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Why Won’t My Airpods Connect? Simple Solutions For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, And Mac

Airpods is the best-selling Apple product, which is actually Bluetooth earbuds; it was said that those are never fall out of ears; thus, there remain high popularity among people, whether or not they prefer an iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple goods.

The headphones perform far more than just stream music; rather possible to make a phone call, use Siri, or even more. So you will get a fun new accessory without no longer anxiety. But when the Airpods are not connecting to the desired gadget, you will get upset.

Why won’t my Airpods connect? No need to think about this query as we will generate some realistic solutions to make you happy. Let’s begin.

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Why Won’t My Airpods Connect? 

We all know Apple products are not cheap as well Airpods also. So it’s really frustrating if they don’t give better service. Though users get seamlessly and effortlessly connection support when Airpods can’t perform well, then what will you do. So read this article.

## How To Fix Airpods with iPad or iPhone / iPod Touch

When you are making authorization to connect Airpods with iPad or iPhone, you need not be a tech professional. You might do it through some simple steps. Let’s conquer your connectivity problems of “AirPods won’t connect to iPhone and other devices as well.”

1. What iOS Version Are You Using? 

Apple devices always need the latest version of operating software to get better performance, rather sometimes can bring enormous insecurity. Maybe this is the main culprit behind connectivity issues, so update your device first. You need to know the compatible software.

Airpods 1st generation

iPhone or iPod touch


iOS 10 or later

iOS 10 or later

Airpods 2nd generation

iPhone or iPad touch


iOS 12.2 or later

iOS 12.2 or later

Airpods Pro

iPhone or iPad touch


iOS 13.2 or later

iPadOS 13 or later

Now, if you haven’t done an update yet, do it as soon as possible. But before sure that you take a backup of all your important data. Moreover, iTunes or the cloud will help you most in this process. Go to Settings > general Setting menu > then go to Software Update; you probably will see a new version whether you are using older.

After that, tap to download > Install, here you can be asked to set a passcode. Do it and finish the installation. Once you confirm the new set up in iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone, check the Airpods; hopefully, they will start working. 

2. Check Something Up 

Sometimes a little oblivious matter can put forward hampering Airpods connection; thus, you should be concerned for every silly issue, and you feel those are common, but humans are always forgetful.

  • Ensure sufficient Charge: You’re Airpods, and Airpods Case must be charged properly, so double-check them, especially to be sure to connect a USB power source 1/2hours to proving enough charge. Perhaps, the devices whatever phone or laptop you use should be charged properly. After all, without energy, how they will perform with Airpods.
  • Enable Bluetooth: Make sure that the Bluetooth icon is working (it looks blue). You can check from Bluetooth menu > setting App or examine it from Control Center.
  • Select Primary audio Device: Possibly, there have several recognized audio devices, and if the Airpods don’t get the position of the primary audio device, then, can’t work. So, make sure it from Control Center.
  • Reconnect iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad: After trying the above option, if you can’t solve the connection problem, you need to restart your devices. Close the case lid and wait 15 minutes, then open it. Now, press and hold the setup button for up to 10 seconds; hopefully, the status light flashes white, which means you are ready to reconnect Airpods to the specific device.

3. Complete a Full Reset 

When you find that all of the attempts become fail, the last option is a new setup. This program may seem extreme, but be assured that nothing will dramatic or destructive since earbuds don’t attain important data, photos, or files; rather, you have to lose previous settings. 

  • Go to Settings menu>select Bluetooth>select “i” icon>then click forget this device. 
  • Return the Airpods into the Case, Shut down the lid and wait 30 seconds, then open the case back
  • Then, press and hold the Setup button for 10 seconds. After that, you will see white status light is lighting, now complete reconnection with the desired device.
  • Test your Airpods finally 

## How To Fix Airpods When Not Connecting With Mac 

Whenever you get wire behaviors within Airpods and have questions about why aren’t my AirPods connecting to my mac or why won’t my AirPods connect to my laptop? As they are not operating with Mac, even they are working on other devices. Basically, the same reasons working here as the iPhone or iPad, it’s either an old macOS version, Bluetooth problem, or something else.

1. Update macOS:

Both AirPods and Airpods Pro certainly require compatible operating software; thus, you should always follow the rules. To check the current version, click the Apple icon > select This Mac > Overview > go to software update and check whether there is any update. 

1st generationmacOS Sierra or later
2nd generationmacOS 10.14.4 Mojave or later
Airpods PromacOS 10.15.1 Catalina or later

2. Check Output device:

Go to the output settings to find out that Bluetooth pairing is working exactly. Therefore, you must ensure Airpods or Airpods Pro as the output device. Come to System preferences > Sounds > Output.

3. Monitor the Bluetooth Chip:

Old Mac models usually come with Bluetooth chips that can make misbehave sometimes. In this case, turn off and on the pairing background. 

4. Reset Airpods:

If none of the steps can’t manage and still shows up AirPods connection failed MacBook problems, it’s time to reset AirPods.

  • Unpair the Airpods from Mac. Go to Mac’s menu bar, hold the Alt key and click on the Bluetooth icon
  • Come to the device section > click on Airpods > click removes> again click remove to confirm.
  • Return the Airpods in the case, close the lid, wait 30 seconds minimum, and open the lid. 
  • Press and hold the setup button on the back in the case until the status light shines for few times.
  • With continuous flashing, put the Airpods near to your Mac and pair them.

5. Use ToothFairy App:

If you feel that Bluetooth is the main problem behind not fixing the problem, try this App to get a new connection experience. It is very handy while capable of reducing orders.

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Bottom Line: 

Without a doubt, it’s a common troubleshooting query “why won’t my Airpods connect?” There are many reasons behind, simple or serious problems. So wait for minutes and apply our solution; hopefully, you can wipe out anxiety and struggle since we try to cover all of the reasonable fixes.

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