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How To Maintain 100% Battery Health On iPhone

There is always a complaint against the battery life of the iPhone. And this problem is only solved when it’s updated. We can’t update it as we all know that so why not take a different but useful way to keep the battery healthy for years ahead. 

How to do it it’s a big question for now, but we have the answer by assisting you to understand how to maintain 100% battery health on iPhone. These iOS battery saving tips will help you with your device battery. 

Tips Of How To Maintain 100% Battery Health On iPhone 

Start the learning process of iOS battery saving tips through this article on how to maintain 100% battery health on iPhone. 

#Avoid extreme weather 

To save battery, you need to avoid extreme cold or hot weather. Both the weather will decrease the lifespan of the battery. In winter, you can use a pocket or case or in the hot weather, you need to keep it at room temperature. 

#Airplane mode

When there is no network available, leave the device in the airplane mode. If there is no network attainable, the system will search the network repeatedly. This process will drain battery life. As usual, you won’t want it to do it. 

#Adjust mail setting

Just like the network, your mail systems also refresh the inbox repeatedly to get the mail for you as soon as possible. And this will be a battery draining problem as well. So, change the mail settings to fetch from the push. It will stop the refresh every second to adjust the time as per your convenience, along with saving the battery life. 

#Unplugged the apps 

Unplugged all those apps which are not in your used app list. These unnecessary apps will unnecessarily drain your battery and it’s health for long term use. So unplugged or uninstalled all these kinds of apps to protect your battery life. 

#Avoid draining or charging a complete battery and fast chargers

Don’t drain the battery to 0% and don’t charge the battery fully 100%. Both numbers will affect battery life. So keep a benchmark above 20% and less than 90% that will increase the lifespan of the device battery. 

However, fast chargers also affect battery life. To keep the battery healthy we suggest you, avoid the charger which charges fast. This process will be the reason for sufficient battery health. 

#Understand the battery degradation strategy 

Sometimes we don’t notice the facts that are the reason for the battery drainage. So, protect your device battery by knowing or noticing those apps or activities, which are the reason for this problem. Try to delete those reasons or stop its background activities to maintain satisfactory battery health. 

#Lessen the screen brightness 

Most of the battery drain because of the brightness level customers use. It’s really easy to save battery life by lessening the screen brightness when it’s not needed to be bright. Unless you are in the sun or any bright room, you can handle the brightness manually. 

But the best way to get the job done automatically is the auto-brightness program. Through this system, it will manage your brightness both in darkness and in brightness. 

#Auto-lock system 

Keep your screen auto-lock system mode so that it will settle the screen power off automatically when it gets inactive. The less auto-lock available is 30/15 seconds, you can choose which will suit you. 

But when you read something this function will irritate you so you need to change those apps’ functions. Few apps provide some additional settings for this reason.

#Lower power mode

Use lower power mode to save the battery life which is consumed through the background apps. This power mode will stop all unnecessary background activities. 

This mode will turn on when the battery level will be less than 20%. Moreover, you will get to know through the battery icon because it will show yellow at that time. 

#Dark theme

Choose a dark theme on your device whether it’s wallpaper or another app. Nowadays many apps or sites offer dark themes. It will consume less battery as well as save battery health. 

#Premium version apps

Free apps include ads that consume battery so if you buy premium version apps it won’t consume that much battery. In the premium version, the ads won’t trouble you and your battery, it will increase your battery capacity. 

#Don’t close apps

Never ever close the apps which are being used repeatedly. When you use an app as well as doesn’t close it properly, it will remain in the background in pause mode. But when you repeatedly close and open one app it will reopen again and consume your device’s battery. 

So keep that app in the background that won’t create any impact on the device. Avoid manually closing the apps because when you keep it in pause mode, whenever you use that app, it will open from that last page from which you left it. 

#Other tips 

  • Restrict location access to apps
  • Restrict utilizing Bluetooth 
  • Use wifi whenever apparent (because mobile data consumes more data and more battery) 
  • Restrict background activities 
  • Restrict notifications 
  • Disable automatic download and updates
  • Turn off raise to work
  • Up to date all the apps and software 
  • Turn down the flashlight features 
  • Turn off vibrate and use less volume 
  • Turn off Siri and other suggestions entirely
  • Turn off airdrop and motion effects
  • Avoid live wallpapers

Wrap Up

To avoid the cost of battery replacement you can learn how to maintain 100% battery health on iPhone. You will be beneficial with these iOS battery saving tips and tricks. Although these tips will support the battery to not disturb important works.

However, you will get a better result with these techniques for sure. So just try it for your business and your iPhone device. 

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