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How to Connect Airpods to PC: Easy 2 Techniques

Airpods are wireless earbuds. The Apple company created it. People use it in playing audio, listening to songs. Moreover, it’s incredible built-in feature microphone helps a lot in receiving the calls quickly.

 It is probably the most lightweight earbuds until now. It is very comfortable to use. And, that’s why many people use it nowadays for their various needs. 

People know the technique of connecting Airpods to Mac OS or with an iPhone. But due to not having any idea about the method of connecting Airpods to a PC, many people can’t connect them even if they need it. So, that’s why today I’m going to write about how to connect Airpods to PC. If you are among these people who don’t know how to connect it to a PC, then you can check out this article.

How to Connect Airpods to PC

Airpods are another greatest invention of the apple company. We use it to receive phone calls, hearing songs, and so on. For its various usefulness, it’s users are growing day by day. 

That’s why people know the rules of connecting the Airpods to the iPhone. But, even then still there are many people exist who don’t know to connect Airpods to PC.

Though connecting Airpods to a PC isn’t as easy as connecting Airpods to an iPhone or the macOS. But if you grab the techniques of connecting Airpods to pc, it won’t look as hard as it seems. Here, I’m going to describe 2 easy techniques of how to Connect Airpods to PC. I am pretty sure, after reading this article, you won’t have any problem in connecting Airpods to your PC.

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Step-1: Keep the Lid Open

First be sure, that you have kept the lid of the Airpods open. Press and hold the back button. After seeing the blinking white light, let the back button go.

Step-2: Open Setting

Now, click on the setting tab and open the setting. Then, click on the option Devices. After clicking on it, an option named Bluetooth and other devices will show up.

There is another way which you can follow to tug up this option quickly. To do that, go to the search bar and type blue tooth. After that, click on the blue tooth & other saving options.

Step-3: Turn on Bluetooth

Check properly and, be sure that your Bluetooth is turned on. Because if it is turned on, it will make the PC receptive to the available other device’s blue tooth signals.

Step-4: Click on the Plus Sign

Now go to the Bluetooth & other setting options and click on the plus sign. It will persuade the window to look for the nearby enabled devices.

Step-5: Select the Device

Now, click on the option named to make sure your device is discoverable and turned on. Then select the device which is showing below.

Congratulations, now your Airpods is connected to the PC.

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Apart from following this technique, you can connect your AirPods to your PC through the action center too. To do so, you have to follow the following steps.

Step-1: Press & Hold the Back Button

As we described in the first technique, just press and hold the back button of the Airpods. Be sure that the lid of the Airpods is open.

Step-2: Click on the Option Action Center

Now go to the taskbar and click on the notification icon. The icon will be on the right side of the toolbar on the PC. Close to the icon date & time, there you will see the option named action center. 

You can also use the keyboard shortcut to search the action bar by pressing the window and A buttons jointly. 

Step-3: Click on the Option Expand & Connect

Now, click on the bar named expand and tap on the connect option. Then you will see a title named connect will show up on the right side of the screen of your PC. Click on it, and it will search for the AirPods. 

Now, see your AirPods is connected to your PC.

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Final Word

The world is getting digitalised day by day. People are tending to use digital devices much for their day to day work. It’s impossible to pass a day without the use of the modern electric device.

Among so many devices, the airport is the easiest and lightweight device, which people use much. To receive a call during driving or walking without tapping on the phone, people use the AirPods at present. Though people can connect it to their iPhones, many people don’t know how to connect AirPods to PC. 

And, for that reason, they can’t use it on the PC though they need it. If you are among those people and looking for ways for to connect it to a PC, then you can read out this article. Here, I have described 2 unique techniques of connecting Airpods to PC. 

I hope you will be benefitted from it.

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