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How to Create Hosting Packages in Centos Web Panel(CWP)

After Installing Centos Web Panel & Setting up Nameservers the first thing you want to do is set up Hosting Packages for Users or yourself. After initial installation, CWP automatically creates a “Default” hosting Packages.

Default CWP Package

In order to Create Hosting Packages in Centos Web Panel, login to your CWP admin and navigate to Packages > Packages and Click into Add New Package button in Green.

Creating new Packages in Centos Web Panel

After clicking Add New button , a new window will popup from here you can Setup the limits for the Hosting Package.

Adding New Package in Centos Web Panel

From Add new Package window, you can set if the users under this account will have reseller permission or not. If yes you can the No of Max Accounts they can have as well .

# cgroups : Means Control Groups. Can be used to limit the resource usage per user.
# apache_nproc : It is the process number limit for a certain user.
# nofile : It is the number of open files limit for a certain user
# inode : It Indicates the inode limit for a certain user

If you dont want impose any specific usage limits, set these to a high value to avoid any limitation errors. But depending on your VPS or Dedicated server resources you should always limit these values. With these values you can ensure Fair Usage of server resources for your user as well.

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