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KVM VPS Around $1 / Month by Racknerd 1GB, 2GB & 3GB Ram With Renewable Discount

Cheapest High Quality KVM VPS With Renewable Discount

Geeks don’t like shared hosting why? Because it doesn’t give the freedom to do what you want. Being a geek myself I like to install Centos 7 (Sudo: Ubuntu Lovers don’t dislike my post )daily on my pet VPS, why? Just the for lulz. Nah not for lulz only it gives a wide variety of options to test and later implement on the mains server. Now if you ask me friend is this pet VPS costly? Not at all. Let’s dig in below in our usual style!


I wont take much time here. There are a lot of panels out there for managing VPS. KVM is just one option. But kudos to Racknerd for KVM panel. Without the power to reinstall OS in every hour what’s the fun? Or you prefer every 15 min after a mess up? Well both are possible.

Well, to be the truth when I saw the price I bought three of them. Now again the question comes, friend why there? Well I like three pets that’s why. Also if I install Centos 7 only the Ubuntu Bois will dislike my post. Oh, wait there are Debian and Fedora fan bois!

Racknerd – Origin Story

In the world of VPS hosting Racknerd is new. But they came into the spotlight via some awesome deals posted in Lowendbox. They claim themself to be a premium provider of Dedicated & VPS servers. Only time can prove that statement!

KVM VPS around $1/month by Racknerd LLC

The Deal – Dissected

Let’s get into our deal dissection no more coffee puns this time!

Deal Name: 1.5GB KVM VPS from $16.55/year in Los Angeles
Deal For: Small/Personal Projects. Linux RDP
VPS Panel: KVM/SolusVM
Key Points: Cheap VPS, KVM Freedom , Dedicated IP , rDNS Setup

Here are the OS that you install via SolusVM

Brief Comparison with Price

PACKAGE NAMELEB Special 1.5GBLEB Special 2.5GBLEB Special 3.5GB
vCPU Cores2X3X3X
Bandwidth4TB Premium6.5TB Premium7TB Premium
Network Port1 Gbit1 Gbit1 Gbit
Root Access
Dedicated IPv4 Address111
LocationLos AngelesLos AngelesLos Angeles
Order LinkOrder HereOrder HereOrder Here

Dissection Result

Here are the points that you want should consider

Their Renewal fee is the same. That is it wont increase next year. If that’s really true then VPS is almost free of charge.
The Disk Space is too small if you want to use it as RDP. I am personally facing this problem. But i wont count it as a negative point. You have to consider the price as well


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