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How To Charge Airpods Case: Get An Ultimate Guide For Airpods & Airpods Pro

Due to concise battery life, it’s good to keep the case charged whenever you can since it stores nearly 24 hours of the additional power source. Perhaps, Airpods are not cheap, so why don’t you want to enjoy them for a long time.

That fine; if you are fond of Apple devices lover, hopefully, the Airpods will increase your pleasure. But when someone like you is going to buy a new one for the first time, they probably need instructions on how to charge Airpods case because they always demand recharge again and again.

Therefore, with the lighting cable as well as a wireless charging case, we will show simple rules as a helping hand. Let’s see the detail. 

How to Charge Airpods Case: Cable and Wireless Charging 

Apple created their popular Airpods with charging case since the earbuds require short battery life, instead primarily giving power supply easily in that wireless device. Indeed, when you travel or outside of the home, the case luckily eliminates anxiety; just put the Airpods into the case, close it, and will transfer power to them. 

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What Should You Know for the First Time? 

It is an essential fact that Airpods don’t have their own batteries to receive charge; instead, the case carries a built-in battery system; later, they draw power from it. So you must keep in mind that there are two devices, Airpods & Airpods case. Typically, a brand new one gives the opportunity with up to 5 hours of listening and up to 2 hours of talking time before you charge them again. The Airpods Pro nearly gets up to 4.5 hours of listening together with up to 3.5 hours of talking time.

A fully charged case can supply more than 24 hours of listening time and provide 11 hours of talk time, which is sure enough for anyone to enjoy, further don’t have patience! Just 15 minutes can offer 3 hours of listening and 1 hour of talk time.

As an indicator, you will find a status light. The wireless charging case gets it in front of the case, but if you return the Airpods inside, this sits in the middle space. Besides, when the case gets empty, the charging indication refers to the battery life. Let’s come to discuss both two methods for the first time or all along.

Method 1: How to Charge Airpods Case Using a Cable 

On the bottom of every single Airpods, there has a charging port that fits a light cable. That is the cable that usually comes with iPhone and iPad. Besides, it’s nothing like serious about putting Airpods inside a case; you can charge with or without them but close the case certainly. Airpods Pro maintains a USB-C connector with the lighting cable, which doesn’t accomplish in a USB port, therefore treat an existing cable from the previous generation.

  1. Take the case and connect the light cable at the bottom
  2. Confirm the status light turn on within a couple of seconds and then turn off that means the charger is working
  3. Leave it for an hour to get a full charge
  4. Once you put the Airpods, keep them 15 to 20 minutes to complete the charge
  5. You can plug the lighting cable via an adapter into a power source or take a USB port on the computer.

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Method 2: How to Charge Airpods Case Wirelessly 

The Airpods pro offers its users a wireless charging method, perhaps though the first and second generation doesn’t require the same technology. Still, Apple separately provides a compatible case for them. In particular, you have to bring a Qi-certified charging mat.

  1. Remember that you can charge with or without Airpods, so place the case on the charger, then check up the status light is flashing on the front; it should remain 8 seconds and turn off as it continues to charge.
  2. If the light isn’t working, try repositioning the case on the mat; hopefully setting process will start.
  3. Unfortunately, if you still have a problem, test that the cable plug firmly into the charging mat, and the other side gets a proper fitting with a power outlet or through a computer.
  4. You can tap the case; the amber light will mention the Airpods Pro are charging or green light to full charge.
  5. Maybe a wireless system takes more time than cable charging since you are using a compatible mat.

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How to Check Battery Level and Charge Status 

Your connected device iPhone, iPad, or Mac provide notification about battery life, on an average rate of 20, 10, and 5 percent remaining charge will notify on the screen. On the other hand, you also hear a tone on both Airpods & Airpods Pro when the battery is shallow. The first sound takes place with 10 percent; again, you listen to it before the Airpods turn off.

To check charge status, bring the case near your iOS device. Also, ensure that the case lid opens, and Airpods inside and wait for a few seconds to see the charge stage. Another option is the battery widget can show this, but you have to return one Airpod in the case.

However, on your mac, first, open the lid > click Bluetooth icon > hover the pointer over the Airpods with charging case in the menu bar.

Final Words 

These are all about how to charge Airpods case; both methods easy going. You can apply them quickly without obstacles. At least these earbuds are amazing tools as they have tension for charging when you are outside of the home. Put the Airpods in the case and get a charge to enjoy music or anything else. 

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