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How to update date.timezone from cPanel

In some situations you may need to change your PHP’s timezone. It can be done by updating the date.timezone variable. One of the common problems is incorrect timezone showing in your Script or Web Application, by updating this value this error can be fixed. Let’s dig in!

Step 1: Log in to cPanel Account with your username and password. Usually it’s on 2083 Port. or In some hosts you can access cPanel by clicking a link given in the hosting account.

Login to cPanel with Username and Password
Login to cPanel via link in Hosting Account

Step 2: Lookout for Heading named SOFTWARE section, then Select PHP Version. Alternatively you can search for PHP in the search box and find Select PHP Version.

Search for Select PHP Version
PHP Selector
The PHP Selector is a feature of cPanel. It may not be enabled
by your Host Provider. If it's missing you ask your Host Provider.  

Step 3 : After going into Select PHP Version page, go to Options Menu.

PHP Selector

Step 4: Then Locate the date.timezone and click on the value to edit. For reference you can check your Script or Plugin documentation for the required timezone.

date.timezone cPanel
date.timezone cPanel
For List of Supported Timezones Visit :

Step 5 : If the selection is successful, you will see a green box with a message confirming your settings are applied.

This is how you can update date.timezone from cPanel

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