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How to Charge Samsung Watch without Charger || Learn Easily

From dawn to dusk, watches are the best all day long companion to us. And Samsung watches are the trendiest wearable for your workout or in styling. Isn’t it?

But for losing or forgetting to carry a charger, your watch can cause running out of battery in an urgent situation. So if you learn how to charge a watch without a charger in an accurate and superb easy way, you can avoid the sudden shut down of your watch.

As a Samsung Watch user, you must feel the necessity of charging it without a charger most of the time. In this article, I’ll share how to charge Samsung watch without charger step by step. So let’s take a look further.

Check on How to Charge Samsung Watch without Charger

Carrying a charger may not always be possible because you may lose it or forget it at home, or don’t want to carry it. If you’re running out of charge suddenly, you must know the charge your Samsung watch without a charger anywhere and anytime.

Purchase a Wireless Charging Dock or Charging Cable

If you lost or spoiled your original Samsung watch charger or facing difficulties using it, then purchasing a wireless charging dock or a charging cable can be your absolute solution.

With a wireless charging dock, you can charge your Samsung watch at any place effortlessly, like your office, University, gym, or even on a trip. You can choose among the one of them which is compatible with your watch model. First, let’s know how you can use your new charging dock to charge your watch.

  • Take the USB cable and plug it in the back part of your wireless charging dock.
  • Find any near adapter or electric socket and port the larger end of the cable into the adapter.
  • Place the watches back against the charging dock, aligning the watch center with the wireless charging dock’s center.
  • Make sure your watch is connected well and charged.  There is a LED light behind the Samsung watch. If you see, the LED indicates orange light, which means the adapter you’re using for charging may not be able to draw maximum power. So your watch will take a long time to charge.
  • When your Samsung watch is ultimately charged, it will turn Green from Red. Then you can disconnect it from the charging dock.


First, I’ll recommend to you some of the best alternatives to the original Samsung watch charger. Hopefully, that will help you not worry about where to plug your charger in an unsuitable place.

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Check Battery Status of Your Samsung Watch

Whether you need to charge your watch or not, you can figure out this by checking your watch battery status. For this, go to the setting option and select the battery, and immediately, your battery life will appear on display.

Samsung Support if You have Lost the Original Dock

Samsung provided a 1-year warranty for the watch’s charging dock. Besides it gives an original factory warranty and a 3-month warranty period on the repair.

If you lost your original charging dock, you are referred to visit the Samsung support site to find the most compatible dock for your watch.  

Steps to Charge Samsung Watch without Charger

Here we discussed some quick and easy steps to make your charging process easier. These will help you in urgent situations when you can’t access a charger. So let’s take a look at these instructions.

#Method 1: Switch on “Wireless PowerShare” of Samsung Galaxy Phone

This is the best way for you if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Phone. Because this phone features a “Wireless PowerShare”  option for you to get rid of carrying an extra charger in your pocket. Here we describe the process step by step for you.

This “Wireless PowerShare” feature is available in many Samsung Galaxy Mobiles as Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy S10 series, Galaxy S20 series,  Galaxy Note10 series, Note20 5G, and Note20 ultra 5G.

Step 1: Swipe down the top notification bar of your home screen

Swipe down your notification bar on the top of the home screen for quick toggles.

Step 2: Swipe down the bar again

Swipe down the top bar once again to find the wireless power share icon from quick settings.

Step 3: Tap the ” Wireless PowerShare” icon

By tapping on the “Wireless PowerShare” from the quick settings will take you to the PowerShare screen.

Step 4: Tap the switch on

On the screen, there will appear an on/off switch for PowerShare. Then turn on the button, and it’s ready to work.

Step 5: Position the Samsung Watch on the Phone

Place your Samsung watch and Samsung Galaxy S10 phone back-to-back so that the charging coils of both devices remain aligned with each other. However, you require extra effort to find the proper line where the charging coils matched one another.

Step 6: Check the Display Message of Charging

If both the devices are aligned accurately and begin to power exchange, there will be a notification of “charging” on your phone display.  Also, you’ll see your Samsung watch will be lightened up to show the indication of charging.

Step 7: Turn off the PowerShare if charging is complete.

When your Watch is fully charged, separate the two devices, and that’s all. You don’t need to do any difficult task for disconnecting them. The “Wireless PowerShare ” display probably appears again, and you have to turn it off.

#Method 2: Change Through a Power Bank

Don’t worry if you’re not a Samsung Galaxy Mobile user. You can also charge through a power bank following the simple steps we discussed here.

Step 1: Activate the Power Bank

Press the button of the power bank to activate it. If the light turns on, it’s ready to use.

Step 2: Place Samsung Watch on the Power bank.

Position your watch back against the backside of the power bank where the charging coil is placed so that both devices could align at that point.

Step 3: Check the Battery Level on Watch

Check the battery status on the display of your Samsung watch. Once it’s fully charged, turn off the button of your Power Bank.

Tips Before You Follow the Methods

  • Before using the charger, ensure your charging dock is compatible with your Samsung watch models.
  • While charging through the phone, ensure that your phone is fully charged or plugged into the charger. Don’t charge your watch when your phone’s battery status is below 30%.

Find the Lost Samsung Watch Through the Samsung Wearable App

Samsung lets you relax if you lose your favorite Samsung watch. You don’t need to be panic any more because the Samsung Wearable App will find your watch within a very short time, which is sometimes impossible to do yourself.

Here we discussed the instructions with you to let you know how you can easily find your lost Samsung watch through the app on your mobile. So, check out these steps.

  1. This feature lets you know the exact location and address of your Samsung watch’s current availability. You can also find it by tapping on the show on the map.
  • Reset reactivation lock or remotely set a new wave in your Samsung watch.


1. If you want to track your Samsung watch, you need to pair it with your mobile.

2. If your Samsung watch is not within the Bluetooth range, then the Start feature will not work.

3. Your device must have a data connection mode or connected to Wi-Fi.

4. You need to access it in Remote Connection.

Wrap Up

Not having a watch charger always with us is a common matter. But if you see your watch is shut down when needed in an emergency, it may make you frustrated. So every Samsung watch user must know how to charge the Samsung watch without charger.

That’s why we discussed this article so that you don’t face any difficulties. I expect you have learned everything in detail from our article and must feel fearless now to not always belong to a charger.

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