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iOS 14 Beta New Features: Do You Know?

Do you know that Apple has released a beta version of iOS 14? This is the latest version of the iPhone. Great home screen, high-quality resolution video, advanced camera have taken this mobile to a unique height from all other mobiles. Compared to the previous iPhone, translation app, back tap, new group messaging options have been added here.

In this article we will highlight some exclusive things about the iSO 14 beta new features. By reading this article, you will have no more questions about iOS 14 beta new features. So, keep on reading.

iOS 14 Beta New Features In Details Info For You

We all are excited to know the iOS 14 Beta new features. But with new features, they also updated some of their old features as well. To know it completely, we are going to describe those new and updated features separately. Therefore be ready to know. 

New features

1. Apps library and  hide app page

When you go to the end of the iPhone’s apps, the new app library opens to show all the apps together, which is different from the previous iPhone. When you download a new app, you can easily add the apps to the home screen or keep them in the app library.

If you have an app that you want to use alone, but you don’t want to show it to anyone or uninstall the app, then iOS is giving you the benefit of hiding the page. If you want, you can use it by placing multiple apps on your hide page. No one else will have access to this page except you. 

2. Picture-in-picture functionality

When you turn on picture mode, you can watch videos and use other apps at the same time without any hassle. In this case, the video will be a small part on one side of the screen so that you will not have any problem doing your work.

3. App Clips

Apple has added clips to the ISO application, so you can get a lot of benefits from those apps even if you don’t download them in full. Clips allow you to do all sorts of things, such as renting a taxi, ordering food at a restaurant, without having to download an app. Apple has created app clips in a way that makes it easy to find your app or be a part of the app experience.

4. Health app

To help users, iOS 14 has introduced an app called Health App, which includes things like emergency SOS, fall detection, ECG. As a result, users can easily take basic services. 

5. Safari

Fast and safe browsing is significant for you when you are browsing the internet. With this in mind, Apple has added Safari to the iOS 14 beta version, which will make your internet browsing safer and more robust.

Improved features

1. Home screen widgets

The first thing to talk about is that a new version of iOS 14 has been introduced on the home screen, which includes support for widgets. Widgets can be pinned to a few different shapes and easily moved from Today View to the home screen.

Today section widgets have been redesigned. Widgets for action are readily displayed on every home screen, including customizing widgets.

2. Interface

In this version, when a phone call is made in this way, it is visible as a small part in a corner without taking full screen.

3. Car keys and car play

To keep your car safe, you can lock and unlock your original car with the help of iOS 14, which is much more potent than before.

4. Modernize Siri and translation

Siri has been modernized and updated in ISO 14 beta. Sending audio messages to Siri will provide much more privacy to your messages, including those powered on a keyboard recognition device.

For the convenience of the users, Apple has put the translation in iOS 14. Apple has introduced apps that allow you to translate the language you use into 11 different languages effortlessly.

5. Massage app

Pins an important conversation for the convenience of users so that it is at the top of the app. Keeps messages in a specific place so that it is easy to replay messages with other tasks during the conversation, which is very useful for group chat.

In the case of group chat, you can talk by mentioning someone’s message or picture. And the last one who sent the message will be noted and displayed to you.

Apple has introduced new emoji options to attract your message and use logical symbols in different situations, which will take your messages differently.

6. Map app with curated guide

This app is beneficial and necessary for cyclists. Because, when you keep going, whether there is a traffic jam or a problem on the road, everything will be displayed in this app.

Apple has added an option called curated guide in iOS 14 beta, where the location of the city’s exciting restaurants, zoos, museums, shopping malls, and details are given so you can easily find them.

7. Privacy

Everyone has some secrets. IOS 14 Beta gives the highest guarantee of keeping these secrets secret. Detailed information about this is available from the App Store. 

Additionally, you can see the ad tracker and provide your approximate location rather than the exact location. Before tracking the user from apps, it will take permission for that too.  

8. Weather App

The weather app will get you all the weather updates. You will get all the information, including the minute forecast, during the rainy season. You will get all the information about how cold it will be tomorrow or how it will rain.

9. AirPods and Headphone Accommodations

In this version, AirPods are set up in such a way that you can do more things together, including audio songs and video songs, which will surprise you.

The headphones are designed with the focus on the headphones and the phone in mind, making your hoarse sound melodious, converting phone calls or other sounds into clear, smooth, and clear sound.

Final Words

At the moment, iOS 14 Beta has dropped all over the world because of the great features that set it apart from all other phones. We have covered all the issues of iOS so that you can make the right decision in a quick time.

In the article, we have described in detail all the topics, including translation, hide a page, bicycle direction, camera, video. We hope we have been able to help you properly.

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