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5 Best Managed Cloud Hosting Service in 2023 | In-Depth Reviews

We hope that you know about cloud hosting services. But can’t figure out which services are best. You need not worry more about it because you’re in the right place!

We value your time and money. So, bearing in mind features, customer support, and the most affordable price, we listed here 5 best managed cloud hosting service providers.

You may need a low price package or secured services and also maybe want to get both. Among the 5 best managed services, you will get your desired one.

No more delay. Read the article and choose the best-managed cloud hosting service according to your need.

Quick Pickup List

Five Best Managed Cloud Hosting Service

Finding the right hosting providers can be a daunting prospect so that we’ve undertaken hours of research to find the best cloud hosts.

1. Cloudways

Cloudways, a managed cloud hosting service is a Malta-based company. It works with 5 best cloud providers named- DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud. As it is a managed hosting service, it takes away all of your pain to set up and maintain a server. In a few minutes and some click, it will support you install your website.

Cloudways best managed cloud hosting service
Image Credit: Cloudways


Cloudways service is planned in a way that makes things easy and quick.

  • Offers Free Cloud CDN and HTTPS support
  • Supports PHP app
  • Advanced control panel
  • You can manage security settings
  • Provides 24/7 expert support to customer
  • Vertical scaling to upgrade the server
  • You can change the Backup schedule

More About Cloudways with plans and prices:

Plan nameProcessorRAMSpaceBandwidthPrice
GCE Starter Plan1 core1.7 GB20GB2 TB$33.30/mo
DigitalOcean Starter Plan1 core1 GB25GB1 TB$10.00/mo
Linode Starter Plan1 core1 GB25GB1 TB$12.00/mo
Vultr Starter Plan1 core1 GB25GB1TB$11.00/mo
AWS Starter Plan1 core1.75GB20GB2TB$36.51/mo
DO2GB1 Core2 GB50GB2TB$22/mo

Check Plan Here


  • You can monitor real-time consumption through Pay-as-you-go plans.                                 
  • Easy to install                                                              
  • Provide Free SSL certificate
  • In just 1-click you can test the application
  • 24/7 support (Live Chat)
  • Unlimited application


  • Doesn’t support all programming language
  •  Absence of file manager

For those who have a limited budget and for small-to-medium-sized businesses, cloudways is a superb choice.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is a popular cloud hosting provider. Around the world, it serves approximately 29 million clients. It brags 15000 sign up in a day. It guarantees 99.9% uptime and superior speed performance.

One interesting thing about Hostinger is, it buys unmanaged cloud hosting from Google. And then manage the cloud service and sell to customers.

Hostinger best managed cloud hosting service
Image Credit: Hostinger


  • Faster loading
  • It offers PHP7 support
  • To install any app just need 1-click
  • Provides Git support.
  • Allows unlimited website
  • Dedicated IP address

More about Hostinger with plans and prices:

Plan nameCPU coresRAMDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
Startup23 GB100 SSD GBUnlimited$7.45/mo
Professional46 GB140 SSD GBUnlimited$14.95/mo
Global816 GB200 SSD GBUnlimited$37/mo

Check Plan Here


  • Offers reasonable price                          
  • Free SSL certificate                                        
  • Very fast response to customer
  • Very high uptime (99.99%)


  • Rebranded version of VPS hosting
  • No daily backup

For those who are looking for budget-friendly, as well as good performing web hosting Hostinger, is the best option for them.

3. Siteground

In the WordPress community, SiteGround is the most widespread and top-rated web hosting provider. Due to very responsive customer support and fast reliability, they are very popular. It is officially recommended by

Siteground best managed cloud hosting service
Image Credit: Siteground


  • Automatic update available.
  • Provides a high amount of Email storage
  • Offers Git support
  • Delivers free hosting migration
  • Daily backup available at free of cost
  • Implement PHP7 support

More about Siteground with plans and prices:

Plan nameDisk spacePrice
Start-up Plan10 GB SSD$3.95/mo
Growbig plan20 GB SSD$5.95/mo
GoGeek plan30 GB SSD$11.95/mo

Check Plan Here


  • Provides 24/7 customer support                         
  • Provides Free CDN and SSL                                   
  • Optimized software
  • Excellent speed


  • Take high price in 2nd time
  • Limited storage

4. Chemicloud Hosting

Chemicloud Hosting is a fast, trustworthy, secure cloud hosting platform. Among other hosting providers it is a rising star. They offer excellent service that’s why they are the best evolving web hosting.

Chemicloud best managed cloud hosting service
Image Credit: Chemicloud


  • In just 1-click you can install more than 150 software options.
  • It provides Daily backup
  • Offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate
  • Free domain name for lifetime
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Free cPanel License

More about Chemicloud with plans and prices:

Plan nameCPU coresRAMSSD storageBandwidthPrice
Iron24 GB80 GB4 TB$59.96/ mo
Gold832 GB640 GB7 TB$269.96/mo
Bronze48 GB160 GB5 TB$ 89.96/mo
Silver616 GB320 GB6 TB$149.96/mo

Check Plan Here


  • Money-back guarantee (45 days)                                                  
  • Allows Free migration                                                                       
  • HTTP/2 Enabled
  • 24/7/365 customer support team


  • Limited storage option
  • Repeated change in price

If you want to begin a new site and looking for a host that offers the same renewal price, then chemicloud is a wonderful option for you.

5. InterServer

InterServer started its journey in 1999. Despite technologies that have changed over time but the company remains its principle the same. They offer shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server along with many services, they meet customer demand. In this way, they try to remain the best. The fantastic news about InterServer is, during the hard time (COVID-19) the company offers quality hosting for 3 months within only $1 to help you keep growing your business.

Interserver best managed cloud hosting service
Image Credit: Interserver


  • Unlimited resources
  • Provides Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Great loading time and high speed
  • Web site migration is free of cost
  • Provides 450+ cloud apps
  • Gives price lock guarantee
  • Caches Global content

More about InterServer with plans and prices:

Plan nameCPU coresMemoryStorageBandwidthPrice
VPS 112048 MB30GB SSD1TB$6/mo
VPS 224096 MB60GB SSD2TB$12/mo
VPS 336144 MB90GB SSD3TB$18/mo
VPS 448192 MB120GB SSD4TB$24/mo
VPS 5510240 MB150GB SSD5TB$30/mo
VPS 6612288 MB180GB SSD6TB$36/mo
VPS 7  714336 MB210GB SSD7TB$42/mo
VPS 8816384 MB240GB SSD8TB$48/mo
VPS 9918432 MB270GB SSD9TB$54/mo
VPS 101020480 MB300GB SSD10TB$60/mo
VPS 111122528 MB330GB SSD11TB$66/mo
VPS 121224576 MB360GB SSD12TB$72/mo
VPS 131326624 MB390GB SSD13TB$78/mo
VPS 141428672 MB420GB SSD14TB$84/mo
VPS 151530720 MB450GB SSD15TB$90/mo
VPS 161632768 MB480GB SSD16TB$96/mo

Check Plan Here


  • Provides cPanel hosting solution                                                 
  • Unlimited domain and website
  • Provides high security
  • Very easy to use control panel
  • Migration service fully free


  • Not available 24/7

What Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Managed Cloud Hosting Service?

1. Infrastructure plan:

Must consider the strength and reliability of data center, high performance, and security.

2. Site transfer and migration:

With the help of site transfer and migration, you can transfer your website into another host. Some web hosting providers allow charges, and some providers allow it free of charges.

2. Renew price:

When you need to renew your service, some providers claim high charge; it may be double or triple. Though features and performance remain the same as before. So, know the renew price accurately before starting your deal.

3. Bandwidth, email account, and storage:

How much storage capacity is available, how is their bandwidth and if they offer email account services or not. These things must be considered.

4. Backup facility:

Though most of the managed web hosting providers allow backup facilities, make sure about the backup facility.

5. Customer support:

Confirm about If the hosting providers are always available (24/7/365) or not.

6. Uptime guarantee:

 Make sure the uptime guarantee is available.

7. Pricing:

Know properly about the price plan.


We hope that you read the article thoroughly and get a full idea about the 5 best managed cloud hosting service providers.

Cloudways offer WordPress hosting with reasonable price, SiteGround provides Linux services, and Hostinger offers budget-friendly packages.

On the other hand, Chemicloud hosting provides a free domain name for a lifetime, and InterServer offers a price lock guarantee. Each brings slightly different from one another.

Here, to make your work more quickly, we also mentioned individual users of individual services. So, depending on your requirement, grab the best one!

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