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7 Best Lenovo Laptop For Students In 2023

Lenovo Laptop Models By Year

Lenovo has many laptop offerings for students. They need to work from home or carry the laptop anywhere; that’s why Lenovo has IdeaPad, yoga, and Chromebook laptops. 

We found out some of the best Lenovo laptop for students. In this pandemic situation, everyone is doing all the work from home, so it is great to buy a desirable laptop and work smoothly. 

Take a look at which one fulfills your desires and get the right one for you. Don’t forget to observe the buying guide before choosing which will guide you through the best laptop for college as well.

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Seven Best Lenovo Laptop For Students

As we have to select these laptops for students, we consider some budget-friendly pick up as well. Acknowledge the best Lenovo laptops for students from here to receive help in studies handily. 

Lenovo Laptop Models List

  1. Chromebook Flex 5 at Price: $379.00
  2. IdeaPad Flex 5 at Price: $702.00
  3. IdeaPad 3 at Price: $359.99
  4. ThinkPad Laptop E15 at Price: $940.40
  5. Flex 14 at Price: $726.99
  6. Yoga C740-14 at Price: $630.00
  7. Legion Y540 at Price: $1,229.99

Before Going into The Depth Check Out The Overall Summary


Notable Product Overview



1. Chromebook Flex 5

Best for Less Complexity and More Productivity

OS: Chrome OS

CPU: Intel Core i3-10110U

*Best Laptop Under $400 


Graphics: Intel Integrated


Storage: 64GB

Screen: 13.3”


Check Price on Amazon

2. IdeaPad Flex 5

Best for 80% Battery With Just One Hour Charge

OS: Windows 10

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U

*Best Laptop Under $800 


Graphics: AMD Radeon


Storage: 256GB

Screen: 14”


Check Price on Amazon

3. IdeaPad 3

Best for Quick And Quiet Performance Experience

OS: Windows 10 Home

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 3250U

*Best Laptop Under $400 


Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 3


Storage: 128GB

Screen: 15.6”


Check Price on Amazon

4. ThinkPad Laptop E15


Best for Function In Almost Any Atmosphere

OS: Windows 10 Pro

CPU: Intel Core i5-10210U

*Best Laptop Under $900 


Graphics: Intel UHD 620


Storage: 512GB PCIe

Screen: 15.6”


Check Price on Amazon


5. Flex 14

Best for Parental Controls with Family Options

OS: Windows 10 Home


*Best Laptop Under $700 


Graphics: AMD Radeon Vega 8


Storage: 256GB NVMe

Screen: 14”


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6. Yoga C740-14

Best for Built-in Fingerprint Reader and Webcam

OS: Windows 10 Pro

CPU: Intel Core i5-10210U

*Best Laptop Under $700 


Graphics: Intel UHD


Storage: 256GB

Screen: 14”


Check on Amazon

7. Legion Y540

Best for Massive Storage Space

OS: Chrome OS

CPU: Intel Core i7-9750H

*Best Laptop Under $1300 


Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB


Storage: 1TB

Screen: 15.6”


Check on Amazon

Chromebook Flex 5 Less Complexity And More Productivity 

Lenovo’s Chromebook flex 5 offers the processors of 10th Generation Intel® Core™ i3, which shows off 10 hours battery life. With these elements, students can work fast and easily. For lessening the complexity, Chrome OS has a google account facility that can bring back all your saved files effortlessly by a login process. 

For safety issues and to give online threats protection, this laptop will make updates every six weeks. Moreover, its verified boot method will lead up to date your files from malicious changes. 

This 13-inch FHD touchscreen 2 in 1 laptop has 64GB eMMC SSD storage along with 4GB DDR4 memory to keep big files. However, the keyboard and touchscreen display will make students’ experience easy. 

Although for connectivity, its built-in webcam along with audio jack and USB Type C and A ports are there. Additionally, it has Bluetooth 5.0 and Intel Wi-Fi 6 for precise and rapid connection. 


  • Amplified stereo speakers
  • Beautiful Engineering
  • Inexpensive
  • Sleek and elegant


  • Tiny speakers

Check Price on Amazon

#2 IdeaPad Flex 5  80% Battery With Just One Hour Charge 

The Ideapad flex 5 invests more attention in battery life, and as a result, it provides an 80% battery in just 1 hour of charge considering the busy lifetime of students. Moreover, students will be able to use this 2-in 1 laptop for more than 10 hours of use. 

Students can get more choices in terms of creativity with this particular laptop. Its sleek design is a blending of entertainment, connectivity, and performance. However, this laptop is affordable for students and other faculty as well. 

For the processor, they have chosen the AMD Ryzen 5 4500U with integrating Radeon graphics. Its 256GB-SSD storage and 16GB-DDR4 memory will perform incredibly for hardworking students who earn for productivity. 

All the people in this generation look for privacy, which is why Lenovo includes a physical shutter on the webcam. It will maintain their privacy as well as keeps them out from any unwanted situations. 


  • Strong hinge
  • Solid built
  • Acceptable port selection
  • Active Pen included
  • Flexible 


  • Not has a super high-quality trackpad

Check Price on Amazon

#3 IdeaPad 3 Quick And Quiet Performance Experience 

For quick and quiet performance, this Lenovo IdeaPad 3 has two specific modes to work with. Students can use the Max mode for a quicker performance and Battery saving mode for a quieter performance experience. You can operate these modes with simple Q-Control. 

This laptop’s HD LCD touch display has two narrow bezels on both sides for experiencing a great adventure with a contemporary and clean look. Moreover, the Dolby Audio augment is enhancing the dual speakers. 

It works with AMD Ryzen 3 3250U processor along with 128 GB SSD storage. The memory of 4 GB DDR4 and other features will provide a tremendous experience for a fast working system in a busy schedule. 

IdeaPad 3 laptops have a hacker-proof webcam shutter, which is the best way to get privacy. Whenever your work has finished, you can shut down the shutter. However, students will get more than 6 hours of battery life for utilizing their valuable time. 


  • Great customer service
  • Works flawlessly
  • Affordable
  • Very thin and lightweight


  • Short power cable 

Check Price on Amazon

#4 ThinkPad Laptop E15 Function In Almost Any Atmosphere

To get the most out of any environment’s performance, Thinkpad laptop E15 will work in a dry or hot desert to freeze Arctic cold. The MIL-SPEC testedit proves it. It will not stop performing even if it gets accidental spills, drops, or knocks. 

However, students can upgrade memory and storage as per their requirements. They can do this degradation to 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB SSD. It will be a great reliable source for anyone who wants to get the best achievement. 

The 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10210U processor can handle any task students are through at them. Additionally, to give more capacity, the processor endorses dual-drive storage. 

For this laptop, Lenovo delivers a one-year warranty to assure working capabilities. Besides this, it also offers a bonus IST HDMI cable. 


  • Boots up rapidly
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Quick performance 
  • Light and thin


  • Matte finish that reflects fingerprint on the display 

Check Price on Amazon

#5 Flex 14 Parental Controls With Family Options

Parents can control their kid’s activity on flex 14 laptops by protecting their usability with parental control options available for family options. It will be a huge relief for both students and parents.  

This laptop has a decent screen time habitat, sets the time for either students themselves or their parents. Also, they will get a combination of multimedia performance with fast processing speed. 

Lenovo Flex 14 has a built-in comprehensive and ongoing protection system for preventing ransomware, malware, and viruses. Students can use this laptop for 10 hours on a single charge, charging 80% in an hour. 

The shutter of true block privacy will allow you to physically shut the webcam when your works are done with the webcam. Although the processor AMD Ryzen 5 3500U can handle any situation you want, it can do much more than this.  


  • Unmatched performance
  • Portable and light
  • Terrific touchscreen 
  • Eligible Vega 8 graphics


  • Can’t charge via USB-C

Check Price on Amazon

#6 Yoga C740-14 Built-in Fingerprint Reader And Webcam

With the Lenovo Yoga C740-14, students can secure all their data from intruders by an inbuilt fingerprint reader into this laptop. Even for online classes or chitchats or discussions over important topics, they have a secure webcam facility that can close anytime they want. 

It has four modes to use; stand, tent, laptop, and tablet. Students or other people can use it whichever modes they want, or they are comfortable with. This facility of transition switches automatically from full screen to specific applications when you change the modes. 

The 10th Gen Intel Core i5-10210U processor presents an ultra-low-voltage platform. It assures the utmost high-efficiency power to perform any task. For advanced multitasking capability, it has 8 GB system memory. 

Lenovo offers a year warranty for this laptop. Besides that, it provides 8 to 9 hours of battery life. So it’s an easy buy for any normal students or people. 


  • Comfortable keys
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint sensor
  • Stylish laptop
  • Excellent build quality 
  • Amazing color accuracy and display


  • Gets hot while charging

Check Price on Amazon

#7 Legion Y540 Massive Storage Space

The upgraded hard drive- 1TB HDD and 1TB SSD (Boot) of Lenovo legion Y540 submit a spacious storage area for large files. Any big file storing will now be easy for students. They can have as many files as they want. 

To access multiple applications and tabs of the browser, you will get upgraded 32 GB memory. This sufficient high-bandwidth RAM will work faster as many tabs you want to browse at once. 

Upgraded hard drive and RAM enhance the overall performance of this laptop. Students can use this laptop in their daily usage and for studies as well. It will provide an amazing performance than before. 

Intel Core i7-9750H processor with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB graphics gives the maximum number of achievements people want from a laptop. It has a webcam in the center of the screen for online classes abilities. 


  • Works just perfect
  • Remarkable product
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Tremendous battery life 


  • Heavy and big chargerTiny speakers

Check Price on Amazon

How to Decide the Best Laptop for Students?

Take advantage of the buying guide for the best laptops for college students before deciding. You will be assured about the best college laptops after going through this segment. 


Nowadays you can buy any laptop from any range of $150- above $900. The more you pay, the more performance you will get. But for students, $200 will be enough to get the best laptop for their regular work. 


A brand is always a thinking point for any generation of people. Not all brands can fulfill your desires. But Lenovo has a huge collection of students. You can pick any one of them to work effortlessly for your studies. 


Laptops come with one of three OS- chrome OS and Windows OS are well known in the common terms, but Mac OS is different from them because it comes with MacBooks only. 

As per your operating system flexibility, students can choose any one from them. But Windows OS is much easier than Chrome and Mac OS. Chromebooks are also famous among students and parents. 

Battery life

For students, there are online classes, project assignments, etc. Considering those facts and the usage, you can get 7 hours of battery life if you want to place the laptop in your lap, or otherwise, you can take an 8+ hours battery life laptop. 

You can also check lenovo thinkpad x1 carbon On Amazon

Other specs

There are many other facts or specs you need to consider. Those are-

  • CPU 

CPUs are the brain of a laptop. Students can get a better CPU in an affordable laptop. Intel and AMD Ryzen series are the best of them.  

  • RAM

You can get 4GB to 64GB RAM on any laptop. But for students, 8GB is enough, but if you want, you can upgrade the RAM. 

  • Touchscreen

If you buy a 2-in-1 laptop, you will get the most out of usage than a regular laptop. Go for a touchscreen if you want to work faster. 

  • Display 

Students can get regular laptops for the display requirement because if the resolution gets higher, the battery life will lessen the working time. To do regular work, a more regular display will be fine enough. 

  • Storage drive

Students’ laptops don’t need any hard drive; they can work with SSD until they work other than their studies. But SSD’s do not work faster than hard drives. 

  • Graphics chip

If you want to do high res video editing or 3D object creation, or anything else, you need a discrete graphics processor. But if you are not going any one of them, then an integrated graphics chip is fine enough. 

  • Keyboard and touchpad

As a student, you guys need to work many hours a day. So the keyboard and touchpad should be comfortable to use. 

  • Size

The display size we get from laptops is 13-18 inches. Students need to get 13-15 inches because, above that, it will be hard to carry.

You can also check lenovo ideapad s340 On Amazon

Which Type of Laptop is Best for Students?

For students, a habitable laptop is a priority, indeed, but there are other things they need to evaluate. 

  • Lightweight

The laptop has to be lightweight because students need to carry the laptop anywhere. Moreover, thin and lightweight laptops will be a great choice for students. 

  • Backlit keyboard

To work at night when everyone is sleeping, students can’t work without the backlit keyboard. So it is also a necessity if you stay in a hostel or sharing room. 

  • Affordable 

Students are restricted in their expenses because of their pocket money. So a laptop has to be within their budget that can be affordable. 

  • Easy to operate

Not all operating systems are easy to operate for a student. They can choose the operating system for themselves, whichever one they want to get.

Wrap Up

We exist in a world where there are so many options to make our work easy. From those options, smartphones and laptops are the most used technology. But smartphones can’t handle all the work that a laptop can. 

Gather the knowledge of the best Lenovo laptop for students that they are providing us. If you are new in this case, you can follow our buying guide as well. 

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