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How To Switch From Android To iPhone: A Beginner’s Guide

Do you have a plan to switch from your android device to an iPhone? But you are worried about losing your data. Then we can help you in this by ‘how to switch from Android to iPhone’ a beginner’s guide content.

iPhone devices used their exclusive iPhone operating system (iOS) where android devices used the Android operating system. Since the system is different so everyone thinks it’s hard to switch but actually it’s not. Besides, you can only do it only if your iPhone has iOS 9 or higher than that.

So if you carry this requirement then you can start the process by heeding these steps. Let us inform you iPhone 11 pro max, iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 are good choice because they hold this condition. Pick up your Android and iPhone devices, and let’s do the switch.

How To Switch From Android To iPhone

Android and iPhone have different operating systems and most importantly both of them are extremely good in their field in services and popularity. But when we think of switching the mobiles it is quite tough to get used to with different types of systems.

Moreover, we can’t lose our data only because of the devices. So we are here to guide you with two easy ways of switching without even losing your valuable data. Just follow the direction which is given in how to switch from Android to iPhone: a beginner’s guide underneath. 

❏   By Move To iOS App

Apple has its “Move To iOS” app for Android devices to make the switching process easy for the users. This app-connected the devices over a wifi connection. Let’s learn how to do it then.

# On The iPhone Device

Start with the iPhone device settings. The settings you command to do on your iPhone device are presented subsequently.

Step 1: Set Up The New iPhone

First of all, you need to set up your iPhone with the required conditions and wait until the “Apps & Data” option comes up. Then tap on that option. You have to do it in the initial stages of setting up.

Step 2: Snap-On The “Move Data From Android” Option  

In the method, it will present you with a bundle of choices to get it to verify how you desire to restore your data. You are required to snap-on “move data from android.”

Step 3: Then Click On “Continue” Option

A message will come and that needs to be confirmed by clicking on “Continue”. Therefore a few digit codes will appear.

# On The Android Device

Changes direction you need to do on your android device before selling or donating the device or recycling it.

Step 1: Look For “Move To iOS” App On Android Device

In an Android device, you need to install an app that is composed of an android device. Follow the instructions underneath.

  • Go to Google play store then search for move to iOS app
  • Open the app listing and install it with accepting permissions
  • After the app is installed, open it.

A message will come when you open the app on your android device. Click on “continue”.

Step 2: In Android Device Then Tap “Agree” And “Next”

After that, select the agree and then next option and put that few digit code on the android device.

Step 3: When Connected To A Wi-Fi Connection Then Select Which Data Needs To Transfer

After passing into the code, both the devices will engage with Wi-Fi connection by a peer to peer network. Then ask for permission about the choices for transfer like camera roll, Google account, contacts, messages, bookmarks. Select the options.

Step 4: Automatically Disconnect Both The Device

Once the transfer is complete both the device will disconnect automatically. All the data will make its place in the correct place. The timing of transferring depends on the size of the data.

Step 5: Click On “Continue Setting Up iPhone”  In iPhone Device

At last click on the “continue setting up iPhone” option and make further settings.

❏   By Google Apps

Apple has also given the google app options to transfer the data. That means you can transfer your android data by google apps. So let’s know the process.

1. Backup All Your Data In Google Apps

Backup all your android data in google apps like Gmail, Google photos, etc by “backup and reset” option.

2. Log In With The Google Accounts In iPhone

In the iPhone, download the apps of google’s and log in with the passwords. Then you will get all the data on your iPhone.

Fortunately, Google apps are also available on iPhones but although other apps are not. Even if you pay for your apps, you can’t use it on the iPhone. So download your favorite apps.

3. Similarly, Follow The Above Steps Of Move To iOS App

After doing all the google settings, you can try the above steps of the iOS app to move more data.  

Wrap Up

Switching can be a daunting decision for people who can not adjust to different settings. But it’s a great deal for those who can. It is not only about switching a device you are going to operate a whole new system.

But it’s not an impossible task; you precisely need to interpret how to switch from Android to iPhone. Though your apps and music and some other data can’t move on to your new iPhone, you can easily find them in the iOS app store and download them.

Whatever the reason for your switching is, you have made a good decision. The only one thing you need to confirm is to transfer all the data before doing anything to your old Android device. 

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