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iPhone 12 || The Suspense


The Apple Time Flies event has been streamed out to the world live on September 15th and the one thing that everyone was eagerly waiting to know about is the iPhone 12. But instead of announcing its whereabouts, Apple introduced some of their cool stuffs including a cheaper Apple watch SE, a new iPad A4 and Apple one, which is basically a subscription service. So, it is very much probable that the new iPhone would be delayed comparing to the previous years’ launches. But that points out to a lot of unanswered questions around it like which features will make their way into the phone or will Apple be able to meet the demands around the globe. So, buckle up while we present all the probable features that might make their way this year. 

Probable Features of iPhone 12


Apple might be getting rid of the charger and headphone jack out of the box for the first time in history as the unboxing of Apple’s Watch series 6 suggests. So, basically the iPhone 12 packaging this year might just only bring the iPhone itself, some paper works, and a brand-new USB-C to lightning cable along with it. 

Credit: ConceptsiPhone
Credit: TT Technology

Design & Build 

This is quite sure that the same lineup regarding iPhones, will be introduced on this year as well. So, most probably we are going to see four models in this series, initiated from the standard model – iPhone 12; slightly enhanced iPhone 12 Max; finally the pro models – iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The standard iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Plus are rumored to get the most sales worldwide.

The probable colors mentioned by some critics are White, Black, Product Red, Light Blue, Orange and Purple. These are rumored to be featured for the non-Pro iPhone 12 series which seems like a good deal considering their price. 

Credit: Marques Brownlee

Based on the leaks from the probable design for iPhone 12, the critics are confirming that a brand-new box type and flat edge design might be introduced with this device like it was in the iPhone 5. This will feel super-premium in hand if the probable aluminium body really comes along.

The notch from the predecessors remains on 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches models of the iPhone 12 but the 5.4 inches standard model will feature a relatively smaller notch as a matter of being so small in size. Other than that, the bezels for the non-Pro models of iPhone 12 series are said to be similar to the iPhone 11 Pro from last year. You will notice a cutout on the body magnet implementation with a view to keeping the phone sticked to a wireless charger. 

It is also worth knowing that all four models of the iPhone 12 will be coming along the IP68 rating at up to four meters depth of water. This means the phones will be able to survive up to four meters of depth in clean water for about 30 minutes before any serious damage happens to the phone. 

Credit: Marques Brownlee


The display is rumored to be 5.4 inches for the standard model of iPhone 12, 6.1 inches for iPhone 12 Max as well as the Pro model, and 6.7 inches for the Pro Max model. There have been rumors going around that the iPhones will feature an OLED display this year instead of an LCD display and most probably the resolution would be 2340x1080p (475ppi) for the standard model, 2532x1170p (460ppi) for the Max as well as the Pro model and 2778x1284p (458ppi) for the Pro Max. 

Credit: TT Technology

Certainly, a lot of people would be butthurt to know that 120Hz Refresh Rate is 99% confirmed not to be happening; along with it, some of the other higher features are not possibly making the cut this year as Apple is intending to keep the cost down which might even undercut the cost of the previous generation. So, it seems like the iPhone users have to wait another year for a 120 Hz refresh rate. 

Credit: Marques Brownlee


The cameras are rumored to be shelled in a triple camera setup as usual. From the leaks of the iPhone 12 Pro chassis, it is pretty sure that Apple will introduce Lidar Sensors in the Pro models but the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Plus will be missing out on this feature despite having the two main cameras similar to the Pro series along with Ultrawide Angle Lens and newly added 7P 12MP Lens.

The 7P lens will undoubtedly improve the image quality a lot; especially in lower light conditions. Apple is the first company to walk on this road but the Android manufacturers will definitely be intending to implement this advanced feature in their flagship phones as well.  

For upholding the camera-game a bit more, Apple is introducing 4K 240fps video support along with 120fps as well. Enhanced night mode with Depth Video feature might also be seen in this package.

For enhanced autofocus and bokeh effect, Apple is using Lidar Sensors this time which will definitely be a noticeable jump from the iPhone 11 series, especially in extremely low light situations. 

Credit: TT Technology


According to Jon Prosser, iPhone 12 will be running on the latest iOS 14.1 software out of the box. 

As a matter of fact, it might be a relief for the iPhone users that the latest A14 Bionic Chipset is pretty sure to be featured on iPhone 12. The chipset has already been used inside Apple’s recently launched iPad Air and now it is coming with iPhone 12. Critics have declared that the chipset will surely make the iPhone more power-efficient as well as make the phone 2x faster than the previous ones. And there should be no doubt in that, as because A14 Bionic is the first-ever 5nm chipset to go into production commercially and end up providing the iPhone users a longer battery life or faster 4K video editing or both at the same time.

Credit: TT Technology

According to the tweets on iPhone 12 by Evleaks, it is pretty much confirmed that a full-on 5G implementation across the whole iPhone 12 lineup will be seen this year. 

Rumors also say that iPhone 12 will have a new feature called Power Drop which is actually a reverse wireless charging feature for Apple’s Air Pods only. The estimated capacity of the battery is still being rumored around 2227mAh for the standard model, 2775mAh for the Max as well as Pro model, and 3687mAh for the Pro Max model.


Apple is planning to bring in some insane price value this time with a starting price of $699 for the standard model of iPhone 12, around $750 for the iPhone 12 Max model, and then around $1000 for the Pro models.  

Credit: TT Technology

Final Verdict

Many hopes will be lost and many will be planted as there have been multiple versions floating around. This is surely going to be harder for Apple to compete with the Android flagships if they lack the higher refresh rates. Nevertheless, at the same time, there are loyal customers out there who would buy Apple for the friendly ecosystem of Apple but a 90Hz refresh rate would have been more than enough for this time. Well, let’s just wait for the next event from Apple to clear all the smokes that have been created around the coruscation of this year. 

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