whenever you want. When they are outdoors, strong signals will help you to track them. 

Parents can adjust the smartwatch with a sim card, but it will also operate with OR. So if you don’t want to give your kids that freedom to call, then you can use it without a sim. It will be a great training toy to know the time more comfortable for the minors. 

To get worry-free time in class, parents can turn on the “do not disturb” mode or class mode. This feature will not let your children get distracted via call or camera. But SOS will be on for communicating in emergencies. Moreover, the battery has 3 to 5 days of standby time. 


  • IP68 waterproof
  • Refund policy
  • Tremendous customer service 
  • 2G sim backing


  • Not wifi supported

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What to Look Before Buying Best Smartwatch For Kids?

Buying the best smartwatch for kids is not an easy task for parents. Technology can be fortunate, but it can be harmful to kids as well. So choose a smartwatch that can be controlled by the parents. Take a look at these features to make the right choice for your kid.

GPS tracking

The biggest fear for parents is to lose their children. But now it will not need to be faced anymore. You can check the features like GPS tracker in the kid’s smartwatch. This feature will help you to continue an eye on their movement outdoors to protect them safely.


Sustain your children’s safety; the smartwatch needs to keep away from water damage. Making it functional in water or sweat is mandatory for kids. Because they won’t take care of the smartwatch-like an older adult, it will be more enjoyable when kids can use it in swimming too.

Two-way calling

When a two-way calling system is present in the smartwatch, you will be able to call them whenever you want. Even kids can get their parents for any requirements or needs or to share their experiences.

SOS alerts

The smartwatch must include SOS alerts because this compatibility will keep your kids safer in dangerous situations. They need to press a button to give their parents emergency alerts. Nowadays, it is a necessary feature in the watch to have peace of mind.

Comfortable and Skin-friendly

Wearing a smartwatch for a long time can be frustrating for kids. But when the strap is breathable and soft as well as attractive, kids will love to flaunt it in front of their friends or family members. Get a skin-friendly along with a comfortable fit smartwatch for your kid.

Additional features

Smartwatches have to be some other features as well. Like a flashlight, in-class mode, or do not disturb mode are bonus features for kids’ interest. Moreover, games are the main attraction. Though these features are not mandatory, it will be tremendous fun.

Is it worthwhile to Invest in Kids’ Smartwatches?

The reasons why you should invest in kids smartwatch —

  • You will get to know your kids’ location even if you are not physically present with them.
  • You can get connected to your kids whenever you want and vise versa. In emergencies, this will work best for them.
  • Through the smartwatches, they can send emergency alerts and updates on the current situations that they are facing.
  • Kids can learn new things from technology.
  • Manage the timing of different types of works.
  • Parents will be able to control their activity, and also the fitness tracker will teach them the importance of health.

The reasons why you should not invest in kids smartwatch —

  • If you are always there with your kids
  • If it’s distracting kids from other activities
  • If they are using the watch in school or any additional necessary work time

How to Connect Smartwatch with an App

Step 1: Download a particular app

First of all, you need to download the app that is available for your smartwatch. Let us inform you that there will be different apps in terms of each brand smartwatch.

Step 2: connect the smartwatch with the app

After installing the app, you can connect it through Bluetooth or searching or scanning inside of the app. Choose the watch name from the scanning result and click it. It may ask for a pairing code. You have to give both the devices an exact code to pair.

Step 3: setting up the other requirements

Assign app permissions like set the username, alerts, and many other notifications as per your requirements.

Note: The connection process might vary for different brands and apps that the watch needs to pair up with.

What if You Face the Charging Problem?

If you face any problem charging the smartwatch, you need to check some facts. Let’s know those facts to avoid any charging crisis.

  • Detect whether the charging light is on or not. It will confirm the charging process is going smoothly or having any charging problem.
  • Try to change the smartwatch’s seating position.
  • Try to shift the power source from one outlet to another.
  • If you are charging via PC or laptop, make sure they are not in sleeping mode.
  • Verify that there is nothing between the smartwatch and charger. Dust or tape or anything can make a disturbance to charge it properly.

Which Smartwatch is Suitable for Kids?

We introduce some of the best smartwatches, but one question is always there in our minds: which one will be suitable for our kids. So in this section, we will particularly mention that to avoid confusion.

Vtech Smartwatch, FILDANCO, can be very attractive for kids 4 – 12 years of age. They will love all the features of it. Most of the features are for teenagers.

Where SZBXD Smartwatch, Blackview SmartWatch, Nidiox are for above three years to 36 years. So it can be an excellent choice for parents because they can also wear it and kids will love to learn from their parents how to operate it efficiently.

Wrap Up

Smartwatches can make great bonding between kids and parents without letting them know the fact that you are keeping an eye on them at every moment. It is not possible to focus on them all the time, so these technologies can help parents do that in their absence.

However, the smartwatch can do many other things, easier for parents. All kids are unpredictable, so are their actions; that’s the reason to get the best smartwatch for kids.

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