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7 Best iPhone SE 2020 Cases – Complete Review Combo for User Support

Apple has launched the 2020 version of iPhone SE (2nd generation) this New Year. Therefore, a well-built phone case with a smashing exterior is a must for every iPhone SE user. That is why; we are here with the seven best iPhone SE 2020 cases.

Yeah! We know that you have already searched through your favorite online and offline stores to choose the right phone case. However, before you make the final choice, just take a quick look at this feature. Thus, you will get acquainted with some of the top-charted iPhone SE 2020 phone cases in brief.

Best iPhone SE 2020 Cases: Explore Towards Uniqueness

Among numerous phone cases, people often pay attention to reliable brands. In this section, we have picked the phone cases according to their ranking, brands, features, and customer reviews on popular sites.

Mkeke Back Cover Case: Crystal Clear iPhone SE 2020 Case

From Mkeke manufacturers, we will introduce one of the best iPhone SE 2020 cases. This model from Mkeke has been listed in the top-reviewed phone cases recently.  

This uniquely designed phone case has Polycarbonate and soft TPU as the core material. Moreover, the hybrid shape constructs a sturdy structure and ensures ultimate firmness. Thus, this back cover case fits amazingly with your iPhone SE.

Besides, the Shock Absorption Technology formulates an absolute protection layer to keep your device shockproof.

And, last but not least, its advanced anti-fingerprint feature makes the overall exterior refined and visibly aesthetic.


  • Sophisticated anti-scratch technology
  • Easy to handle
  • Professional appearance
  • Durable and lightweight


  • No color option

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2.  Spigen Ultra Hybrid: An Ultimate Durable iPhone SE 2020 Case

Spigen has brought another smashing phone case for iPhone lovers. Here we are, with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Case for iPhone SE 2020. This back cover has the latest Air Cushion Technology with enhanced comfort. Moreover, the Hybrid Drop Protection feature protects the phone from dropping damages. Besides, the tiny air pocket provides support to endure outside shocks.

As you can see from its transparent and bright outlook, your official logo and design will not be hidden inside the case. The material for this iPhone case is a mixture of TPU and Plastic. Furthermore, this Ultra Hybrid Back Cover Case from Spigen is available in five colors.


  • Refined structural cutouts
  • Wireless charging facility
  • Perfect fitting with premium design


  • No dustproof surface

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3. REALCASE IPSE2OGS: Premium iPhone SE 2020 Case

REALCASE has designed some of the top-ranking and best iPhone SE 2020 cases. Here comes another new generation iPhone case, REALCASE IPSE2OGS.

The main material of this back cover is Premium liquid silicone. Also, it has got a combination with Hard PC and Fabric, which ensures increased durability. Moreover, its inner microfiber cushion reduces the chance of getting scratches from corner touches.

The two-layered structure works spontaneously for long-lasting resistance and smooth feeling on hands. In addition, the extra cover at the bottom protects the phone’s body effectively. Furthermore, the solid key covers assist the user with an amazingly responsive feel.


  • Elegant exterior
  • Trouble-free cleaning
  • Anti-dust silicone texture


  • Comparatively expensive

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4. OtterBox COMMUTER 77-54032: Innovative iPhone SE 2020 Case

Renowned phone case brand OtterBox Products has launched its COMMUTER Series for iPhone SE 2020. Among them, we have selected the OtterBox COMMUTER 77-54032 according to customer ratings and reviews.

The phone case material contains Polycarbonate, soft silicone, and synthetic rubber. However, the smooth and glossy outer part ensures effortless sliding inside and outside of your pocket.

Moreover, the exceptional backside grip pads bring out its user-friendly gestures. Also, its port covers manage the entrance of any visible dust or dirt. This ultra-slim 2-piece iPhone case has a collection of five colors, so now, it is time to choose yours.


  • Top-notch protection from drops and hits
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Perfect fit with the device


  • Slippery body texture

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5. OtterBox DEFENDER 77-54027: Super Protective iPhone SE 2020 Case

Here is another quality product from the OtterBox DEFENDER Series, OtterBox DEFENDER 77-54027. If you want to check out the best iPhone SE 2020 cases, you should not exclude the DEFENDER Series from OtterBox.

This solid iPhone SE case is made of premium Polycarbonate that enhances the overall performance significantly. Moreover, its 3-layered protection includes an interior shield, exterior cover, and a protector for the touch screen.

Also, the holster with belt-clip gives its user the facility to enjoy hands-free visualization. Besides, the outstanding design of the port covers denies access to possible dust.


  • High-quality material
  • Excellent finishing through all edges
  • Precise cutouts for all ports
  • Super protective multi-layer structure


  • Problematic fitting in some cases

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6. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro: Heavy-Duty iPhone SE 2020 Case

The Unicorn Beetle Pro Series from the SUPCASE production has developed quite an impressive image in the marketplace of iPhone cases. Therefore, the latest model of Unicorn Beetle iPhone cases can undoubtedly be your choice this year. 

The production of this model includes a polycarbonate covering with the TPU base. Thus, the double-layered protection enables shock absorption with excellent resistance capability.

Moreover, the cover case contains a fixed screen protector along with it, which draws away almost all possible screen scratches. In addition, this quality screen protector does not bother the touch sensitivity of your iPhone. This model is available in four smashing colors.


  • Unbeatable protection features
  • Top-notch technological support
  • Compatible with wireless charging


  • Heavy and bulky outlook

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7. Totallee Thin: The Slimmest iPhone SE 2020 Case

If you want something classy yet simple to cover your iPhone, the Totallee Thin back cover can be the best selection. This iPhone SE 2020 case comes with a natural transparent look and ultra-thin body. Thus, it enables you to cover your phone without hiding the deluxe Apple logo, which is an absolute visual delight.

The manufacturers have used plastic and flexible TPU as .main material for the Totallee Thin back cover case. Unlike other iPhone cases with a soft body, this one includes a rubbery and matte type finish. As a result, this additional grip improves user experience without making it slippery.


  • Smooth skin coverage
  • Noticeably lightweight feeling
  • Standard cutout patterns for exterior keys


  • Comparatively less protective feature

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Reminder before buying a phone case

Product substance

Whenever you buy a phone case, whether it is an iPhone or Android, product material matters most. Some manufacturers use cheap silicone or low-quality plastic as the core element.  Therefore, choose the case carefully and make sure to check the material.

Protective features

Instead of showing off, it is better to deliver attention to the phone’s body protection. Hence, we will recommend you select a phone case with more protective features.

Shock absorbing capacity

Sometimes, accidental dropping can damage your phone severely. The shock absorption technology of phone cases helps to prevent this type of damage. So, if you have a fair budget for your iPhone case, select those with this facility.

Product packaging

Check the seal before unpacking the product. If the seal is broken, contact your seller immediately.

Warranty issues

Verify the product warranty and buy it from a trustworthy company.  Lastly, keep the recipient’s copy or guarantee card safely. Some brands offer technical support and replacement policy. Without the card, it will be tough to take the service.

Wrap Up

A device like iPhone SE requires complete care from the user. Consequently, an ideal type of phone case along with a screen protector and lens protector is worth your investment. However, not all phone cases can satisfy you entirely.

Here, in this feature, some of the top-charted and best iPhone SE 2020 cases have been discussed. However, the chief purpose of this article is to assist you with your choice. We hope you find it helpful in every way.

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