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How To Record Android Screen Without App By Some Easy Steps

Are you tired of finding perfect instruction on how to record android screen without app? Then, you are on the right track.

Nowadays, recording the android screen is a common matter. People like to record video with sound and then save or upload it on social media like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.

There are many screen recorder application, but you do not want this. Because the apps will take much of your phone space, and sometimes they cause error or threat on the phone. So, you want to record the screen without the app but do not do it properly.

In this article, we will show you how you can record the android screen yourself.

How To Record Android Screen Without App

You can record screen with the built-in screen recording feature available in many android devices such as iPhone, Google Pixel, Nokia, Oneplus, and Mi. You can access the screen recorder feature from the notification panel.

But you must have a screen recorder feature. Otherwise, you cannot record the screen of the device.

We are here to help you with how to record android screen without app on the different phones so easily. Let’s check below:

# For Google Pixel Phones

If you are a google pixel user, then check the steps:

Credit: MJ-Reviews

Step 1: Find Screen Recorder Option

First, you will swipe down from the top of the screen twice. Then you find the screen record icon and click it. To find this option, you need to swipe right.

If you can not find the icon there, just press edit and drag the screen record to quick settings.

Credit: MJ-Reviews

Step 2: Start and Close The Recording

Press the start button. After the countdown, your desired video starts to record.

You can stop recording by swiping down from the top of the screen and press the screen recorder notification.

# For OnePlus Smartphone

If you are OnePlus smartphone running Android 10 users, then you can use a native screen recorder. But you can not access it from the quick settings bar initially. For this, you will add this bar as a shortcut. So follow the steps :

Step 1: Open Notification Bar

At first, you will swipe down the status bar for opening the notification drawer. Again, swipe down to open all the app tiles.

Credit: GizBot

Step 2: Open Screen Recorder App

Then, you press the Edit icon and swipe left for the next page. Then, you will tap the Screen Recorder app and drag it to the Quick Settings menu.

Credit: GizBot

Step 3: Access App From Quick Bar

Lastly, you will click the Back button. This icon is in the top-left corner. It can save your changes. After doing all these steps, you can easily access the screen recorder from quick settings.

# For Nokia Phone (especially Nokia 6.1)

If you are a Nokia user, then follow the steps:

Step 1: Record Screen

First, you press the power and volume up buttons on your phone until the recording starts message shows. Then, you click recording to start.

Step 2: Setting Video Quality

In the second step, you have to choose the video HD or mini quality. Your phone record the microphone sound by default. To avoid these unnecessary sounds, you can record your desire video in a noise-free place.

Step 3: Close Recording

When you want to stop your recording, press the power and volume up buttons simultaneously or click the stop.” The “stop” icon is at the top left of the screen. In this way, you can easily record the android screen.

# For Samsung and LG Phones

This Android 10 phones can record screen from their Quick Settings bars. Check the steps:

Step 1: Access Quick Settings Bar

First, for accessing the quick settings section, you need to swipe down the notification shade for two times.


Step 2: Go To Record Option

Then, in the case of a Samsung phone, you select screen recording, and in the case of LG phones, select screen recorder. Next, you click the Start button, and it will begin recording. Before start recording, you may need to give the recorder some permissions.

Step 3: Stop Recording


When you want to stop recording, press the Stop button. Then, your video will stop.

# For Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi user can record screen by following the steps:

Credit: how-to

Step 1: Find Recorder Icon

Credit: how-to

Go to the tool folder and tap on the orange icon with the camcorder picture. You find an orange color recorder button at the right lower corner. Press the button and start recording.

Step 2: Stop Recording

When you finish your desire recording and want to stop recording. Then, click on the stop button. It will stop your recording.

So you can record the android screen by enabling the hidden screen recorder from quick-setting sections. You must have this feature on your android phone; otherwise, it is difficult to record screen without the app.

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# In Apple Phone

The following steps work on any iPhone or iPad touch running iOS.

Credit: iLuvTrading

Step 1: Open “+” Icon

First, you go the settings app and tap to the control center and then customize controls. Here, you find a “+” icon and press it.

Credit: iLuvTrading

Step 2: Screen Recording Option Based On Device

Next, you find a screen recording option. This step will differ based on the device.

If you are using iPads with iOS 12 /13 and iPhone X or newer, you swipe down the screen’s upper right corner.

But if you are using iOS 11, then you swipe up the bottom edge of the screen.

Credit: iLuvTrading

Step 3: Start And Stop Screen Recording

To ready the screen for recording, you tap the gray record icon. Then, the press starts recording and the recording will start.

When your recording is done, press the red bar at the top of the screen and then tap the stop button. Your recording will stop.


You can take a screenshot so easily. In the case of recording, the matter becomes a little complicated if it has to be done without an app. You do not need to worry. That’s why we present an easy solution on how to record android screen without app. So follow the instructions step by step.

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