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What is Cloud Hosting? All You Need to Know!!

If you’re new to the hosting arena and frequently hearing the word ‘cloud hosting service’, but don’t have enough knowledge about what is cloud hosting? Then we are here for you.

Because of Web hosting tools, we are able to see the websites on the internet. Among different web hosting services cloud hosting is the best option with an affordable price tag.

If the website is new then shared hosting is enough to manage where several website owners share a single server. But when it starts growing then cloud hosting is one of the best solutions for you.

Compared to shared hosting services, as cloud hosting services store resources in different servers, so if one goes down then another server can cover for it to stay operational.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that is a clustered server made up of different computers. It is a virtually used model that stored all resources of a website into the several physical servers that are interconnected. If one server fails, other server boosts in to keep everything running. That is why cloud hosting is reliable and powerful.


This web hosting uses multiple variant servers to balance the load and maximize up time. To improve speed and performance, it shifts data between servers.

Cloud hosting distributes resources across a network to offers the flexibility you need to meet sudden changes in web traffic within a pay-as-needed system. The providers of cloud hosting ensure the security of your data at various levels.

In brief, Cloud hosting is a network made up of many computers. Due to its convenient and helpful functionality, Cloud hosting continues to grow in popularity.

Managed vs Unmanaged Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting can be divided into two categories: managed and un-managed cloud hosting. Both have their own benefits. According to need, you have to choose one of them. For that reason, you have to know the difference between managed and un-managed cloud hosting. Let’s begin!

In managed cloud hosting, services providers take responsibility for all the things like software installation, maintenance, core updates, etc.In unmanaged cloud hosting, a business owner has to take all the responsibility. Here, physical server and availability have taken care of by service providers.
Managed cloud hosting is a little bit expensive.Unmanaged cloud hosting is cheaper than managed hosting.
Managed cloud hosting is the top choice of beginners.Unmanaged cloud hosting is perfect for experienced users.
Hostinger, Siteground, and Cloudways.AWS and AZURE

Many service providers buy an unmanaged cloud hosting from Google. After managed, they sell it at high prices. Depend on your needs select the right one.

Is The Cloud Server The Best?

what is cloud hosting

The Cloud server provides the speed of loading page, flexible and immediate resource allocation, energy-saving, climate-friendly server set up. Above all, it gives more at low prices.

As data is automatically backed up in the interconnected servers, Cloud hosting provides disaster recovery features.

Through customer’s identity management, proper data separation and storage isolation, secure and encrypted solutions, cloud hosting providers ensure your data safety.

The main benefit of it is, the web traffic is distributed among the other servers to manage the traffic rate in together. If a server fails, the other servers on the same node will distribute the workload among themselves. So that your business won’t hamper.  In this way, it provides you maximum network uptime.

The issue with the single server is that if it fails, the entire business goes down. That’s why the cloud server is the best.

How Much Do You Pay?

Depending on features, prices may vary in cloud hosting services. Different company offers different package and price. One company provides Monthly starting prices from $3.95 where another company provides monthly services in $269.96. We just tell you the minimum and maximum price plan. Based on your need grab the right one!

If you’re looking to trial, for your school or for yourself the free plans are enough to handle your requirements. But if you’re looking to get a production-ready cloud environment going, the free cloud hosting providers will not be enough due to bandwidth limitation.

Do You Need Cloud Hosting Or Not

Now you may be thinking if you need cloud hosting or not. Well, we help you out in this regard.

If you have a simple site that loads fast, runs easily with minimal maintenance or setup, on shared hosting, then you should keep continuing on it. But if you have more advanced needs from a web server than you should move to cloud hosting.


Cloud hosting is comparatively a recent structure that provides services to customers through multiple connected servers, rather than offering services through a single virtual machine.

Nowadays many companies are transferring their websites from traditional servers to the cloud ones, because of their faster well-established interconnected solutions, more traffic control, and storage capacity.

We are hoping you have got the answer “What is cloud hosting?.” So, what are you waiting for? Based on your requirement choose the best package of cloud hosting service!

Our recommendation either goes with Cloudways or Siteground.

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