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Confirm Before Buying: Are Thermaltake PSU Good?

Thermaltake PSU Review

Don’t be surprised that the power supply is the most crucial internal IT hardware element. The heart pumps blood in different organs in our body; this provides electric flow into hard-drive, SSD, motherboard, graphic cards, and so on. How heart failure leads man to death, a wrong PSU certainly destroys your PC just within a minute. 

In this way of concern, a brand sticking to known reputation and reliability always remains safer to protect your system’s parts, including the power supply itself. Every famous manufacture has many trustworthy products, besides a few little bad ones. That is equal truth for Thermaltake power supply. 

In this coming guide, we will display anatomy on are Thermaltake PSU good though this brand has enough reputation in the market. 

Who Manufactures Thermaltake PSU?

The Taiwanese manufacturer is the founder of Thermaltake Technology Co., Ltd. It has various manufacturing departments like cooling devices, power supplies, PC case designs, and peripherals—even its main headquarters located in Taiwan.

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Are Thermaltake PSU Good?

There are almost three series (Light power, Smart, and Tough Power) from Thermaltake. Among them, the models usually show differences according to qualification, wattage, and also price. So, definitely, there are good or bad products, analyze our recommendation and follow the instruction.

Models & WattsSpecification Reason to PurchaseReason to avoid 

Thermaltake Tough power Grand 850W 

Available on Amazon

Capacity: 850w

Style : RGB Platinum

Form Factor: ATX12V 

Modularity: Full 

Weight: 8 pounds 

Warranty: 10 years 

+Best advanced platform  

+Full modular 


+Easy to install

+Many RGB lighting options

-No safety for over-temperature

-Fan will be nosier in harsh environment 

Thermaltake Tough power Grand 1050W  

Available on Amazon

Capacity: 1050w 

Style : RGB platinum 

Form Factor: ATX12V

Modularity : Full

Weight: 8 pounds

Warranty: 10 years 

+100% Japanese capacitors 

+Design with high static pressure 

+Compact durable chassis 

+Easy to install 

+New circuit for steady voltage output 

-Don’t have alternative sleep mode 

3.3V transient response 

Thermaltake Smart 700W 

Available on Amazon

Capacity: 700W 

Style : RGB 80 + white 

Form Factor : ATX 12 V

Modularity: Non

Weight : 3.63 pounds 

Warranty: 5 years

+Powerful PSU 

+Safe for all type processors 

+Good size

+RGB LED fan 

+Include Built-in memory 

-Fan failure not protected 

-Only five years warranty 

Thermaltake Smart 430 

Available on Amazon

Capacity: 430 W

Style : Smart 80 + white 

Form Factor: ATX 12V 2.3

Modularity: Non

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Warranty: 5 years

+80 plus certificate 

+Large fan to avoid over heating 

+Nice cable connection

+Japanese capacitor 

+Energy efficient up to 86% 

-Cables are not much long 

-Performance not hopeful 

Thermaltake Light power 550W

Available on Amazon

Capacity: 550W

Style : Light Power Max 

Form Factor: ATX 12V, ATX 

Modularity: Non 

Weight: 3.25 pounds 

Warranty:  2 years 

+120 mm cooling fan

+High- quality components 

+Average Wattage 

+Adequate connections to cover all needs 

+Reasonable Price

-Not 80 plus certificate 

-Cables are enough long but thin 

Why Should You Buy a Thermaltake PSU? 

Of course, the best model PSU is the one that supplies the right amount of wattage to all components simultaneously. But the wattage calculation isn’t enough to choose the proper power supply; instead, reliability, efficiency, built quality, and noise level can vary wildly. 

The Thermaltake is a well-known brand; it always carries a high-end PSU with a reputation. As far as if you focus on one of Thermaltake’s mainstream power supplies, there are also the following basic characteristics that only come for best-quality manufacturers. That so satisfying the craving need of hardware enthusiasts inside your PC. Let’s discuss this in brief. 

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1. Excellent Built-in Quality

This is not really a good choice to buy just any power supply to run your PC; without clean reliability, its unfortunate failure will destroy or burn your system. So, the best type of PSUs should have fail-safe built quality not to take care of themselves but also to protect all the essential components. 

For a long time, Thermaltake has taken place in the market, and over time their series get well design software control and monitoring technology. At the same time, the common reason comes for coolers, Rams, or other parts. Perhaps, users can improve proper utilization of flexible cables, semi or full modularity, especially the Japanese capacitors, for no more leakage and explosion. 

2. Approvable 80 Plus Efficiency

This efficiency certification is an important criterion since wattage listed on the box only performs half of the promise. It’s worth talking about the “80 + power efficiency” that typically acts to keep your energy cost and heat output down. 

However, all the Thermaltake Power supplies among the three series meet the base level of 80+ certification. Alongside, you will find many models offering gold level efficiency or even class-leading platinum and titanium level options. 

Check Price on Amazon

3. Best Physical Size

The form factor is a standard term to ensure the physical fitting of power supplies into your case where the main reason is the power supply applies to the motherboard with the connectors. In this consideration, the popular form factor takes shape and name by ATX, SFX, or TFX, but the mainstream choice becomes for AT12v, which is the elaboration of ATX 2.03 specification. 

Then, Thermaltake takes the advantages by using this dimension for maximum models so that you might able to provide electric supply to both modern and old motherboard because you can convert the 24 -pin plug into a 20 –pin plug by removing the extra four pins.

4. Fan Noise Scale

No one wants to pass the time in a noisy environment; perhaps you must learn that Fans stay in the power supply to create a relaxed atmosphere while heat will rise. But in the same way, it has the possibility of an unpleasant sound. Thus, Thermaltake is engineered all of its models for quite an operation.

Fortunately, ultra quite smart zero fans provide a guarantee of silent performance; in the meantime, some of the high-rated options offer for the fans off at low to medium loads. And when you push working loads over 20% or 40 %, the thermally controlled fans will frequently adjust with the new pressure.

5. Moderate Protection

In order to restrain harmful power-related issues, a good power supply always ensure you all type of necessary protections. As we know, it not only carry current but also feeds the whole system with power. However, these advantages often demand some extra cost in the shake of offering additional peace of mind for you. 

So, while Thermaltake manufactures budget-rated PSU in the market, their protection area enough to amaze you. Typically with ATX-12V specification gives over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-voltage protection as well. The higher-end units are moreover capable of having much more guarantee with + 5V and + 3.3V rails. 

Check Price on Amazon

When a Thermaltake PSU Will Worse for Your PC?

If you somehow negatively review Thermaltake in online media, then that’s true. But don’t think there are all the models are worse equally. This problem mainly comes when your budget low and you choose low wattage products. Especially under 600 watts, power supplies appear cheaper; they usually don’t include many features as you might be able to see in more experienced ones. 

The cheap products actually can’t deliver labeled power; for example, a 430 W listed power supply only ensures you PC 350 W. Moreover, there won’t be you find better protection concern. As a result, minor failures may cause insufficient electric flow to vital components. In some cases, significant losses can lead to severe hardware problems or even electrical fire inside a PC.

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Best Thermaltake PSU for Gaming 

Now you could ask, is a Thermaltake Power supply outstanding when building a new gaming PC? The answer is yes since there is much reputation, and the above positive characteristics will ensure reliability. 

The fact of the matter is that demanding on GPU; most mid-range gaming PC can be run well through 450-600 wattage, with a good deal of ideal leading power come with 600 or 650 –watt output. The more you go higher, the extra advantages will feel your heavenly gaming experience; also important to note that a more efficient model will dissipate less heat and shorten your electric bill.

In fine, you have to increase budget( Smart or Though power series can help most); otherwise, any random cheap PSU can save money, but you will risk your unit’s premature failure that indeed destroys other necessary devices unlucky. Let’s check our recommendation. 

Model & WattsSpecification Reason to purchase Reason to Avoid 

Thermaltake Smart Pro RGB 650W 

Available on Amazon

Capacity: 650W

Style : smart 80 + Bronze

Form Factor: ATX 12V

Modularity: Full

Weight: 4.4 pounds

Warranty: 5 years 

+Decent ripple noise+Nice looks 

+High built-in quality

+In average good for gaming

+Ultra quite fan+Reasonable price

-Inrush electric flow 

-Time postponing 

Thermaltake Tough power Grand 1050w 

Available on Amazon

Capacity: 1050w 

Style : RGB platinum 

Form Factor: ATX12V

Modularity : Full 

Weight : 8 pounds

Warranty : 10 years 

+100% Japanese capacitors 

+Design with high static pressure 

+Compact durable chassis 

+Easy to install 

+New circuit for steady voltage output

-Don’t have alternative sleep mode 

-3.3V transient response 

Thermaltake Tough Power Grand RGB 1200 

Available on Amazon

Capacity: 1200W

Style : RGB Platinum 

Form Factor: ATX 12 V

Modularity: Full 

Weight: 8.5 pounds 

Warranty: 10 years 

+Super powerful 

+Good Wattage 

+Provide up  to 92 % efficiency

+Reliable and durable

+Include all connectors 

– Need to spent high budget 

– Fan will be noisy up to  40°C

Bottom Line

There are many well-known best PSU brands for the Power supply Unit, one of them Thermaltake is ok. But spending a little time up-front to make sure are Thermaltake smart PSU good possibly confused you. While a reliable, safe, and consistent product will have you valuable PC in the long term. 

There are differences in maximum and peak output power; here, you make yourself a fool which may lead to great danger, so it’s preferable to increase the budget to ensure demanded wattage. 

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