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InterServer Review – Are they Reliable? (2023)

An Easily Scalable, Seasoned Host.

InterServer Review

Performance - 10
Reliability - 10
Customer Support - 9.5
Pricing - 10
Features - 10
Migration - 10


Within our test timeline InterServer gets full marks on Performance on Reliability, We will keep a look on the uptime and speed and update it after a time period. Customer Support is knowledgeable and helpful but doesn't get full due to delay in response.

User Rating: 4.55 ( 2 votes)

InterServer is an affordable web hosting provider for the past 21 years. They started their journey in 1999. They put a great emphasis on Customer Support. Their live representatives are available 24/7 to help with you with the need.

InterServer has data-center throughout the US in four locations. Three of them are in New Jersey, and last one is in California. This InterServer Review wont be like our usual ones rather it will be go through of what we experienced from a common user perspective.

Type of Hosting & Services Offered

  • Standard Web Hosting & Reseller Web Hosting
  • Private Email Hosting
  • Cloud VPS (Linux VPS, Windows VPS, Wordpress Optimized VPS)
  • Dedicated Servers (Storage Servers, GPU Dedicated Servers, Rapid Deploy Servers, Colocation Service)

Migration Process

At present InterServer is offering 90% of in their web hosting package. Your starting billing will be $1 for first three months. The thing surprised us is their renewal rate. Before purchasing the test account, we have confirmed the renewal rates by talking with their support team.

InterServer Renewal Rates

The SignUP process is fairly easy and quick. Payment can be done via PayPal or Credit Cards.

Hosting Account Panel & cPanel

After successful signUP you will get all the details of Login via Email. You will get a Hosting Account Panel from where you can manage all your InterServer Services. Though the design is a bit old, it does the Job. Also it isn’t buggy , which we faced in Account Panel of some big names.

Account Control Panel

This Panel gives you access to your Billing , Call in PIN (Support PIN) , Licenses you have purchased with them , SSL etc

After Purchasing, we tested out their Account Migration Feature. We were surprised they Migrated our Test Site from previous host to InterServer without any issues. The process was quick and their support team was active on this. Once i submitted my previous host details , they asked the proper Question that is What Data i want to move ? In test site i had 2 WordPress installations , 1 Laravel Project, 4-5 MySQL DB & Some Email Accounts. After their migration i checked them all , they were properly migrated without any problem. I would give me them a big plus on this. Many host fails to migrate things properly, causing bugs and further pain. They have $100 service in my $1 account.

InterServer Review: Web Site Migration

From the Hosting Account Panel, you can log in to cPanel and find your DNS as well. One issue, we couldn’t find the cPanel password in an email or in this Panel. The only way to login to cPanel is via Hosting Account Panel. In a way that is safe, but some will prefer the login password.

InterServer Panel Details

cPanel has all the standard features needed. There is no limitations imposed in cPanel features, we could easily change PHP Versions as needed also change necessary PHP ini varibales. They have Jetbackup enabled as cPanel Backup Companion. Which is convenient than the usual. It provides individual backup download of Files, Cron Jobs, Emails , Database etc.

InterServer Review: Jetbackup

In this Web Hosting Account Email Accounts are limited to 10, Disk Usage upto 14.65 GB, Inodes are upto 600,000, Bandwitch is Unlimited, Physical Memory Usage upto 2GB & No of Process to 10

One notable point, In their main screen of Shared Hosting all packages are mentioned to have Unlimited Space. But unfortunately its limited to 14.65 GB . They need to clarify this issue.

Pros and Cons of InterServer

+ Speed & Reliability is Top Notch
+ cPanel has no Limitation
+ They offer JetBackup in Shared Plans. Which is a plus one
+ Customer Support is Knowledgeable & Helpful
– Only Servers in USA
– Delay in Getting Customer Support. We had to wait for 2+ Hours

Summary :

I am using InterServer for the past week. I haven’t faced any problem yet. The up-time is 100% till now. (let’s wait a month, you guys will get the update) I am overall satisfied with them, but one thing should be kept in mind, InterServer got a lot of sales in this $1 offer. It will be a challenge to handle all these clients properly,

Have you used InterServer Before? Leave your Comment for others, no matter it’s positive or negative. 


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