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Rocket Hosting Performance Benchmark Tests – A Hands-on Review (2023)

In the current web hosting industry, one of the best in class managed WordPress hosting provider is the Rocket managed WordPress hosting. The Rocket is providing topnotch quality and remarkable hosting at an affordable price point. The Rocket is designed and developed by the most experienced web hosting professionals Aaron and Ben who are in the web hosting industry for the last two decades. The Rocket has several managed WordPress hosting plans from every single user to a big agency. Rocket has the most knowledgeable and user-friendly technical support executives are so crucial and always available for you 24×7.

As per our research these five reasons shows you why the Rocket managed WordPress hosting is better than others:

  1. Hosting on enterprise grade latest dedicated servers.
  2. Persistent NVMe SSD storage for faster access speed and better I/O response.
  3. Allocating dedicated resources like RAM, CPU and Storage for each account so getting guaranteed resources and performance.
  4. Premium CDN and DNS services for faster access speed and quick response.
  5. Always get premium security services like WAF bundled with the every hosting plan for tight security.

Rocket Features

Most likely the Rocket provides bundled features for each and every hosting plan includes WAF (Web Application Firewall), Faster DNS (Domain Name System) Service, More than 200 Edge based CDN (Content Delivery Network) Servers, Fastest Internet access for guaranteed download and upload speed for WordPress website, etc. These features are included in all hosting plans for FREE so you don’t have to worry to buy any third party services.

Rocket: Innovative UI Dashboard

The rocket has most innovative and easy UI dashboard present. This innovative UI makes handling so easy so that a non technical user can easily access the dashboard without reading any type of documentation. Thanks to clean and easy dashboard makes so easy to handle the hosting.

Rocket Provides 99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

Powerful Rocket servers provides guaranteed 99.99% uptime. There are some few hosts in the world which provides guaranteed 99.99% uptime one them is Rocket. Thanks to the latest enterprise grade powerful dedicated server and premium edge servers which served from more than 200 locations across the world.

User-friendly Technical Support

The Technical support team is the vital part of a Rocket Hosting. They are always ready to help as they understands the issues and ready to fix the issues as soon as possible. Their managed hosting migration team is best in a class they provide most painful migrations in a so easy way. They will migrate your website from old host to Rocket platform without any downtime. This process is so easy and smooth they will guide you in each instances.

Rocket Hosting Performance Benchmark Tests

We have taking the steps further and tried to check the web hosting with various realtime benchmark test to check the performance of the hosting.

  1. Pagespeed Test
  2. TTFB Performance Test
  3. Realtime Load Test

1. Pagespeed Test

Nowadays as per Google suggestions for SEO the pagespeed of WordPress website has now a ranking factor. Now this is the important thing about pagespeed you should consider first. The pagespeed can be checked using the pagespeed analysis tool wheres the load time is calculated as per test result.

After testing the website we have got the 1.45 seconds for fully loading the website. Which is awesome load time and so impressive. Thanks to the more than 200 edge servers with content delivery network and premium DNS provides awesome results.

2. TTFB Performance Test

The first response time of the websites is most important factor which can be calculated using TTFB (Time to First Byte) response. So we decided to test the website from all around the world to test out the TTFB from the ten locations from different locations around the world.

After checking the TTFB response from the 10 location from the available location around the world. The conclusion is the response time is so fast and TTFB response is so good.

3. Realtime Load Test

In a realtime environment the website load can be checked for assured traffic test. The load test will concluded using the 500 users per minute on the website hosted on Rocket platform.

We have found from the graph the rocket hosting handles all types of load so easily. Thanks to the premium servers and services used in the hosting. We have peace of mind when the traffic is came together as a load on server.

Pros of Rocket Hosting

  • Easy Dashboard User Interface
  • Premium Servers for Faster Response
  • Friendly Technical Support Team
  • Premium services like CDN, DNS, WAF are included in every plan
  • Budget Friendly Hosting Plan
  • Quality Hosting for WordPress
  • Faster TTFB Hosting response
  • Auto Updates for WordPress
  • Various PHP versions are availible
  • Free Website Migration are included in Every Plan

Cons of Rocket Hosting

  • Hosting available only for WordPress
  • You can’t use any third party CDN with this services this may cause incompatibility issues. Since Rocket has already providing Premium CDN bundled with every plan.


Rocket hosting is a quality hosting platform. It included all the required features like CDN, DNS, WAF that is bundled with every plan. It also has the different latest PHP versions so you have the choice to select between them. One of the best thing about rocket hosting is more than 200 edge servers are available for you. So, you will always get guaranteed faster page speed. Rocket faster responsive server plays the most important role regarding the TTFB response. We suggest you to try once Rocket web hosting services to satisfy your managed WordPress hosting needs.

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