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How To Switch From iPhone To Android: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you ready to make the major decision of switching from an iPhone to an Android device? Then this how to switch from iPhone to android: a beginner’s guide content is for you.

For every one of us, the iPhone is a dream come true. But we can’t deny the fact that Android is not less than the iPhone either. That is the reason why iPhone users are now switching from iPhone to android. As we all know they both have different operating systems. So it has become a daunting task to switch.

But to make your work easy and render your time wisely usable, we are coming with this content. So let’s dig into the process and learn it.

How To Switch From iPhone To Android With 2 Easy Method

For your convenience, in this content, you will get two different methods of switching processes. One is free and one is a paid method. The paid method will work faster and the free method will take some more time than that because you need to do them manually. 

So choose your way of how to switch from iPhone to android: a beginner’s guide and start using your new android device with your old and valuable data.

❏    Free Method

Source 1: Switch Contacts 

  1. Navigate in the settings and choose the iCloud option on the iPhone device.
  2. Sign in and turn the contact on. Then let’s happen the syncing process between iCloud and the iPhone.
  3. Open iCloud on the browser in PC then snap-on the contact option.
  4. In contact administration board, click the setting bar and expert vCard option. It will save the file on the PC.
  5. Attach your Android device with a USB cable to the computer. After connection, open the SD card then cut and paste the vCard file.
  6. Lastly, guide the contacts app on the Android device and open the menu list.
  7. After you need to tap on the import/export option. Elect “Import from USB storage” and import the vCard file. 

Source 2: Switch Photos

  1. Connect both iPhone and Android devices to the PC with the USB cable.
  2. Open the iPhone folder then the internal storage option. You will get the DCIM option, there are all photos.
  3. Just copy those photos and paste them in the Android folder.

Source 3: Switch Calendars

  1. On the iPhone device, go to the settings and hence find out the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” option. Then select Google.
  2. Login in with google account and then fill up the definition of the calendar.
  3. Snap-on next and contact option should be on. Start syncing after saving it. It will enable start-up synchronization between iPhone calendars with google.
  4. At last on your Android device, go to settings and tap on the “account & sync” option.
  5. In Google account then start with the sync calendar.

Source 4: Switch Videos And Music

  1. Start iTunes on PC, click store and “authorize this computer”.
  2. Log in with your apple id.
  3. Attach both the devices with a USB cable. Then again open the iTunes app.
  4. Right-click on the iPhone option. A pull-down list will appear then choose “Transfer Purchased”. It will transfer all the videos and music to iTunes.
  5. On PC, open the iTunes folder and from C: UsersAdministratorMusiciTunesiTunes media folder copy those videos and music and paste them to the Android SD card.

Source 5: Switch Text Messages

  1. Join the iPhone with the PC, open iTunes.
  2. To back up the iPhone in your PC, open the control panel of the iPhone.
  3. Select the “Backup Now” option.
  4. Again, connect the android device to the PC and copy the backup file to the SD card.
  5. Download the iSMS2droid app and open it on the Android device.
  6. Choose “iPhone SMS Database” and then, assign the iTunes backup file.
  7. Choose appointed SMS or all messages and transform them into an XML list.

❏    Paid Method

Step 1: Download And Install iSkysoft Toolbox App On Computer

Download the iSkysoft toolbox app on your pc and install it. Choose your requirement whether you want it for windows or mac.

Step 2: Select The “Switch” Option And Connect Devices 

In the app homepage, select the switch option. After that connect both of your devices on the pc with the USB cable.

Step 3: Allow The Popup Messages

if any popup message will come in your mobile device then allow them to make further progress.

Make sure in the source option you connect the iPhone and in the destination option, you connect the android device. If it’s not then don’t worry. In the upside, there will be a flip option just click on that.

Step 4: Select The List And Allow The Permissions

After the connection process, you need to select from the list which data you want to copy then start the copy. If any popup message comes again then allow them too.

Wrap Up

Though it is not possible to get all the same features and functions in the Android device as the iPhone has. But android has so many amazing features and apps that you will forget your iPhone.

Apps of the iPhone are not supported in Android but fortunately, Apple has its Android version apps. Even you can use Google apps like Google Drive, Google Photos, etc to move data because these apps are available on both devices.

To know more about the process, we hope that how to switch from iPhone to android: a beginner’s guide content will help you. Authorize the right option for yourself.

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