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MI Air Charge || Unique Revolution In Charging Territory

Xiaomi has come up again with a new technology of air charge. This MI air charger will charge the devices without any cable or wire. The users now will have a wireless living room. With this new concept of Xiaomi company, the charging definition will touch a new boundary of technology.

The new technology will work efficiently and won’t make any difference to any human barriers. Moreover, it can simultaneously charge many gadgets at 5W (per device) within a large meters radius. The company claims that this remote control system can charge smartwatches, mobile phones, and many other smart home appliances. Let’s know how this technology will work. 

How Will The Technology Function of MI Air Charge

As we get to know, energy transmission and space positioning is the core technology of this device. To recognize the smartphone’s exact direction, the company has used the built-in antennas of five-phase interference. 

Through beamforming, the phase assembled by the 144 antennas delivers millimeter-wide flows literally to the charging device. This is how the charging process completes the element. 

However, the company has developed the smartphone side too by miniaturizing antenna arrays. These arrays have built-in receiving and beacon antenna arrays. The receiving antenna is a construction of 14 antennas. 

For broadcasting the position information, the beacon antenna will work without any high power consumption. On the other hand, to bestow the experience of sci-fi charging into reality, receiving antenna arrays modifies the millimeter-wave signal. Through the rectifier path, the charging pile will radiate these signals into electric power, and the charging process will have started. 

To make it more satisfactory, as well as to know the exact technology and how the MI air charge will function, they have disclosed a brief video. There is a box-like gadget that will do the whole charging process efficiently in each device. Now, as we all know about its function, we have a clear idea that whenever it arrives in the market, it will be expensive indeed. 


Xiaomi’s Forthcoming Plan

The company has many agendas for future sources. Their charging technology of self-developed space isolation will operate with smart home properties like lamps, speakers, and many other advanced products. They assure that all the products will be wireless communication devices with the design of a wireless power supply. 

They have taken this bold move to make our rooms wireless. We will soon get a chance to see these new technologies and truly reach a different wireless charging eternity.  

Final Words

The company provides all information about the device, but at the same time, they didn’t disclose the release date. We hope that it will come to our door soon and make our life easier. 

Hopefully, the company will release it soon, and with one remote charger, all our smart home appliances will be charged. What else tech freaks will need. But do know that technology is for ease, not to make anyone careless. 

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