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How To Fix iPhone Charging Problem: With Some Easy Solutions

What if your iPhone is not taking charge after 80%? Don’t know the reason or the solution to this dilemma; we are here to work for you. 

An iPhone can give you all the benefits you want from it. But that doesn’t mean you will only get the advantages without any disadvantages. Every electronic device shows some battery issues, so the iPhone is not different either. To solve this battery crisis, you need to understand how to fix iPhone charging problem

Let’s know the reasons and treatments at the same time to relieve your time for other work. 

How To Fix iPhone Charging Problem 

For your comfort, we divide the iPhone charging problem into two sections. At first, you will get to know how To fix iPhone charging problem, and in the second portion, you will know the solution of why the iPhone is not taking charge after 80%

##Solution Of How To Fix iPhone Charging Problem

 1. Original charging accessories 

The accessories we get from the iPhone device are the original accessories of Apple devices. Some of the people use any type of 3rd party/unauthorized/fake charger or USB to charge the iPhone. It can be the reason for the iPhone charging problem. 

You need to use the original charging accessories to get rid of these issues. Apple-certified accessories won’t create this type of problem. 

2. Damage charger or iPhone 

The problem can be in your charger or iPhone but how to detect the culprit is not an easy task. If you are starting to charge the iPhone with a new charger, then the charger may be the offender. 

Charge the iPhone with another charger to confirm it. If another charger is doing the same thing, so you know the culprit is your iPhone. To not face this problem, we suggest you change the iPhone battery after two years of use. 

3. Lightning port and cable

Even after using the Apple charging accessories if this problem happens then, it might be the dirt in the lightning port. Clean the port with a brush and then try to charge the iPhone again. 

Still, if it’s not charging, then check the lightning cable, whether it’s cracked or damaged. The cable needs to repair or change to charge it without a problem. 

4. Avoid wireless charger

Remove the iPhone from the wireless charger and try to charge with a lightning cable with a wall outlet. Check the iPhone is charging or not if it’s charging, then it shows the problem is in your wireless charger. If it’s not charging, then go to the next step. 

5. Latest version

Check the version of your iPhone if, your iPhone is not up to date, then it can create the charging problem of the device. The software assists the charging system to charge, so the latest version of the iOS system is a very important part of the charging solution.

6. Hard reset

If none of the above solutions works, then you can lastly try to solve the problem by hard resetting the iPhone device. When you go to the Apple store to work out the issue, they will do the same thing at first by doing a hard reset.

7. Apple store

At the end of these processes, nothing can work for major issues of your iPhone. That problem solved by Apple agents. So check if you have your iPhone’s warranty or not, then let the agent do the rest work. 

##Solution Of The iPhone Is Not Taking Charge After 80% 

1. Toggle off optimized battery charging 

IOS 13 introduced an option of the charging system, which is “optimized battery charging”. This feature is not letting your battery charge above 80%. Apple claims that this feature is for studying the daily usage time of the user. When you charge your device out of the daily usage time it stops the charge at 80%. 

To get rid of this feature, you need to go to settings for the battery health option. Toggle it off the feature after that charge the device beyond 80%. They give you two options; the first one turns it off, and another one turns it off for tomorrow. Choose an option as per your requirements. 

2. Change charging area 

Your charging area makes the difference when you charge the device. The area might be hot for your iPhone, this can be the reason to stop the battery from charging after 80%. 

So keep the iPhone in a cool environment to charge it after 80%. The room needs to be well ventilated to accomplish the work of charging. We suggest you not charge the iPhone in front of any appliances or devices which produce heat. 

3. Temperature 

The iPhone is created by aluminium and glass, which are the reason to overheat the device rapidly. When you charge the device on sun rays or inside the car in summer months, this problem occurs. 

So when the iPhones battery temperature goes up, you can turn the device off to lower the temperature. Stop charging in the car and locate it in a cool place. 

Wrap Up

From an expensive device, we can’t expect any sort of issue. But unfortunately, every device shows problems after some time or years. We face so many crises when we use iPhones, but the main problem is the battery. 

When it will not take charge, how we are going to be able to use the phone. Then, it is necessary to learn how to fix iPhone charging problem, and as well as the iPhone is not taking charge after 80% problem. 

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