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PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Series X Controller: Which is the Right Pick?

PS5 DualSense and Xbox X consoles are already here with a new generation controller. Controllers that are the central part of any console give you the feel of each interaction with the game while playing. Sony and Microsoft put their best effort into the two best console’s controller. But do you want to know how the two controllers differ from each other?

This article will explore the dramatic differences between PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Series X Controller and help you pick the right controller for your fantastic gaming performance.

In-Depth Compare of PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Series X Controller

PS5 DualSenseXbox Series X
Internal( 1560 mAh)2× AA batteries
Trigger Layout
Trigger Type

Price of PS5 DualSense and Xbox Series X Controller

PS5 DualSense


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Design: PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Series X Controller

 To look at the design, the Xbox X and PS5 are quite similar if you compare their size and shape but both differ aesthetically.

This time PS5 DualSense controller comes in the default color of black and white combination. Its design is just a basic upgrade over DualShock 4, but it made some ridges and bumped smoothly.

Another beneficial thing PS5 included in its design is a standard USB-C port instead of the previous micro-USB. So you can use your regular charger cable of Android mobile, MacBooks, iPad Pros rather than buying a new one.

And talking about Xbox, a USB-C port is not a new thing. This controller follows quite the same way as its predecessor. The Xbox X remains in the old Black scheme.

Interestingly,  the Xbox series X brought the triggers with a new textured grip design. On top, grip design assures your hands can firmly hold the triggers in the tensed situation while gaming.

In general, the PS5 DualSense controller is better looking in design with the new combined color. But for black lovers, Xbox X is still ideal.

Comfortability : PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Series X Controller

Comfortability varies from man to man. But we can at least give you an idea about the comfort form of both controllers. So you can decide which can give you maximum comfort.

If you feel comfortable with the long triggers and handles, then PS5 DualSense is your great choice. It will help you to hold the controller for a long time.

Moreover, Xbox series X is quite comfortable for those who have smaller hands and prefer smaller handles. This is an incredible upgrade than the previous one. But you can face problems with its triggers as they need to force more for inflexibility.

Lastly, Both controllers provide distinct comforts. So the preference is up to you and your comfort zone to select the best one.

Buttons: PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Series X Controller

Buttons are another crucial thing for a controller. It would help if you had flexible and well-controlled buttons for smooth playing as well as good controls in rough gaming situations.

A big touchpad is back in the center of PS5 like the previous Dualshock 4. You’ll love the sparkle coming from around the touchpad.

Surprisingly, The Create button is now placed in the place of the share button. That is an opportunity for sharing and creating your creative gaming content with friends. And, Create and option buttons are positioned on both sides of the touchpad in PS5. Its face buttons are upgraded with a transparent look, which makes it more vibrant.

On the contrary, the Xbox X controller placed the share button in the dead center, and beside the left and right of it, the view and menu button took place. That thing may not be user-friendly to you, but it’s a significant change in Xbox X.

Furthermore, PS5 can be your ideal pick because of its versatile features. Besides, Xbox X also upgrades things like the D-Pad, which enables you more controlling power in-game. 

Battery: PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Series X Controller

Battery undoubtedly is an essential feature for gamers. How much and hassle-free a game they can play that depends on battery type and battery life.

The DualSense Controller has a rechargeable built-in battery system, so it’s hard to replace them if there is any problem. These batteries can also be running out quickly, but if you can charge it regularly when it is not used, you may get a good battery service.

On the other side, Xbox X is relatively better in batteries. It comes with a AA replaceable battery and provides two choices to its users. You can choose any disposable or rechargeable battery in terms of your convenience.

Finally, you can pick an Xbox X controller if you want a longer battery life of 30-40 hours playing time. But if you prefer Dual Sense, you should know it increases the 50% battery life more than its predecessors. So you can enjoy 9 hours of gameplay time from PS5.

Features: PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Series X Controller

Whether you look for new and novel features, then we must say PS5 DualSense has gone ahead in this aspect. Where the Xbox X controller also didn’t compromise with features.

However, the adaptive triggers brought a vast difference in PS5 controllers. Whether you want to get an incredible experience of tension on your triggers, PS5 DualSense is here with its advanced haptic engine design. This enables gamers to improve player-facing situations.

On top-notch, the DualSense controller features a gyroscope like the DualShock 4 that helps you to move the camera perfectly. Whether you want to play games on a PC or play a shooting game, you need a perfect camera movement, which you can get from a mouse. But the DualSense controller eliminates the need for a mouse.

DualSense also gives you a complete convenience to talk to your friends and listen to them without a gaming pad or headset because this controller has a built-in microphone and speaker.

On the other hand, The Xbox controller can work on the Xbox wireless Radio infrastructure extending support of the Xbox One. And the Xbox X provides you more frequent information sending to allow you to match up the screen’s frame with your action.

Finally, you can tell DualSense is the winner for the latest features and functions which the Xbox X series lacks. But that’s not the major function compared to the purpose of a controller.

Versatility: PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Series X Controller

Xbox series X was the pioneer who made the first compatibility in both console and PC. But now Playstation doesn’t lag. Both the controllers have proven their versatile compatibility with phones, Tab, PC, or Console.

But you can see a notable thing on the Xbox controller. Due to its universal compatibility, you’ll find it easier to use with a PC. It’s setting, and drivers are also so user friendly that you don’t feel any hassle to adjust.

Though a  Dualsense controller can go with all gaming devices, its driver should be more upgraded to make it easier to set with all devices.

Our Verdict

The PS5 controller comes with an extra bundle of features to give players enthusiasm, where The Xbox X controller seems to be more ergonomic and better outlooking than its predecessors.

Both the controllers upgraded them in a better way, and they’re best in their way. So think deeply about PS5 DualSense vs Xbox Series X Controller to understand which will match your personal opinion for controllers.

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