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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 GPU Series|| Best Graphics Review

NVIDIA GeForce 3000 graphics has been released for the gamers and creators, promising a significant revolutionary upgrade over the 2000 series. I was eagerly waiting for a long time after the launching of this line-up. Thanks to NVIDIA, finally, the whole line-up is released. So like me, if you are enthusiastic about bringing your gaming to the next level, it’s an exciting moment for us.

Do you want to know how you can boost your gaming experience for incredible performance with RTX 3000? Here, let’s know what new features you’re going to get in the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 GPU series and how they will change your gaming experience into the best.

Let’s have a glance at our RTX 30 graphics models, why they are best for, and how much bucks you’ve to spend on them.

Models Key FeaturesPrice

RTX 3090

Best pick for the ultra high – end 8K GPU$1499

RTX 3080

Best pick for the twice better performance than RTX 2080$699

RTX 3070

Best pick for the worth graphics card at a cheaper cost$499

NVIDIA GeForce RTX  3000 GPU Series

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 series come with promises to deliver the ultimate performance for gamers and creators. Each of the graphics cards on this series is ready to give their best unique feature.

The whole line-up is now based on the new Ampere 2nd gen architecture. Overall, the 30 series is the extreme improvement of the new Streaming Processor (SM), Tensor Cores, and RT cores. So you’ll enjoy a more realistic ray tracing performance with Al features.

In the sheet NVIDIA Geforce RTX 3000 Gaming GPU mobile variants listed as Max Q cards for the RTX 3070 and RTX 3080. As Max -P versions will make both two variants power-hungry for the laptops.  So the Max Q cards are designed to be fit as a higher-end graphic card in a gaming laptop because it won’t produce too much heat, and you don’t require much room for cooling.  But you can get the RTX 3060 with both the Max Q and Max P versions.

On the other side,  all the cards of RTX 3000 mobile GPU paired with Intel’s CPUs.  It is listed as the 10th gen of Intel’s Comet Lake Chips, rather than the imminent 11th gen Tiger Lake processor, which seems to be unusual.

Check out below about each model of RTX 30 line-up and get your answer to all your curiosity for the most expected graphics card.


Model Name

RTX 3090


RTX 3080


RTX 3070


RTX 3060

Released Date
24 September 202017 September 202029 October 2020November 2020
RT Cores
Tensor Cores
NVIDIA Cuda Core
Boost Clock (GHz)
Memory Size(GB)
Memory Type


Geforce RTX 3090 is especially recommended for those who want to create more than just gaming or creative professionals who require extra features rather than 3080.

It achieved the NVIDIA RTX 3000 series graphics cards’ flagship as the company made it most powerful. But Compared with features, its price tag is much higher, so I don’t think it’s worthwhile to buy for general people. Let’s see what we get into this graphics card.


RTX 3090 upgraded with Founders Edition design. Either side of the graphics card belongs to a cooling fan, and its cooling system is newly designed for better airflow and cooling solutions.

NVIDIA included a 12-pin connector, which is the new thing in this graphics card, allowing air passing through the back of this GPU. Unlike the dual 8-pin connectors, RTX 3090 features small size 12-pin connectors. The thing is right that it doesn’t take much space on the board. But if you are likely to get 8-pin connectors, don’t worry. You’ll get it from third party board partners.

With a 12.3 inch length and featuring a 3-slot, you can guess its weight is much heavier. The three RTX 30 line-up cards have doubled fans, but RTX 3070 lacks independent push and pull configurations. So on RTX 3090 and RTX 3080, the heat sink is placed in the opposite direction of both fans.


Speaking of performance, the specialty of the RTX 3090 is its 8K HDR gaming feature. RTX 3090 comes with HDMI 2.1, so just a single cable is capable of delivering 8k resolution. It will be pointless to talk about RTX 3090 without mentioning its 8k resolution.

But there is a problem, right now, 8k monitors are hardly found, and it comes with a high price point. So at present single monitors can not support this resolution.

RTX 3090 improved slightly from 10-20% over the RTX 3080 but perhaps the double price.  In just gaming, the price is not worthwhile for buying this graphics card when RTX 3080 is already here.

Architecture & Features

Ampere based 2nd-gen RTX 3090 is the Big Ferocious Graphics Card or BFGPU delivering Titan performance. It belongs to a vast 10496 CUDA cores. RTX 3090 also shows enhanced efficiency in its Ray Tracing and Al performance. Having 82 RT cores and 328 Tensor cores, the RTX 3090 allows us, 82 streaming processors.

You’ll get 24 GB of  GDDR6X VRAM with a 384- bit memory bus.  This higher frequency enabled the card to provide a massive bandwidth. For those who need to make the applications of 3D rendering work, this large VRAM is exceptionally beneficial for them.

Another important thing is power consumption. Though the RTX 3090 consumed up to 357W so you can look for a 750W CPU. But my recommendation is to choose a 1000W PSU for this graphics card.

Comparing specs of 3080, it’s a massive upgrade, but you can’t see much significance if you talk about works.

Bottom Line

RTX 3090 is undoubtedly the world’s best graphics card right now. But its price tag is also higher. If you can afford it for your professional works, then, of course, it will be your ideal pick.


NVIDIA makes the giant leap in a generation through this RTX 3080. Much more than RTX 3070 but about to catch RTX 3090,  this card is the best combination of features and performance. Compared to the older Turing or the RTX 2080 Ti, this card is available at a lower price but with increased performance, which is a fantastic benefit for enthusiast gamers.


RTX 3080 comes in a new innovative thermal design to give the maximum range of thermal performance.  You get the latest dual axial flow through this design that makes your gaming system calm and quiet. Because one cooler absorbs the cool air, where another one emits the hot air.

Like the RTX 3090, this card also features a 12- pin connector with an adapter to use drawing power included in the box. But unlike the RTX 3090, this card features only 2-slot.

Architecture & Features

It’s advanced features started with Cuda cores, which became double compared to its predecessors RTX 2080. At present, in RTX 3080, Cuda cores will be found in each Streaming Multiprocessor, amounting to 8704 cores.

This card also showed twice improvement on  2nd generation RT cores and 3rd generation Tensor cores by making it 68 and 272. And the rasterization engine made a massive development which I can’t forbear from focusing. Compared to the ray tracing, the rasterization engine is ahead in speed, which is the main advantage of this feature we’re going to get.

NVIDIA keeps the VRAM in 10 GB but moves forward to the latest GDDR6X of Micron with 19 Gbps memory speed, which maximizes bandwidth speed to 760GB/s. Moreover,  It has a larger memory bus of 320-bit that can take overloads on multitasking.


RTX 3080 is claimed to be the world’s fastest graphics card that brings major development in raw performance.  Though it’s not able to perform 2x better than its predecessors, the improvement is vast.

RTX 3080 is available at the same price as RTX 2080 but increased in performance 50 to 80 percent. As well as this, RTX 3080 enhanced by 20% to 30% at $100 less than RTX 2080 Ti.

While running Doom Eternal at 4K on Ultra settings, the result we saw is RTX 3080 is 50 percent faster than RTX 2080 – the best graphics card of the RTX 20 series. With Above 100 fps frame rates, RTX 3080 gains a superb impression over the RTX 2080 Ti.

Some benchmark results show that RTX 2080 Ti dropped under 60 fps at 4K in the most played game Final Fantasy XIV, where RTX 3080 runs this game at 75 to 100 fps. And most of the tested games are similarly leading ahead by RTX 3080. On the half price, it  is ample opportunity to gain this impressive performance  for incredible gaming,

Bottom Line

Keeping the high price in mind, we can suggest you buy RTX 3080 if you’re not worried about spending your bucks on getting the bestest gpu for running the 4K games at this time. On top, if you’re using a GTX 10 series card, it will be an excellent generation jump if you move towards RTX 3080.


Are you looking for an affordable but the latest and most fabulous graphics card? Luckily we got the RTX 3070 that performs similarly to the RTX 2080 Ti at almost half the cost. So at under $500, you can get the great newest gpu to enjoy a new horizon of pc gaming.


With a black, seek outlook, RTX 3070 is designed almost to match its siblings RTX 3080 and RTX 3090. But in length, it’s two-inch short to RTX 3080 and three-inch short from RTX 3090. So this card is 9.5 inches in length and 4.4 in width.

Besides, like its siblings of the RTX 30 line-up, RTX 3070 has similar PCI 4.0 and HDMI 2.1. The TDP of this graphics card is 220W that causes the moving in 12-pin connector on RTX 3070.

Architecture & Features

From 2304 Cuda cores of RTX 2070, NVIDIA RTX 3070 jumped in 5888 Cuda cores, which means you’ll get doubled Cuda cores in this card. That is a great leap indeed, but it doesn’t mean to be double in the performance. Because between the math duties and shading, some cores are used to be swapped.

On top,  RTX 3070 comes with 46 RT cores, a 1.5GHz base clock, and a boost clock is 1.7GHz. There are also texture units of 184. Turing architecture has fallen behind because of its one data path, which carries entire workloads. But in RTX 3080, both data paths are used to take FP32 workloads on each SM.

Like its predecessors of RTX 2070, this card features GDDR6, so you can see RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 are far ahead from their junior siblings. But at $499, the RTX 3070 is not compromising its efficiency. Further, it has 8GB memory with a 256-bit memory bus along with 14Gbps. So the card is leading 448GB/s. Bandwidth. Though RTX 3070 lagged in this aspect, it brought a significant upgrade on the other side.


RTX 3070 has proved its performance capability in 4K gaming, but in 1440p gaming, this card can make outstanding performance. As it has HDMI 2.1 so it offers you to go up to 240 Hz in 4K gaming and 120 Hz in 8K gaming. But less of the suitable monitors made limitation to enjoy the whole facility.  But we hope this limitation will end soon, and we can experience great gaming with fully supported graphics.

The perfect combination of visual quality and more excellent framerates makes a huge difference in gaming. Isn’t it? Maximum triple-A (AAA) games are added Deep Learning Super Sampling or DLSS nowadays. With this tech in RTX 3070, NVIDIA successfully gives outstanding frame rates without sacrificing visual quality. That thing you must realize in every sequence of 4k gaming with this gpu.

No doubt, RTX 3070 can beat the RTX 2080 as well. It can match the RTX 2080 Ti in performance. That is a big deal if you’re looking for a new GPU while saving your much sum.

Bottom Line

If you’re bored with your old GTX 10 or RTX 20 graphics series and want to try something upgradeable on a sensible budget, we must say there is no better choice than RTX 3070. So it would be best if you tried it where it’s ready to give you the best 4K or 1440p gaming performance that you’ve ever seen in years.


The RTX 3000 series will be relatively more expensive than the last generation RTX 2000 series.  Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, announced their top model RTX 3090 at $1499, which is $300 more than RTX 2080.  Besides,  the RTX 3080 will be the flagship of this series and available for $699.  But The RTX 3070,  the mid-range GPU, will be costing $499, which remains the same as past generations.  And the price of the RTX 3060 has not been announced; we can guess it. Considering the other model’s price and speculations, the RTX 3060 is assumed to be $299.


Ques: Is there any RTX 3060 is expected to be released?

Though some rumors confidently confirm that there is RTX 3060 or RTX 3060 Ti exist and probably releasing in December. But from NVIDIA, there is no official announcement yet about their existence.

Ques: What is the main difference between GDDR6 and GDDR6X memory?

 NVIDIA is the pioneer who first brought GDDR6X memory in RTX 3080 and RTX 3090. But RTX 3070 remains in previous-gen GDDR6 memory. The main difference between the two memories is GDDR6X features PAM4 encoding, which enable 2X data transfer per clock than binary coding based GDDR6. That makes a massive difference in their performance.

Ques: Is it worth it to buy RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 for low-resolution gaming?

The primary purpose of 3080 and RTX  3090 is to provide 4K gaming. So there is no meaning of pay for them as you don’t get it if you’re playing low resolution. That is the limitation where the key advantage of these latest cards diminishes.

Wrapping Up

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 series created a genuinely massive upgrade in this generation. Making your game creative, 8K video editing,  rendering 3D scenes, or getting the best image quality through live streaming, RTX 30 line-up is made to deliver these best-ever performances.

Each of the models is designed uniquely and beautifully. Capable of doing their purpose and allows all aspects of users to create their notable works. So think deeply about what card you should choose for yourself, but you can be assured that each of the cards won’t make you frustrated. So make your right decision to use your bucks wisely.

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